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Dave Swedarsky, majority owner (with three partners) of Burrito Drive
Burrito Drive, 310 S. Brearly St.
You can put the darndest things in a burrito.
Swedarsky: You can put the darndest things in a burrito.

Why you should go: For Mexican food fantasies that range from quirky to divine.

The name of this place sounds like a David Lynch movie, or maybe a street in south Texas. What's the inspiration? It's nothing that fancy. We were driving around town trying to think of names and couldn't come up with something we all agreed on. It just hit me, in the car - we deliver. We drive your burrito.

The inspiration for the place itself was that I delivered pizza for 10 years. There's plenty of people delivering pizza and Chinese. But growing up we used to go to Pedro's a lot. I was always a chimichanga fan, myself. So I thought we could really use Mexican delivery.

I thought about it a long time. I grew up in this neighborhood, and I wanted to open a place here. Plus, there's nothing else around that's open after bar time. My grandma passed away and left me some money. She always wanted to invest in my business, so I figured it was time to do it. We opened a year ago February.

People seem to agree with me on the need for Mexican delivery. That's about 65% of our business - 25% is carry-out and the rest is dine-in. I believe the burritos travel best - you can't go wrong. They keep their heat really well, much better than the tacos.

Pork confit tortas? Spam carnitas? How do you come by these Mexican spinoffs? Oh, the White Trash Burrito with Spam carnitas, Tater Tots, Boston baked beans, Velveeta cheese and salsa is a treat! One of my best friends growing up made the menu. He went to the Institute of Culinary Education in New York and heard I was opening a restaurant, so he came back to help. He's a really creative guy.

He did a lot of research on Mexican food and put his own twist on it, with sweet potato puree and all kinds of other stuff I'd never think of putting in a burrito, but people love it. When I insisted on chorizo he was like, "We're not buying it, we're making our own, in-house." He's in Chicago now, searching for his future. He's worked at a lot of interesting places, including with Rick Bayliss at Topolobampo. But I've got some great cooks in the kitchen.

Are you one of them? Once in a while I pitch in when somebody needs time off. I've always liked food. I didn't cook too much growing up, but I made a lot of bagels with cream cheese and eggs - I'm a whiz with a bagel!

What's your personal favorite? The steak and eggs burrito. I've always loved eggs Benedict. The burrito comes with carne asada, rice, hollandaise sauce and pickled red onions - it's very rich. I always have it with the house red salsa. It's one of our milder ones. I'm a wuss when it comes to really hot chiles.

You like desserts? We do a chocolate bread pudding with peanut butter crème anglaise, and cookie dough empanadas that come out piping hot and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Our goldenrod tres leches are actually made with Twinkies. You line 'em all up and soak 'em in evaporated condensed milk. We serve 'em with a dollop of whipped cream on top. Simple and delicious.

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