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Man Up gets modern dudes just right

I usually wince when a network sitcom panders to the 18-to-49 male demographic (see this year's Last Man Standing, last year's Traffic Lights). But the new Man Up hits this demographic where it hurts. It's a brilliant satire of male pretension and male pride, so painfully on target that it might drive away the very viewers it seeks to attract. >More
 Laura Dern finds intermittent serenity in Enlightened

Laura Dern joins the list of brilliant actresses (Edie Falco, Laura Linney, Toni Collette) who have made cable TV an exciting place to be. Dern created and produced Enlightened, a new drama about -- sorry, there's no other way to put this -- life. She stars as Amy, a corporate executive who spectacularly loses it in the office after her affair with a married coworker goes bad. >More
 Suburgatory sets out to destroy the suburbs

Suburgatory runs roughshod through the suburbs, laying waste to the malls and manicured lawns. This new satire stars Jane Levy as Tessa, a Greenwich Village wild child whose dad moves her to suburban hell for a supposedly more wholesome life. >More
 A would-be Eden goes awry in Terra Nova

At the beginning of Terra Nova, Earth is undergoing environmental collapse. So a couple -- doctor Shelley Conn and cop Jason O'Mara -- take their three kids on a risky trip into the past with a group of pilgrims. They wind up 85 million years ago, where an enigmatic leader named Taylor (Stephen Lang) sets up a colony amid the lush primordial forest. >More
 Bad parenting leads to good comedy in Up All Night

Up All Night offers an age-old sitcom premise -- a clueless couple who aren't ready for parenthood -- and makes it feel fresh and contemporary. Chris (Will Arnett) is an overgrown kid who stays home to raise the baby, Reagan (Christina Applegate) a former party girl who goes back to her old job. >More
 Ringer allows Sarah Michelle Gellar to flop in two roles

In Ringer, Sarah Michelle Gellar plays Bridget, a former prostitute/stripper/addict who goes on the lam rather than testify against a ruthless killer. Bridget hooks up with her evil twin sister, Siobhan -- also played by Gellar -- who conveniently disappears. >More
 How our leaders dealt with 9/11

There will be many documentaries about 9/11 over the next week as we mark the tragedy's 10th anniversary. I recommend 9/11: Day That Changed the World, which offers a minute-by-minute account of how the people in charge dealt with the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. >More
 MTV honors 'meaningful' videos with 2011 VMAs

MTV is adept at hyping its Video Music Awards but much less skilled at making the show live up to the hype. Last year, host Chelsea Handler laid an egg, and only Taylor Swift and Florence and the Machine made much of an impression with their performances. Still, hope springs eternal, especially with Lady Gaga in the room. >More
 Gorgeous twins change places in The Lying Game

With summer almost over, there's not much time left to wallow in warm-weather trash. So don't miss The Lying Game, a shameless wish-fulfillment fantasy based on the old twins-separated-at-birth premise. And I mean "shameless" as a compliment. >More
 Gloria Steinem shows the human side of the feminist revolution

Gloria: In Her Own Words, a profile of Gloria Steinem, takes you back to the bad old days when the idea of women's rights could be openly scorned by smug male TV broadcasters. When it was socially acceptable for a man to say on camera, "Women are supposed to stay home, have kids and keep the house clean." >More
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