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Slovakia to Wisconsin, Soviets to Walker: Ivan Vanek has seen a lot

Ivan Vanek stood among a crowd of hundreds on the evening of June 5, awaiting the results of the election to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. Like many anxious Walker opponents who gathered on the Capitol Square that night, Vanek had protested the budget repair bill and like many, he cried when it was announced that Walker had won yet another gubernatorial race. >More
 Collaterally Damaged: An Iraqi native searches for peace in Madison

At night, when the lights go out, Ahmed Etaymish, 29, is transported from Madison back to Baghdad, where he relives the horror that followed the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. Sometimes he reimagines his brushes with death or the murders he's witnessed. Other times he's choking on the mist of human tissue that lingers in the air following a car bombing. More often he's back in the morgues searching for his father, a university professor abducted by insurgents in 2005. >More
 To have and have not: A worker, not a rich man

James didn't set out to be wealthy, and his life hasn't changed all that much now that he is. Although he makes more than $300,000 a year, he doesn't think of himself as "rich." "I think of myself as a worker," he says. "I historically haven't taken a lot of time off." >More
 To have and have not: 'Money comes and goes'

Essie McCoy came to Madison four years ago looking for a better life. The 34-year-old, her husband and five kids had been living in Michigan, but there was no work to be found. So they hopped on a bus and moved here, where McCoy's sister lives. >More
 To have and have not: Comparing Madison's rich and poor

Nicole Grapentine-Benton spent part of her childhood in Santiago, Chile, where the "huge skyscrapers and tiny shacks" sit side-by-side, the rich and poor "mashed up" together in an uneasy coexistence. When she came to Madison to study at the UW in 2000, she found a much different world. "My impression of Madison is it was a very planned city and just very segregated," says Grapentine-Benton, who now lives in Florida. "It was very easy to spend most of my day seeing only college students and ignoring huge swaths of the population." >More
 Miss Madison promotes 'intellectual health'

You may think beauty pageants are all glitter and gowns, but for Miss America hopefuls, big scholarship money is on the line. Our own Miss Wisconsin was crowned Miss America just last month, which means every local toddler in a tiara has her eye on the prize. >More
 Remembering Billy: The life and death of a Madison man with mental illness

That I never met Billy Zurlo is, first of all, my loss, and second, surprising. I've known his sister Rosemary and her husband Frank for more than a decade, and over time I've met most other members of their families. But Billy was someone I didn't get to know until after he'd died -- starting with his memorial service at the Goodman Center on Dec. 30, 2011. >More
 Cheap Shots 2011: Shame

It was a terrible year for Wisconsin. But that makes it a great year for Cheap Shots, our annual shoutout to dubious distinctions in public affairs. 2011 saw an uptick in shameful behavior among political players, from lying to cheating to physical violence. When one Supreme Court justice grabs another by the throat, when the governor considers planting troublemakers among protesters, when doctors hand out fake sick notes to their political allies -- well, all you can do is weep. Or laugh. In other words, read on. >More
 Cheap Shots 2011: Person of the Year: Gov. Scott Walker

It's impossible to come up with a single Cheap Shot award for Scott Walker, who managed to touch off a civil war in Wisconsin after being in office for little more than a month. Indeed, Walker is the recipient of a record-breaking number of Cheap Shot honors in 2011. >More
 Cheap Shots 2011: Paul Ryan's very big year

Only Congressman Paul Ryan can compete with Scott Walker in the Cheap Shots medal count. The right's intellectual darling started 2011 as the new leader of the House Budget Committee and ended as a finalist for Time's Person of the Year. >More
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