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Capitol Heat and Power

Saturday, January 31, 2015 |  Madison, WI: 33.0° F  Overcast
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Blaska's Blog: Elmer Fudd can sign recall petitions

The Road Runner, too. Not legally, but in practice. The State of Wisconsin acknowledges that it does not have the resources to cross check the recall petition signatures for duplicates, made-up names, fake addresses, or ineligible voters. Not even with $650,000 allocated to the Government Accountability Board for the job. GAB just won't be able to data-enter 540,000+ signatures to automate a file-check. >More
 Blaska's Blog talks turkey with China, Saudi Arabia

Stately Blaska Manor U.S.A. hosted an international Thanksgiving this year. To a table groaning with bounty from the Blaska Experimental Work Farm, the Squire and his family made welcome a young student from China and a student couple from Saudi Arabia. >More
 Blaska's Blog asks: What would Russ Feingold do?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I like a little extra pepper on my T-bird. Ann of Althouse is convinced that Russ Feingold will run for governor should the recall petition drive succeed. The former U.S. senator remains a super hero to the Left: Spiderman with a PAC. But he is still trying to digest the rancid meat of his defeat one year ago. The Squire has tasted defeat himself and it does not come with stuffing and gravy. >More
 Blaska's Blog and philosophy is written on Steve Jobs' iMac computer

The featured book in the Karl Rove Reading Room here at the Stately Manor is Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs. Deservedly, it is #1 on the New York Times best-seller lists, both in hard-cover and -- fittingly -- its e-book incarnation. It is a chronicle of how one baby boomer "dented the universe" by driving the best and the brightest to "think different." >More
 Blaska's Blog: Gov. Walker recall crew yells fire in a crowded swimming pool

There is an inverse relationship: the more vituperative the language, the weaker the case. It is no coincidence that the recall movement uses doomsday language to describe what are, at root, merely policy differences. >More
 Blaska's Blog: Tin ears, big egos and paycheck padding on the Dane County Board

These are difficult times. The Great Recession is, functionally, in its third year. So, what is the Dane County Board's response? Pay raises all around! Break out the sham-pag-nee! A 32 percent hike for chairman Scott McDonell and 3 percent for the other 36 members! >More
 Blaska's Blog salutes veterans at the 11th hour

The Eleventh Hour sometimes means, "at the last minute" or "in the nick of time." But it also has connotations of war and peace. Today is 11/11/11. That is 63 in binary numbering. This morning it was 11:11:11 a.m. on 11/11/11. In binary, that is 4,091. The only thing better was 11:11:11 a.m. (or p.m.) on 11/11/1111 when Henry I, the third of the Norman line, was king of England. >More
 Blaska's Blog is outraged: Sen. Schultz's office is egged! Threats to kill Gov. Walker? Ho hum.

Welcome to this edition of crime stoppers. State Sen. Dale Schultz is the progressives' favorite Republican at the moment, other than long-retired or -- better -- dead Republicans, of course. Schultz takes pride of place for being the lone Republican holdout on Gov. Scott Walker's public employee compensation reforms. >More
 Blaska's Blog just says No to the wheel tax

Your über-blogger warned that a new tax could be coming our way, courtesy of the Progressive Dane contingent. It is the Dane County wheel tax. >More
 Blaska's Blog: Occupy, shut down or smash! What's the difference?

If you write often enough it will happen to you. The eminent personage you have so faithfully profiled is arrested for window peeping the morning your opus is due on the editor's desk. You rewrite like crazy but there is no time to undo the thrust of the panegyric you spent weeks constructing. Yes, your subject is a window peeper, you concede in a parenthetical note, but other than that, a man for all seasons! >More
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