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Down in front, my ass

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Who should have to move?

Short runty fucks who can't see?
Beatufiul people who are 6' or taller
Total votes : 16

Down in front, my ass

Postby charliedon'tsurf » Sat May 08, 2004 2:37 am

So anyways I am at the third night at the High Noon Saloon watching the second band, Hudson Falcons, rip shit up. I go to talk to someone real quick and when I get back to my old spot in fornt of the stage some assclown informs me that I need to move because his wife who is 5' can't see over my body. I was sort of nice and said I would move but this is a punk rock club not a goddamn fucking Billy Joel concert with reserved seating.
I decided the next time I am going to say "Yeah I will move but only if we can step outside so I can beat you savagely."
Maybe that sounds harsh, but I am only 6' tall and there is a balcony at the High Noon for runty fucks and I am drunk after tonights show.
So whats up should tall people move or should short bastards be required to move to a place where they can see over the masssive beautiful fucks that god blessed with not being undersized?
And don't any animal rights folks or pacfists tiwst this whole thing about the nature of violence. I just wanna know who should move. The tall person just standing there enjoying the show or the short person jonesining cause they can't see because their eyes are low.
This is by far the drunkest I have ever started a topic.
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Postby bobbyray » Sat May 08, 2004 8:47 am

From where I stand at 5'8": If it's just a matter of scooching over a couple feet, it ain't gonna kill ya to be nice. On the other hand, you are not obligated to find a whole different place to stand, and are completely within your rights to politely decline. And while it is certainly also within your rights as a tall person to completely ignore or disparage such a request, don't be surprised to find the back of your pant legs and tube socks soaked with urine when you get home if you choose that option.

I would also add that at 6' even, you aren't causing too many people a big problem. The answer might be very different with regard to the freakishly tall, say 6'5" and over.
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Postby jammybastard » Sat May 08, 2004 10:15 am

would it really kill you to move over a foot?
Also, why is you attitude "me first"? Why is it so hard to accomodate people? Are they really asking that much?
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Postby skrattypants » Sat May 08, 2004 10:44 am

sorry, i think it's pretty turdy to choose to stand in front of someone much shorter than you are. it might be a different story if the knobs at the front will let said short person in front of them, but no one likes people cutting in up in the chosen land.

i was at a show last night where the main guy from the second <read: headline> act came in about 2/3's through the opener's set. he chose to stand in front of us (in the middle of the room) and allow--nay, encourage--his adoring minions to orbit around him in supplication. not only not nice to the audience, but fairly disrespectful to the artist on stage.
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Postby jt smack » Sat May 08, 2004 11:11 am

cut him some slack, it was a drunk post.
jt smack
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Postby charliedon'tsurf » Sat May 08, 2004 4:57 pm

bobbyray wrote:I would also add that at 6' even, you aren't causing too many people a big problem. The answer might be very different with regard to the freakishly tall, say 6'5" and over.

I agree with you on this the super tall mutants over say 6' 4" need to be concious of this. It reminds me of that Simpson's Halloween special where Chief Wiggum shoots the captain of Springfield High's basketball team who was unusually tall. Wiggum defends his actions by saying "Well he was about to turn into a monster". We need to deal with these super tall giants before they crush our bones to bake bread like the orges and cyclopses (sic? cyclopsi) of ancient times.
jammybastard wrote:would it really kill you to move over a foot?
Also, why is you attitude "me first"? Why is it so hard to accomodate people? Are they really asking that much?

No Jammy it wouldn't kill me to move, but when their is a sold out crowd at the High Noon it is rude and a pain in my ass. I am only 6' tall so I have had my view obstructed by men taller than me. And you know what I do, I choose to move to a different place in the club to see or I reconcile that it is an imperfect world and sometimes you don't have a great sightline at a show.
There is a balcony at the High Noon. If you aren't tall and feel like you need to see the band go up there. Seems simple to me.
If I pay a cover charge to get in I feel free to stand in any place in a club that isn't occupied by someone elses body. And if I am unhappy with the any traits of that particular spot in a club I move to somewhere else, but I don't think I have the right to tell others where they should stand at the club. I just think it is rude and annoying. As vengence for your defiance of my opinion I am going to borrow someones cell phone and stand front row center at the Tangy show tonight talking into it very loudly. See you there. :D
jt smack wrote:cut him some slack, it was a drunk post.

Thanks for watching my back, but I need no slack. It is Saturday afternoon I am not wasted on whiskey, but I still stand behind everything I typed late last night. Except for spelling beautiful as "beatufil" and using cause and later becasue in a hellish trainwreck of a run on sentence.
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Postby Mr X » Sat May 08, 2004 5:43 pm

it does seem kinda strange at a punk rock type club to have someone asking someone else to "please move so I can see"....all the same, it never hurts to be extra nice and accomodate others

personally speaking I wouldn't ask someone to move. If I wanted to see that bad I'd take the time to get there early enough and get my perfect spot....if someone asked me to move though I'd move
Mr X
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Postby MLE » Sat May 08, 2004 6:39 pm

Being 6'2", I can relate to the other tall types on the board. I always try to situate myself where I won't be blocking the view of others too much, without sitting in a corner or standing in the back. I paid a cover like the rest of the audience, afterall, and tend to drawn to the stage like a moth to a naked lightbulb. Anyways, I tend to stand right up front, but to the side, near the speakers, kinda out of the way for most. The Annex is easy, since I usually lean against that pillar near the stage. They can't see over it anyways, right? If I am standing in front of others that are far shorter than me, I usually ask them if they'd like to switch positions and so on. However, at the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show, me and a few much shorter friends supposedly "took" some little herd of teenage girls' territory, which they proceeded to bitch about for almost the whole show. I moved aside a couple steps, even offered to let them push in front of me, which they didn't, which is good, because then the people that I was with wouldn't have been able to see. So, they continued to whine, and I ended it with a comment along the lines of "well, what the fuck do you expect?". A pit is a pit, damnit. I'm all about trying to play nice, but if they really wanted to see without any obstruction, they should've sit in the balcony or the back. At least I wasn't wearing a big hat... :wink:
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Postby jammybastard » Sat May 08, 2004 7:22 pm

charliedon'tsurf wrote: As vengence for your defiance of my opinion I am going to borrow someones cell phone and stand front row center at the Tangy show tonight talking into it very loudly. See you there. :D

Actually, I'd be inclined to incorporate it into the act.
As long as you pay you can do whatever you want, biut I can guarantee you that my friends Marshall and HiWatt will make your cellphone conversation moot.

I hear you on the height issue. I'm 5'10" after a full night sleep and I hate guys like you who expect the crowd to part for them as they returned to "their spot". Next time buy more drinks if you know you're going to be a bit parched and then piss in the empty glasses if you have to go.
In a SRO crowd no one will notice and you won't lose your spot.
Problem solved!
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Postby meowzamusic » Sun May 09, 2004 12:25 am

I'm 6'4" and as far as I can remember I've never had anyone ask me to move because I was blocking their view. I would hope if I was too tall for you to stand behind that you would muscle past me and get close enough to see! I rarely stand way up in front, since I enjoy having what's left of my hearing and can see from just about anywhere in most clubs. I do recall my one and only trip to the Angelic where they were showing the Star Wars trilogy on their big screen---and I was hovering at the bar watching--not thinking I was blocking anyone's view and a few bozos took it upon themselves to throw fries and then beer bottles at me until I moved out of their all-important view...I guess in that situation a polite "can you move?" would have been just fine.
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Postby rockmama » Sun May 09, 2004 10:39 am

Speaking for the shorter contingent, at 5'3" I've never expected anyone to move to accomodate me. I always take it upon myself to either find the viewing tunnel in the crowd between taller heads, or just plain wiggle up to the front. Shorties, take note...!
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Postby lonesomejohnny » Sun May 09, 2004 11:04 am

Perhaps the solution lies in a forced separation of the two groups in question here. A club could hold two shows every night. One show would be for us tall people only: we could stretch, we could enjoy the weather up at altitude, we could wear big hats, we wouldnt have to worry about stumbling over the munchkins that normally slump around in the shadows. Later that night, the club could have an all-short show in which the short people could come out from under the bridges and enjoy a night of trouble free viewing while squatting on the floor, holding minime lookalike contests, and singing that wonderful lollipop guild song.
This is much better than the tall person ban that New york and LA have passed laws for recently.

Also, you dont have to be tall to rock, look at the worlds shortest rock band, Blue Oyster Cult! Those guys are adorable when they stand behind their little mic stands and play their little songs!
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Postby m wildermuth » Sun May 09, 2004 1:39 pm

As a semi-freakishly tall giant of 6'4", i've run into this problem on a couple of occaisions. the last i can remember, being at the comedy stage seeing lewis black at summerfest. i was almost in the back of the audience, mind you. and some hot-to-trot 5 foot tall 40 year-old mother from menasha (i can only assume) said "hey, what do you think you're doing?" as i stood in front of her before lewis even got on stage. "uh, what the fuck do you think i'm doing. i can't help it that you're shorter than 99.9% of the people here." that didn't go over big, but that's what slamming a 12er of pbr's before you enter the park will do to a conversation.

if us freaks of nature are standing half way back from the stage or further, i say it's every man for himself. get aound me if you don't like it. if you're at a show where there's some serious body movement up by the stage, you don't try to get people to move their dancing to the back of the room if you don't like it. you just have to live with it. same principle applies here. when you go to a show, there area a set of assumptions that you have to operate on. one being: there will always be at least someone that is taller than you are. shit, it happens to me, oddly enough. and i deal. just move a little bit. or bring a stool.

i don't usually approach the front of the stage, but if i do, like MLE said, i try to situate myself off to the side a little. just because i'm tall doesn't mean i don't want the bassist to sweat all over me.
m wildermuth
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Postby regnad_kcin » Sun May 09, 2004 3:06 pm

We need three shows per night.

At 5'10", I'm neither short nor tall.

Anyway...come on...if you spent your teenage pre-growth spurt years sneaking into shows, rollin' around in the circle pit and getting kicked in the head by stage divers, you'd never ask anyone to move. Just push on past, and give 'em the friendly Punk Rock Elbow.

I'm just thinking about the consequences of that sorta behavior at a Jesus Lizard show:

"HEY YOU! Yeah, that's right, you with the microphone!! Get back on stage and perform so my 4'8" wife can see! HEY!! Stop throwing up! Damnit!!"
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Postby TJM » Sun May 09, 2004 6:50 pm

I couldn't resist.

I waited in line for 12 hours hoping to get a good view of Bruce Springsteen. I was informed from a Springsteen loyalist who'd seen several shows that there wasn't a bad spot in the pit. After waiting in line outside all day long on a chilly September day all my suffering finally paid off. I was about 4 rows from the front of the stage with about 15 minutes till showtime and I was pumped, but not for long......I notice the women in front of me signalling someone from behind me. I look over my shoulder and see a fella who's about 6'5 coming my way. He's working his way through the crowd spilling his two overflowing beers all over everybody and on the verge of dropping his order of nacho's. Nacho's? One of the last true belivers in Rock 'n' Roll is about to go on and your thinking nacho's? Anyways sure as shit the guy stands right in front of me. So not only do I have to deal with his height through out the concert but I'm also constantly trying to avoid stepping into whats left of his nacho cheese! The worst part about the whole thing for me was the fact that this douche bag was completelly clueless.

Being 5'8 I'm usually on my tiptoes at jam packed shows. A bit of empathy like a "sorry dude" from those vertically superior trully makes a difference, the difference being me thinking "this worlds full of assholes" or "there's one of the good ones".

Thanks for letting me post, and thanks for letting me rant.
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