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Movies, movies, everywhere

The Wisconsin Film Festival, which returns April 12-15 with a whole new slate of art movies, indie flicks, documentaries and foreign films, has a way of turning all of us into cinephiles, intrepid explorers of the cinematic medium. Faced with a veritable jungle of choices, we get out our machetes and start chopping. Here's what caught the edge of my blade. >More
 Chad Vader takes a trip to SoCal

"All of the other things we're dealing with are taking months," says Matt Sloan of opportunities resulting from the success of the Chad Vader series, "so to get something like this happening so quickly is exciting." >More
 Men on ice

Maybe it's because professional figure skating already seems like such a parody of itself ' the cheesy costumes, the waving of the arms, the cheesy costumes. But Blades of Glory, which stars Will Ferrell and Jon Heder as the world's first same-sex pairs team, never quite lifts off the ice. >More
 Coming to America

What's in a name? That's the question that floats through Mira Nair's The Namesake, even drifting its way into the title. Based on Jhumpa Lahiri's best-selling novel, the movie is one of those multi-generational sagas that trace a family's migration from a foreign land to the so-called Land of Opportunity. >More
 Bank job

The Lookout doesn't overpower us. It prefers to drill through the side of the safe rather than blow the door off with dynamite. But within its modest parameters, it packs a nice little punch, thanks in part to Gordon-Levitt's subtle performance. >More
 A good eater

What do you get when you cross Little Miss Sunshine with Godzilla? You get a cinematic mutant not unlike The Host, Bong Joon-ho's scary yet funny yet moving yet scary exercise in dysfunctional-family horror/comedy. >More
 Target practice

'Pink Mist' sounds like the title of a Jackson Pollock painting, but in fact it's the fine spray of brain bits that occurs when a sniper does his job properly. And there's enough of the stuff in Shooter to satisfy all but the most dedicated armchair-snipers in the audience. >More
 The music of Chad Vader Episode 7

The music is unmistakable. One scene into the first episode of the Chad Vader series, "The Imperial March" accompanies the opening title sequence. The theme composed by John Williams is among the most recognized tunes in movie history. Unlike the martial and bombastic march originally introduced in The Empire Strikes Back, however, this version is performed on a solo acoustic guitar. >More
 Crashing the party

A diptych of sorts, i>An Unreasonable Man is rather evenly divided between a look back at Nader's consumer-advocacy days and a free-for-all over whether he should have run for office. And the look back is as inspiring as ever. >More
 The watchers and the watched

Von Donnersmarck doesn't dwell on the Hitchcockian voyeurism that's in play, the complicity we feel as audience members, since we're eavesdropping on everybody as well. Instead, he seems more interested in that old theme of art soothing the savage beast. >More
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