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Madison is missing the mark on Judge Doyle Square

Whatever gets built in the southeast quadrant off the Capitol Square will be there for maybe seven or eight decades. So it's important to get it right for the future, not just right for right now. We're talking about the block containing the Madison Municipal Building, the surface parking behind it and the Government East parking ramp on the other side of Pinckney Street. The city currently calls the project Judge Doyle Square. >More
 The Republican war on Wisconsin's public schools

Sen. Dale Schultz, Republican of Richland Center, is stepping down, taking with him the last shred of sanity in our state's Republican Party. >More
 Ten points where Gov. Walker is vulnerable

There is a theory among Democrats that Mary Burke has a good chance of defeating incumbent Republican Gov. Scott Walker. "I can tell you in D.C., everyone thinks the race is in play," a well-connected Democrat says. This is based, among other things, on the idea that Walker has high negatives as measured by polls of Wisconsin voters and that Burke will get considerable out-of-state campaign money because Democrats nationally will target Walker for defeat. >More
 The Wisconsin Legislature vs. the people

It seems every day brings more eye-popping news from our state Legislature. When they are not busy pushing a bill written by a multimillionaire divorced dad and Republican campaign donor who wants to cap his own child support payments, they are working to bring back the seven-day workweek. >More
 They have major decisions to make in 2014

We all make decisions. But some of us make decisions that change the direction of the communities we live in. There are a handful of people in this neck of the woods who will make choices in 2014 that will have big public consequences. Here's a short list. >More
 Prepare for a Scott Walker victory in 2014

"Your current health insurance is being canceled and you consider other available policies unaffordable." Is this a right-wing talking point, designed to gin up opposition to the health care reform widely known as Obamacare in an effort to see it fail? On the contrary, this quote comes from a recent document issued by Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. >More
 Wisconsin stacks the deck against unions

Remember the nonstop outrage over the Affordable Care Act? Opponents of Obamacare spent weeks shouting that the whole health-care expansion was clearly a failure because of glitches in the website when people tried to sign up. Obamacare critics, meet the Act 10 rollout in Wisconsin. >More
 How baby boomers can make amends

As the year draws to a close, it's a good time to be reflective about not just the year gone by, but the years behind us " to give some thought to what we've done and what kind of legacy we're leaving in our wake. As a generation, it looks like my people are planning on being a burden on our children. >More
 How Wisconsin missed out on health care

The debate in the Wisconsin Legislature over turning down millions of dollars in federal funding to expand Medicaid was painful to watch. And now Wisconsin is reaping the results of that awful decision, even as states around us benefit from fully implementing the Affordable Care Act, including the Medicaid expansion. The contrast is stark: Tens of thousands of Wisconsinites are losing their health care coverage for no reason at all. >More
 Lawmaker contacts shouldn't be secret in Wisconsin

Sandy Whisler was surprised to see her name appear on the Wisconsin State Journal's editorial page -- not in a letter to the editor, which she sometimes writes, but in a Nov. 20 editorial. Whisler, a retired educator in Lake Mills, had emailed four state legislators urging them to hold hearings on proposed bills to create a nonpartisan process for legislative redistricting -- the redrawing of voter boundaries after every ten-year Census. >More
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