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Monday, July 28, 2014 |  Madison, WI: 62.0° F  A Few Clouds
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Are more cops really needed?

I almost didn't go to the meeting. It was touted as a discussion about neighborhood crime -- something I haven't encountered in my three years on Madison's north side. I've seen several instances where people called police on their neighbors for things they probably should have talked about, like roaming cats or a car parked in the wrong place. But crime? Nope. Never. >More
 Across a great divide

Doyle got slightly improved health-care access, while a Democratic plan to greatly expand coverage while lowering businesses' costs died on the vine. The guv also tossed in the towel on taxing Republicans' favorite businesses, oil companies. The GOP even managed to beat back a tax hike on hospitals that was backed by the Wisconsin Hospital Association because it would boost federal funding. >More
 My favorite online destinations

As a regular guest on Wisconsin Public Radio, I often feel compelled to provide a contrary view. In that spirit, I'd like to offer my opinion that the Internets -- to quote our president -- are vastly overrated. I seldom go online for quality writing, preferring books, magazines and newspapers I can hold in my hands. When I do find something on a website I'd like to read, I usually print it out. Archaic and backward, I know. >More
 Giving back to the monkeys

It was while I was working full-time with the monkeys that I first began to think about a sanctuary -- a way for them to live out the end of their lives in peace after years of use. I attended night school to obtain an MBA to learn the things I'd need to know, such as creating and effectively managing an organization. >More
 Republican death wish

You have to hand it to the Republicans. They really know how to think outside the box. After enduring a sharp rebuke at the polls in the last election, party leaders came up with the perfect response to disaffected voters: Let's withhold funding for needed services! >More
 The PFC -- not worth defending

Some folks are up in arms over a provision in the Senate version of the state budget bill to revamp the process for disciplining police officers and firefighters. >More
 The wimpification of America

First it was dodgeball. Then tag. Now, it's chatter. In their ongoing war against fun, the nannies who run Little League in Cincinnati have decided to ban chatter on the diamond. >More
 When smokers have enough

Philip Morris is complaining about a proposal in the Wisconsin state budget to raise the tax on cigarettes by another $1.25 per pack. In a graphic the company is providing to legislators, the tobacco giant declares, "Enough is enough, even for smokers...." >More
 Worried GOPers seek savior

All Thompson has to do is pick up where Bush left off -- remember that line about restoring "honor and dignity" to the White House? Forget about Iraq, the housing market, collapsing infrastructure and Alberto Gonzales. The great thing for Republicans about Thompson's declaration is that it replaces the news about Larry Craig. >More
 Let the crackdown begin

It's called the Broken Window theory: a busted pane on Monday metastasizes into a crackhouse by Saturday. But it is less about glass and more about the smashers. That is why the fresh-paint, new-name approach -- first to Vera Court, then Broadway-Simpson and Somerset Circle and now, at a $15 million price tag, Allied Drive -- is misguided. >More
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