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Rescue Dawn: Die (very) hard

Rescue Dawn feels like the real thing, thanks in part to the lush terrain, which closes in on you like a python's jaws, and also to Christian Bale's strangely buoyant performance. Indulging in another of his weight-loss routines (in The Machinist, he got down to nothing), Bale may run the risk of confusing acting with dieting, but he totally captures that weird quality that goes by the name of heroism. >More
 Blame Society Productions to hold open auditions in Madison

"We have a core group of people that we tend to work with, but we're looking to expand that," says Matt Sloan. Auditions are being held for several upcoming projects, including a new series titled My Fist Is a Weapon, season 2 of Chad Vader, and more; production should be kicking off "very soon" he says. >More
 Big is beautiful

If ever there were a happy summer movie, it's Hairspray. But for all its bubbly musical numbers and effervescent good humor, this film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical feels oddly lacquered - it's John Waters by way of Disney. >More
 Oddballs in love

Eagle vs Shark is a dork-chic romance à la Napoleon Dynamite about two Kiwi oddballs. But it's gentler and more lyrical, with angular cinematography interwoven with surreal stop-motion sequences about the lives of discarded apple cores who find love together. >More
 The hitman's dilemma

You Kill Me is about a Buffalo hitman who's sent to San Francisco to recover from the alcoholism that's begun to interfere with his work, and if that doesn't already strike you as a little weird - San Francisco? - you may have trouble getting on the movie's frequency. >More

A head-scratcher in the best sense, Paprika uses the anime medium to blur the boundaries between real and imagined, awake and asleep, online and off, on-screen and off, mind and matter. >More
 Wedding crasher

To remind viewers of its gilded past, Warner Bros. Studios has taken to introducing all its movies to the nostalgic strains of Casablanca's "As Time Goes By," including its newest romantic comedy, License to Wed. I may be alone in this sentiment, but jumping from memories of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman to a shot of Robin Williams grinning in a clerical collar struck me as particularly deflating. >More
 Mistakes were made

Given the general state of things these days, we should feel grateful for a woman-centered Hollywood movie that stars an abundant number of award-winning actresses, was co-scripted by a Pulitzer Prize-winning author (Michael Cunningham of The Hours), features an outstanding number of women among its technical crew and is helmed by the highly accomplished cinematographer-turned-director Lajos Koltai. In fact, Evening has so much going for it that it's painful to report that all this window-dressing is to no avail. >More
 U.S. health-care system is diseased

With Sicko, his latest documentary, professional gadfly Michael Moore examines the shortcomings of the American health-care system, and he's crafted his most accessible and least divisive movie to date. The film contends that the American system of managed health care is conceptually misguided, dictated by the for-profit motives of the insurance industry. >More
 The searchers

And now here's A Mighty Heart , Michael Winterbottom's blow-by-blow account of the effort to rescue Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter who was kidnapped and beheaded by Muslim extremists, the video of his execution circulating all over the world via the Internet. >More
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