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Tell All: Woody Allen ruined my relationship

Dear Tell All: My girlfriend and I have been obsessing over the Woody Allen scandal. We've read the letter from his daughter Dylan, claiming he molested her in the early 1990s. We've read the rebuttal from Woody, arguing that he did no such thing. And we've read the many blog posts taking one side or another. >More
 Tell All: I lost my future wife

Dear Tell All: I met the love of my life on State Street last week, and now I don't know where to find her. I was shopping at Urban Outfitters and caught sight of the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, probably just past college age. She had long legs and light brown hair that hung around chest-level. >More
 Tell All: Duck Dynasty haters are intolerant

Dear Tell All: You use the word "bigot" liberally, most recently in reference to Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. I wonder if you know what it means. >More
 Tell All: 'Working' job interviews

Dear Tell All: I've been job-searching in Madison for several months now. Apparently, many businesses these days expect job applicants to undergo unpaid training or "working interviews" before starting a job or being offered a position. At a couple of businesses on the east side, I was asked to work for an hour or more as an interview. >More
 Tell All: Please legalize pot in Wisconsin, too

Dear Tell All: I'm a poster child for why marijuana should be legalized in Wisconsin. I'm a solid citizen with a high-profile job I've held since the 1990s. I'm active in Madison civic affairs and volunteer frequently to help those in need. I'm not a drug fiend by any means, but just a casual user, the way one might have wine or beer with dinner. And yet the fact that I enjoy the occasional joint makes me a criminal in this state. >More
 Tell All: Don't condemn Duck Dynasty

Dear Tell All: As expected, you glibly sided with Former A&E Fan, who wrote to denounce Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. In Madison, I know there will always be a knee-jerk condemnation of normal religious people who simply want to follow biblical teachings. >More
 Tell All: Crazy Madison drivers

Dear Tell All: I can sympathize with Defensive Driver, who wrote you to complain about the crazy Madison drivers who don't stop for pedestrians in the crosswalks. I moved here from Chicago, and I expected a more small-town style of driving to go with the other small-town pleasures. No such luck. >More
 Tell All: Down with Duck Dynasty

Dear Tell All: I was so happy that A&E suspended Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty. The dad of the reality-TV clan said sickening things about African Americans and gay people in an interview, and the network properly distanced itself from him. >More
 Tell All: I want a cronut

Dear Tell All: Do you know of a place in the Madison area that makes a pastry like the cronut? They sound delicious! Also, if there is a place here that sells these pastries, how bad would it be for me if I ate one? >More
 Tell All: Facebook is ruining Christmas

Dear Tell All: I grew up in a house where Christmas was the most special time of the year. My dad always took the whole week off work, and both he and my mom spent all their time with my sister and me. My main memory is how intimate it was. We baked cookies together, went shopping together and decorated the house together. >More
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