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Touch offers up pseudo-religious hokum

TV networks have always had a weakness for mysticism, from The Twilight Zone to The X-Files to Lost. The trick is to keep the audience from laughing at you -- a trick that the new Touch hasn't quite mastered. >More
 Battleground, Episode 6 recap: Polls Close at 6

The big day has arrived in Wisconsin's race for U.S. Senate: the primary election between state Sen. Samuels (Meighan Gerachis) and state Rep. Rudy. Our heroes at the Samuels campaign have pulled even with Rudy after starting with a 20-point deficit a mere two months ago. >More
 A former spy searches for her son in Missing

In Missing, Becca (Ashley Judd) is a normal middle-aged mom who sends teenage son Mike (Nick Eversman) off to school in Rome. We feel their strong bond as Becca talks to Mike long-distance from the flower shop where she works. Then, Mike uncharacteristically stops returning her calls. In a panic, Becca flies to Rome and stumbles on an armed intruder in Mike's apartment. To our shock, she disarms and strangles him in a jiffy. >More
 Battleground, Episode 5 recap: They'll Burn Your Eyes

Thanks to developments in Ohio, the Democrats now need to win in Wisconsin to hold the majority in the U.S. Senate. Tak explains this is why the champagne photo has become a "thing" and theirs has become "the race." Artfully disheveled as always, Tak (when will we find out why his nickname is Tak, by the way?) is confident, but slips in some foreshadowing about the race turning ugly. >More
 Sarah Palin tries to pass as a credible VP in Game Change

Game Change expertly dramatizes a crazy moment in American history: Sarah Palin's selection as John McCain's running mate in the 2008 presidential election. The sagging McCain (Ed Harris) needs a "game-changer" to compete with charismatic Barack Obama, and campaign strategist Steve Schmidt (Woody Harrelson) convinces himself that Palin (Julianne Moore) checks all the right boxes. >More
 Battleground, Episode 4 recap: The Comment

Political pros hate it when people go off-message. Issuing a vague death threat definitely counts as going off-message. That's what happens in episode four of Battleground, which means Tak (Jay Hayden) has yet another fire to put out. >More
 It's only a dream… Or maybe not in the mind-bending Awake

The new drama Awake rivals The Twilight Zone with its reality-bending premise. Detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) wakes up from a family car crash to find that his wife (Laura Allen) has survived and his son (Dylan Minnette) has died. When he goes to sleep, though, he finds himself in an alternate reality in which his wife has died and his son has survived. >More
 Battleground, Episode 3 recap: Hold the Whipped Cream

News is, candidate Deirdre Samuels (Meighan Gerachis) is up a couple of points in the polls from last week, but still trails incumbent Makers, 44-32. The big problem in this episode is again ostensibly money. The Samuels campaign is apparently going to have to stop lounging around its remarkably spacious multi-room headquarters and actually spend some time drumming up some contributions. >More
 Hope for the Oscars

I'm trying to be optimistic about the Academy Awards. I hold out hope for an enjoyable ceremony even after last year's fiasco with hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway; even after Eddie Murphy dropped out of hosting this year's event in favor of the (too?) familiar Billy Crystal. >More
 Battleground, Episode 2 recap: Who Is Claire Villareal?

Battleground sinks its docu-dramedy roots into the soils of both story and Madison milieu in its second episode. While the pilot offered basic character introductions amid a war room setting, this slice of the primary campaign starts spinning a web of personal connections and conflicts among its young staffers. >More
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