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Another tragic police shooting

Kate Brandon would like people to know something about her "baby" brother: "He was a good soul. He never lost his temper. He never raised his voice. He was the kindest, gentlest guy you'd ever want to meet." On Sunday, July 15, Madison police killed Ronald Brandon with a bullet to the head. >More
 Indifferent stewards

Early in the morning, I'm at Lake Monona playing fetch with the dog. It's a great way to greet the day and experience the lake. Through the seasons I see it all: the spring melt, the clear water, the weeds, the algae, the putrification. And, oh boy, the foul smell of decay. >More
 Town of Dunn escapes infection

Good news! Dane County is out of the running for that new $400 million Homeland Security bio-hazard research center. UW-Madison officials are shaking their heads in disappointment that its 200-acre site in the town of Dunn was not a finalist for the animal-disease research facility. >More
 Target: John Edwards

Is America less ready for a black man, a woman or a trial lawyer as president? >More
 The folly of the Fairness Doctrine

These days, the attempt to rid themselves of troublesome talk radio quickens the pulse and brings froths of spittle to the lips of "progressives," who usually look askance at giving government the power to censor speech. >More
 PSAs pitch for cable access in Wisconsin

"I hate [inaudible], they bite and scratch," says a young man wearing a jester's hat in the lower right-hand corner of a grainy video clip that kicks off a PSA against the "Video Competition Act." >More
 Getting too high on the lake

Russ Hefty paddles his kayak out to a floating chunk of sedge meadow connected tenuously to Cherokee Marsh - not by roots but by surface vegetation. A heavy rain or strong storm might be all it takes to make this chunk break off and float away, as have hundreds of acres of Lake Mendota marshland over the years. >More
 Slaves for big money at Menards

My dear wife and I love Menards. We go there all the time. One of our favorite things is the usually twice-annual promotion offering a discount -- say 14%, or 17% -- on however much you can fit into a paper shopping bag. We stock up on light bulbs, batteries, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, sandpaper, shellac, screws and nails, chain saw supplies and, of course, peanuts. >More
 Learning from Milwaukee

The much-reviled Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) could be a surprising role model for the Madison school district as it begins formulating a plan to refashion its high schools for the demands of the 21st century. >More
 The presidential pageant

The presidential debate format shows how weird our political culture is, as the Republican candidates try to sound like Ronald Reagan. They might as well put on white suits and take a shot at impersonating Elvis for all the good it does them. >More
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