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TV campaign spending now easier to track with Political Ad Sleuth

Quick: How much was spent by all parties in the historic 2012 recall election between Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and challenger Tom Barrett? A recent Associated Press article gave the generally accepted answer: $81 million. >More
 Slaying the Gerrymander: Here's a solution to Wisconsin's rigged legislative districts

Winning the governorship plus majorities in both houses in 2010, Republicans seized the golden opportunity to dominate the decennial process of redistricting the state as never before. >More
 GOP campaign worker Kyle Wood to appear in Dane County court for fabricating tale of attack

Kyle Wood, the Republican campaign worker charged with obstruction for fabricating a story about being attacked at his home, will appear in Dane County Circuit Court on March 14. Wood could be fined up to $10,000 for telling a false story to a police officer or sentenced to prison for up to nine months. >More
 Wisconsin Senate race between Tammy Baldwin and Tommy Thompson shatters state spending records

Candidates and interest groups poured more than $78 million into Wisconsin's recent U.S. Senate race that led to Democrat Rep. Tammy Baldwin's Nov. 6 win over former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson, making it the most expensive Senate election in state history. >More
 Redistricting that favored Wisconsin Republicans spurs call for reforms

The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board's Nov. 29 certification of the official results of the Nov. 6 election made it, well, official: Democratic candidates got more votes than Republicans in state races for president, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, state Senate and state Assembly. >More
 Citizen Dave: Wisconsin's bleak future as a not really red state

Despite the reelection of President Obama and the historic election of Tammy Baldwin to the U.S. Senate, the most important election in recent Wisconsin history wasn't this year, but in 2010. Two years agom, when the Republicans flipped all of state government from Democratic to GOP control -- they already owned the state Supreme Court -- the party set in motion a process that locked in their dominance for a long time to come. >More
 Accusations fly about Wisconsin election law violations in 2012 races

A week before the Nov. 6 election, Americans for Prosperity tried to pump up support for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. The conservative advocacy group offered $1.84 per gallon gas to motorists in Rib Mountain, a town near Wausau, by paying the $1.70 per gallon difference. The line was so long that the Marathon County Sheriff's Department came out to control traffic. >More
 Tell All: Dems and Republicans keep battling after the election

Dear Tell All: I'm a Madison Republican -- yes, we do exist. As you can imagine, I'm used to my local candidates losing elections, and also to post-election celebrations by Democrats. But it's been worse since the Nov. 6 election. >More
 Vote tallies suggest redistricting boosted Wisconsin Republicans in 2012 races

In the aftermath of the Nov. 6 elections, words like "fickle" and "schizophrenic" are being bandied about to describe the Wisconsin electorate. How else can anyone explain a group of voters who simultaneously picked Democrats Barack Obama for president and Tammy Baldwin for U.S. Senate while preserving a 5-3 Republican edge in its congressional delegation and giving the GOP a commanding majority in both houses of the state Legislature? >More
 Tell All: Gays up, haters down

Dear Tell All: I'm a gay man who came out a couple decades ago. Given the year I was born, you can bet I've experienced some awful repression from the homophobic powers-that-be. My generation was bullied, discriminated against and ridiculed. I don't want to make it seem like I feel sorry for myself. I kept my head down and lived my life, just like African Americans, Native Americans, women and other groups traditionally discriminated against in the Land of the Free. But I do want to indulge in a moment of celebration after Election Day. >More
 Wisconsin Democrats need business-friendly progressive like Pat Lucey

The warm glow of the Nov. 6 election will finally dissipate for Wisconsin Democrats next January when the Legislature reconvenes. Politically, the Democrats will be threatened by a Republican juggernaut. The GOP's capture of the state Senate aligns both houses with the recall-tested and change-minded Gov. Scott Walker. >More
 Off the Square: Wisconsin: Kinda Blue, Just Hates Teachers

 Freedom From Religion Foundation sues IRS for not enforcing electioneering restrictions on churches

On the heels of a presidential election in which hundreds of preachers publicly promised to flout Internal Revenue Service rules by endorsing candidates from the pulpit, the Madison-based Freedom From Religion Foundation filed suit against the IRS for failing to enforce electioneering restrictions against churches and religious organizations. >More
 Those hated TV ads worked in Wisconsin this election

On Election Day, capping off months of record spending on federal and state political campaigns, reporters from the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism visited some Madison polling places to ask voters about the role of money in politics. Their reactions, like the ads themselves, were mostly negative. >More
 Off the Square: After Obama Has Won

 Record political spending in Wisconsin results in little change

The Nov. 6 election was as exhausting as it was astonishing, especially when viewed from the new ground zero for American elections -- the intersection of money and politics. Records were broken, along with some hearts. Wisconsin's status as a battleground state was reaffirmed in thousands of 30-second increments. The money flowed fast and furious. >More
 Obama wins smart as Romney and Ryan alienate average Americans

On Election Day morning, the bell rang and there was yet another volunteer for Barack Obama reminding me to vote. It was probably the fifth time in recent months that an Obama volunteer had stopped by to chat up me or my wife. I was starting to think they might move in with us. The explanations for Obama's victory are many, but arguably begin with his superior ground game. >More
 Tammy Baldwin wins Wisconsin's Senate race with progressive values

In so many ways, Tammy Baldwin's victory in the U.S. Senate race was the icing on the cake. The energy at the Baldwin victory party at Monona Terrace built all night long, as the Democrats racked up wins across the United States. Her win is historic, she acknowledged in her victory speech: She is both the first woman Senator from Wisconsin and the first openly gay member of that body. >More
 Views from the Wisconsin Democrats' election night rally in Madison (slideshow)

Democrats packed the Monona Terrace Convention Center in downtown Madison Tuesday night to celebrate the victories of Tammy Baldwin, Mark Pocan and, of course, Barack Obama. >More
 Moderate Wisconsin gets a conservative legislature again

How does a state that votes for President Barack Obama and elects its first woman -- and the nation's first gay woman -- to the U.S. Senate also elect an overwhelmingly conservative Republican state legislature? There are two answers: money and gerrymandering. The Democrats were badly outspent in legislative districts that were drawn behind closed doors to benefit Republicans. >More


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