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MTV honors 'meaningful' videos with 2011 VMAs

MTV is adept at hyping its Video Music Awards but much less skilled at making the show live up to the hype. Last year, host Chelsea Handler laid an egg, and only Taylor Swift and Florence and the Machine made much of an impression with their performances. Still, hope springs eternal, especially with Lady Gaga in the room. >More
 Gorgeous twins change places in The Lying Game

With summer almost over, there's not much time left to wallow in warm-weather trash. So don't miss The Lying Game, a shameless wish-fulfillment fantasy based on the old twins-separated-at-birth premise. And I mean "shameless" as a compliment. >More
 Gloria Steinem shows the human side of the feminist revolution

Gloria: In Her Own Words, a profile of Gloria Steinem, takes you back to the bad old days when the idea of women's rights could be openly scorned by smug male TV broadcasters. When it was socially acceptable for a man to say on camera, "Women are supposed to stay home, have kids and keep the house clean." >More
 Teen Spirit sends us to high school heaven

In Teen Spirit, a high school's mean girl (Cassie Scerbo) accidentally dies on her way to the stage to accept her prom-queen crown. She ends up in limbo, where an afterlife bureaucrat offers to send her to heaven if she first returns to her school to help a nerd (Lindsey Shaw) become popular. >More
 Shark Week returns to eat us alive

Discovery's Shark Week has been thriving for 20-plus years with its annual look at great white shark attacks. That's an unlikely streak for a bunch of programs that basically say the same thing over and over again: "They're coming to get you." >More
 Curb Your Enthusiasm gets hysterical over minutiae

As a show about nothing, Curb Your Enthusiasm remains a worthy heir of Larry David's previous masterpiece, Seinfeld. This week's episode obsesses over minutiae in the life of querulous L.A. Jews, such as a restaurant that serves absolutely irresistible chicken. >More
 Friday Night Lights comes to a thrilling conclusion

Friday Night Lights, one of the best TV series ever, comes to a close with a special 90-minute episode. As you'd expect, the Texas air is charged with drama. >More
 Alphas solves crimes with strange brains

The networks throw a lot of cop shows at the wall, and few of them stick. But Alphas has extraordinary power -- and why not, since it's about people with extraordinary power? In this well-thought-out sci fi universe, "Alphas" are people with a neurological advantage. >More
 The Protector presents a formidable female cop

In The Protector, Gloria Sheppard (Ally Walker) is a single mom and L.A. homicide detective. In the TV universe, where most female dramatic heroines must be soft and sympathetic, the scenario would imply that Gloria do her job in sexy outfits; that she have some weakness beneath her hard exterior; and that she go weak-kneed at the sight of a handsome guy. >More
 The Marriage Ref takes sides between spouses

Jerry Seinfeld's The Marriage Ref is an original game-show idea, beautifully executed. A panel of funny judges insert themselves into a marital spat, offering opinions on which spouse is right. The winner in each episode gets $25,000, plus a billboard proclaiming that he or she "was right." >More
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