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Tuesday, January 27, 2015 |  Madison, WI: 25.0° F  Fog/Mist
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Tell All: Profane UW chanting

Dear Tell All: I'm a-shamed of UW students whenever I hear them do their "eat s***/f*** you" chant at Badger football games. It's a black eye for Madison, too. >More
 Tell All: Spare me your sex fantasies

Dear Tell All: "Old Softy" wrote you about his fantasies of other women during sex with his wife. He thinks of these women when he's worried about performing in bed, because apparently his wife doesn't have what it takes to get him excited anymore. >More
 Tell All: Madison's Snuggle House gives me the creeps

Dear Tell All: I'm grossed out by the Snuggle House, the "touch therapy" business proposed for downtown Madison. It has promised to be a legitimate place for people seeking nonsexual human contact. But the city has expressed skepticism about its business plan, and media have raised other concerns about the operation. >More
 Tell All: In defense of tipping

Dear Tell All: Tapped Out wrote you to complain about the proliferation of tip jars in Madison restaurants, coffee shops, etc. He sounded angry about the expectation that he leave a tip for people who, for example, just reach into a pastry case to get him a muffin. >More
 Tell All: Gay guy leaving Wisconsin for Minnesota

Dear Tell All: As a gay man in a long-term relationship, I've never felt comfortable in Wisconsin. The state finally made it explicit that my partner and I aren't welcome here in 2006, when voters passed an amendment to the constitution barring same-sex marriage. >More
 Tell All: Is it wrong to fantasize about others during sex?

Dear Tell All: I'm still attracted to my wife after years of marriage. However, sometimes when we're having sex, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, if you know what I mean. The pressure is on me to perform, and I find myself reverting to a trick: thinking of nasty things involving other sexually attractive women I know. >More
 Tell All: I hate tip jars

Dear Tell All: Madison has gone crazy with its ever-expanding tipping culture. I don't mind tipping in restaurants, where you get to know your waiter over the course of an hour or two. >More
 Tell All: Down with Indian mascots

Dear Tell All: I'm shocked to see the issue of Indian mascots rearing its head in Wisconsin again. I thought we'd settled this a few years ago, when the state decreed that high schools must change their Indian team names if the Department of Public Instruction orders them to in response to citizen complaints. >More
 Tell All: When friends attack

Dear Tell All: These days there is a depressing amount of bickering. I was reminded of my own situation by the letter from Waste Not, whose politically correct east-side neighbors chastise him for his overflowing recycling bin. >More
 Tell All: Cross-dressing is fine, hiding it is the problem

Dear Tell All: In "No Cross-Dressing Allowed," All Dressed Up and No Place to Go described the scene of his girlfriend coming home to find him dressed up in her clothes. She threw him out, and he complained about her failure to "understand" his interest in cross-dressing. >More
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