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New restaurant wine lists - 43 North

Where are you eating and what do you think? What's opening, closing, succeeding, failing?

New restaurant wine lists - 43 North

Postby kulgar » Tue Mar 01, 2011 9:22 pm

I got into a discussion with one of the restaurant/wine reviewers in town and that person agreed with me that 43 North has the best wine list of any of the new Square (defined as within a block of the Capitol) restaurants. So many restaurants have that same fruit bomb, all the same, none of these go with food, wine lists that I had despaired of finding anything by the glass that wouldn't overwhelm the chewables.

Lorraine St. Germaine (of course she would know wine with a name like that, but I'm not sure I spelled it correctly) has a background as a distributor and restaurant front manager and has put together a small, but very broad listing that complements the appetizers and entrees. And there are a couple of fruit forward wines for the masses, don't fret.

One of the other best by the glass wine lists in town is at Sushi Muramoto so even if Shinji drinks Miller Lite (like Tori) he can recognize talent.

I feel a bit guilty posting when people are on the Square opposing Imperial Walker, but a boy's still got to eat and I can't rant politics all night long.
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Re: New restaurant wine lists - 43 North

Postby fennel » Tue Mar 01, 2011 9:53 pm

If their bottle prices don't match – or better – retail prices, they're still operating in the Mubarak era of wine pricing, as it were. The particular selection of wine does matter (call it intelligent curation, if you like), but unless what you offer is truly unique, charging more than the prevailing retail price is just price-gouging.
Let there be wine, I say. Don't use it as a crutch.
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Wine pricing

Postby kulgar » Wed Mar 02, 2011 4:33 pm

Are you stating that a restaurant should match or beat retail pricing for wine that they buy, store, open, pour for you, clean up after, and then wash the glasses?

Restaurants don't go through a lot of wine, probably less than 1% of what Woodman's sells so they can't buy in volumes, get that kind of pricing from distributors or importers. By the same logic, a 1/4 lb hamburger at Dotty's should cost less than a dollar.

The Eno Vinos of the world charge 5X so the first glass pays for the wine and the rest for effort and profit. That's outrageous and you'll find the less rapacious restaurants like the Muramotos at more like 3X by the glass and less by the bottle. I've noticed full bottles at about 2X of what I had just paid for them.
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