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TCM tracks Hollywood from the beginning in Moguls & Movie Stars

The seven-part Moguls & Movie Stars: A History of Hollywood takes a sweeping look at the American film industry from the late 19th century to the 1970s. "From the first flickering images of the 1880s," says narrator Christopher Plummer, "it was a story as dramatic and unexpected and involving as the grandest Hollywood epic." >More
 Geeking out to the Rocky Horror episode of Glee at Plan B nightclub

In what might be the perfect pop culture collision of communal viewing, fans of the TV show Glee gathered at the Williamson Street nightclub Plan B on Tuesday night to see an episode devoted to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The event didn't disappoint. >More
 Sherlock Holmes gets a modern makeover on Masterpiece Mystery

It's hard to get excited about yet another screen version of Sherlock Holmes, but Masterpiece Mystery's "Sherlock" gives the old detective a shot of life. The series is set in present-day London, with Dr. Watson (Martin Freeman) a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. >More
 Tony Danza earns an A in the reality series Teach

You can't help but groan hearing the premise of Tony Danza's new reality series, Teach: Tony Danza. The aging TV actor sets himself up as a 10th-grade English teacher in an urban Philadelphia high school, with a camera following his every move. Is it fair to make these poor kids pawns in Danza's late-career vanity project? >More
 Boardwalk Empire peers into America's corrupt soul

HBO has been ridiculed for passing on Mad Men, but Boardwalk Empire ought to shut up the haters. You want a drama that peers deep into America's soul, exploring sex, commerce, gender relations, race relations, politics, culture, crime and ethnicity while evoking a particular time and place? Boardwalk Empire, executive produced by Martin Scorsese, finds even better dramatic material in 1920s Atlantic City than Mad Men does in 1960s Manhattan. >More
 Outlaw's lawyer hero is bizarrely divorced from reality

Outlaw features Jimmy Smits as a U.S. Supreme Court Justice -- but unfortunately, not one from planet Earth. Unlike any known justices, Cyrus Garza causes a ruckus at casinos and flagrantly comes on to every hot woman he meets. >More
 Selfish meets selfless in the fabulous Running Wilde

Could the people behind Arrested Development possibly come up with another outside-the-box sitcom that single-handedly redeems the genre? Yes. Running Wilde has you laughing from beginning to end at its tale of a rotten millionaire still in love with the poor do-gooder he fell for as a child. >More
 A con man in pushes his luck in Lone Star

Lone Star gives me hope for the 2010-11 season. Bob (James Wolk) lives his life as a con artist, with pressure from his dad (David Keith). He's set up oil-and-gas scams in Houston and Midland, Tex., while also creating fake identities and romantic relationships in each place. The thing is, Bob wants to stop faking it, against dad's wishes. >More
 Nikita unleashes a sexy assassin

In Nikita, a killer with supermodel looks -- you know, the deadliest kind of killer -- is rescued from death row by a super-secret government agency and trained to be an assassin. Nikita (Maggie Q) discovers the agency's corruption, escapes its clutches, and vows revenge. >More
 Losing weight hurts in Thintervention with Jackie Warner

Jackie Warner is a workout guru, shameless self-promoter and reality-series repeat offender. In Thintervention with Jackie Warner, she oversees a group of overweight people interested in losing weight. "Workouts are not painful," she assures them. "They are pleasure!" >More
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