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The Schlachtenhaufen cousins visualize a superhero origin story in Wayne

"What would Batman be like if Bruce Wayne didn't have any money?" That's the question filmmaker Andy Schlachtenhaufen explores in his new film Wayne. Shot a year ago at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Madison, and starring his cousin Dave as the title character, the short offers an understated yet striking version of the iconic superhero origin story. >More
 The Taking of Pelham 123 is a train wreck

How does one of the most universally respected actors of this generation -- Denzel Washington -- come to trust director Tony Scott and his obvious fascination with style over substance? Since their first collaboration on Crimson Tide in 1995, Washington and Scott have teamed up in recent years for Man on Fire, Dèjá Vu and now the remake of The Taking of Pelham 123. >More
 Imagine That: Bad dad

With Imagine That, Eddie Murphy has made a family-friendly film without a single fart joke. True, he does put his foot in a cow patty at one point, but Imagine That is refreshingly free of Murphy's usual penchant for antic toilet humor and howling bad taste. >More
 Sugar: The old ballgame

Quick, think of your favorite sports film. How does it end? With an exciting final victory, of course. Over tremendous odds, our heroes muster all they can find of that elusive commodity, heart, to triumph over foes who are better funded and better looking, or at least -- as in D2: The Mighty Ducks -- mean and Icelandic. >More
 Lemon Tree: Neighbors

Whenever Salma has guests, she serves lemonade. Their eyes light up when they sip it, and they all render the same judgment: "Tasty!" Satisfied guests are a rare consolation for Salma, the stoic Palestinian woman at the center of the Israeli film Lemon Tree, which is based on true events. >More
 Rooftop Cinema commences senior year of avant-garde film atop MMoCA

Four years is a long time in a transient college town, certainly enough to make Rooftop Cinema at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art an abiding summer tradition. The four week-long avant-garde and experimental film series returns on Friday for yet another all-too-short month of screenings atop a garden overlooking State Street. >More
 Drag Me to Hell: Back to the splatter

Drag Me to Hell opens with a crafty little tip-off of what's to come: the Universal logo, circa 1980. It's a nod to the fanboys who have waited patiently for Sam Raimi to return to the "splatstick" horror genre he more or less invented. >More
 Valentino: The Last Emperor: Glamour guy

The world of Valentino is an airtight place. The only people there who aren't fashionistas are business moguls or movie stars. And at the center of Valentino's world is Valentino, who has a way of sweeping into workspaces and rendering devastating judgments as his underlings stand by, tensely silent. >More
 Terminator Salvation: No fun, no soul

Let's talk about names. Character names, to be specific. As much of a rabid fan of the first two Terminator films as I am, I have always been bewildered by James Cameron's inexplicable saddling of the potential savior of all mankind with the brown-envelope-bland moniker of "John Connor." >More
 Shall We Kiss?: Friends-plus

Quintessentially French in its preoccupation with the vagaries of l'amour, Shall We Kiss? is painfully dunderheaded about the proclivities of the human heart. >More
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