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Tell All: Birth control for Catholics

Dear Tell All: As a Catholic, I was struck by the Madison Catholic diocese's recent response to the new state law requiring that it offer its employees insurance coverage for birth control. The law says that commercial policies with a drug benefit must cover prescription contraceptives -- and that, amusingly, happens to be the kind of insurance the diocese has. >More
 Tell All: Nothing but the truth

Dear Tell All: I'm not sure that "despicable" is the word I would use to describe a world where "everybody now fakes everything" ("Counterfeit World," 08/13/2010). I believe people are willing to accept a certain level of...shall we say, long as they know where the "real" ends and the "counterfeit" begins. People don't like being tricked; it makes them feel stupid. >More
 Tell All: Madison's culture war

We recently ran a letter from "Gang Narcissist," who deplored John Roach's disdain for the near west side. In a column for Madison Magazine, Roach ridiculed the neighbors opposed to a proposed restaurant for the southwest bike path. He accused the neighborhood of "regularly devolv[ing] into gang narcissism," citing its previous opposition to a Walgreens in the old Ken Kopp's grocery space. >More
 Tell All: Counterfeit world

Dear Tell All: I went to a military funeral recently that included an honor guard, five-rifle salute and a bugler playing "Taps," then found out later that the bugler wasn't actually playing! He was faking it! During the ceremony I thought, "This guy is amazing," because it sounded incredible and seemed so effortless. But something didn't seem quite right; it was too effortless. There was no pressure or movement in his face, and he wasn't breathing deeply enough. >More
 Tell All: Does John Roach hate Madison?

I live in the Regent neighborhood, and I'm skeptical of Chris Berge's proposal to build a cafe on the southwest bike path. I worry about a commercial use for a peaceful natural area that's precious to the neighborhood. I understand that others feel differently, and that's fine. What I don't understand is a response like columnist John Roach's in the current Madison Magazine. >More
 Tell All: Don't touch!

Dear Tell All: I recently visited Olbrich Gardens, and in the Bolz Conservatory a young man and woman walked around enjoying the sights and touching everything - the plants, I mean. They obviously didn't read the sign (or heed its advice if they did read it) that says not to touch the plants. People don't seem to understand what damage they can do to things by constantly touching them. >More
 Tell All: Novelist Jacquelyn Mitchard airs grievances in her blog

Dear Tell All: A friend sent me a link to a blog post on local author Jacquelyn Mitchard's official website. The post is called "A Tale of Three Friendships," and she uses it to attack some of her former friends. I was surprised to see a nationally respected author (known for her best-selling Deep End of the Ocean) do such a thing in such a public forum. Saying unflattering things about your friends in private -- we've all done that at one time or another. But in this post, Mitchard airs these people's dirty laundry for all the world to see, including strangers like me. >More
 Tell All: Kiss the feminist goodbye

Dear Tell All: Recently I found a small pair of plastic women's breasts in my drawer at home. There was a hole in them and I fashioned a necklace so I could hang them around my neck. My significant other - a staunch and vocal feminist - seems to find this act offensive and demeaning to women. I see it as a really cool, humorous art form. I think we need help. She is hinting an end to our relationship if I continue to wear my necklace. >More
 Tell All: Hands off my cigarettes

Dear Tell All: I'm upset about the statewide smoking ban that's set to take effect on July 5. To me, this is another example of government overreach, impinging on the freedom of small business owners. If restaurants and bars want to allow smoking, why should the state of Wisconsin be able to tell them they can't? >More
 Tell All: Should I take a trip that involves packing my own poop?

Dear Tell All: A guy I met through Hoofers asked me if I wanted to join him on a trip to climb California's Mount Whitney this summer. I love backpacking, so I'm really excited about the invitation. Plus, I'm looking forward to spending more time with this guy. But I found out recently that you have to pack out your own poop. Apparently, so many people visit Mount Whitney each year that the park service has started handing out special bathroom bags. After you use them, you have to carry them with you until you leave the park. >More
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