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Tell All: A nonbeliever's Christmas

Dear Tell All: I'm a casualty of the War on Christmas. I'm not a Christian, or a member of any religion. I'm just a normal, non-proselytizing atheist -- one who tries to treat others as I would be treated myself. But a lot of supposedly good Christians don't treat me that way during the month of December. For me, the holiday season is -- if you'll pardon the expression -- hell. >More
 Tell All: Bumper-sticker bragging

Dear Tell All: It's no secret that bumper stickers are a preferred method of self-expression in Madison, political and otherwise. However, one of the most popular decals popping up on seemingly every other car are the little round "26.2" stickers, signifying that the owner has completed a marathon. >More
 Tell All: No respect for Steve Jobs

In the Oct. 28 column "Steve Jobs: Failure?" a writer named Mr. Nice Guy questioned the outpouring of affection for Steve Jobs following his recent death. Mr. Nice Guy argued that the Apple guru deserves our respect as a businessman, but not our love: "It's clear that in his personal life, Jobs was a failure. In a Rolling Stone article, his former girlfriend called him a 'despotic jerk' and lamented that he spent two years denying he was the father of their daughter. Many other stories describe him belittling and bullying everyone around him." >More
 Tell All: What constitutes consent?

Here's a sampling of letters I got in response to "A Sexual Assault Sham" (11/4/11), in which a letter writer named Give a Guy a Break questioned a local woman's sexual assault allegation against Ald. Brian Solomon. Her side of the story was printed in a letter from the district attorney's office, which declined to pursue charges. >More
 Tell All: Penn State not welcome

In honor of the Badgers' Nov. 26 home game against the Nittany Lions, I thought I'd dip into my mailbag for views on the sex-abuse scandal in the Penn State football program. Turns out that Madisonians have a thought or two about Joe Paterno, the Penn State coach ousted for doing practically nothing after a boy was molested in his facilities. Judging from the letters I've gotten, Penn State fans would be advised to leave their "We ? JoePa" signs back home in Pennsylvania. >More
 Tell All: 'Fatty brought it upon himself'

I got many responses to "Don't Hate Us Because We're Fat" (10/7/2011), in which a letter writer named Heavy But Human decried the bullying of overweight would-be presidential candidate Chris Christie. He argued that fat people are in the same class as gays or people of color, discriminated against just for being who they are. >More
 Tell All: Scandals put Herman Cain and Kim Kardashian right where they want to be

Dear Tell All: I'm disgusted by the national discussion over Herman Cain's sexual harassment scandal. Almost everybody minimizes the victims' experience, including media types obsessed only with how it will affect his run for the Republican presidential nomination. Many mainstream pundits are actually expressing sympathy for this creep, despite the acknowledged settlements to women employed at the National Restaurant Association during Cain's sleazy tenure as CEO. >More
 Tell All: Accused Ald. Brian Solomon has been treated unfairly

Dear Tell All: Maybe it's because I'm a man, but I'm outraged by the recent headlines about Madison Ald. Brian Solomon. A female city employee accused Solomon of sexually assaulting her. The woman admits that she and Solomon had been out drinking together. She admits that she invited Solomon to spend the night. She admits that there was consensual kissing on her bed. >More
 Tell All: Steve Jobs: Failure?

Dear Tell All: I've been puzzling over the outpouring of love for Steve Jobs following his recent death. I admit that Jobs was an impressive captain of industry, meaning he deserves a certain amount of respect. But does he really deserve the adulation that's been flowing nonstop from the media and public? Does he deserve all those candles and flowers placed in front of Apple stores? >More
 Tell All: The case against porn

The great debate over pornography began in this space with "Defending Anthony Weiner" (6/17/2011) and continued with a couple who claimed that "Pornography Ruined Our Marriage" (9/2/2011). Readers then questioned the couples' point of view in "Don't Blame Porn" (9/15/2011). Well, Madison still isn't through with this topic, to judge from the flood of letters in my inbox. This week, momentum returns to the anti-pornography side. >More
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