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NFL Draft vs. Poker

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Re: NFL Draft vs. Poker

Postby Igor » Tue Apr 28, 2009 10:32 pm

jjoyce wrote: When NBC Sports devotes several hours a year to televising something, it should be worth covering.

At some point (ABC Sports starts covering the olympics? Wide World of Sports cuts away from the Globetrotters to show you Figure 8 Racing at Islip Raceway? ) TV folks decided that telling a story was more important than broadcasting the show. As an Indy Car fan, I am routinely driven nuts because they are constantly superimposing an interview with Danica Patrick, a replay of last week's action, or some stupid exploding graphic over actual RACING, you clowns. It's as if they decided that since the NFL is so popular, they are going to go the same route, not realizing that there are a ton of breaks in a football game that easily lend themselves to human interest stuff.

Also, since ratings for sports on broadcast networks are so bad, most networks try to get sports organizations to do a time buy or something similar. Only the big boys (Olympics, NFL, NASCAR, NBA) get actual money for the broadcast rights anymore.
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Re: NFL Draft vs. Poker

Postby boston_jeff » Tue Apr 28, 2009 10:59 pm

I am a math player, there's nothing cute about it. I calculate odds every time I am in hand, and even when I am bluffing, I use math to determine bet size. Ask anyone who I play with regularly if I am a "math" or a "feel" player, and they will all say "math."

A heads up tournament involves totally different strategies and "game theory" than a typical tournament. Its difficult for regular tourney players to understand head's-up strategy in a head's up tournament structure, so those who check it out based on reading an article on Jesus in the New Yorker are going to be way behind. So you were confused, I am not surprised. IMO, Jesus is a very good player and a very bright guy (Ph.D. in computer science), but he is one of the most boring NLHE players to watch. If I'm going with my favorite "math" player, its got to be Andy Bloch. But he doesn't have any bracelets (and yeah bracelets are very pinky ringesque, but that the tradition), so he doesn't get the press that Ferguson does.

My advice, don't watch poker if its infuriating, annoying, or bothersome. You can impugn it all you want, that's your right. I guarantee if you actually played NLHE regularly (which you should, because its a blast), you would enjoy these events more. And the humor, analysis and play would make sense.
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Re: NFL Draft vs. Poker

Postby MeLurkyLongTime » Tue Apr 28, 2009 11:17 pm

jjoyce wrote:Here's why I'll watch it, impugn it and kick it in the groin: Because I'm a 39-year old white guy who watches a lot of sports on TV and I'm actually offended when there's poker on instead of golf, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, ski racing, etc., etc. And it's not because I only like to watch athletes (I admitted to enjoying golf). It's that I want to see an interesting story develop. That's what a sports contest is to me, the ultimate in reality TV. When NBC Sports devotes several hours a year to televising something, it should be worth covering.

..... (It's cute that Boston Jeff thinks he's a 'math' player).

Ok it is obviously apparent that you don't play and have no respect for the game, totally fine. I'm sure Jeff is a math player. I am also sure you are white. ... ee-sports/
But hey as you said on another thread, nicely trolled Joyce.
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Re: NFL Draft vs. Poker

Postby fennel » Tue Apr 28, 2009 11:18 pm

Do you suppose the NFL draft and the military draft might one day be merged?

That might attract some advertising dollars ...
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Re: NFL Draft vs. Poker

Postby Prof. Wagstaff » Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:39 pm

boston_jeff wrote:I guarantee if you actually played NLHE regularly (which you should, because its a blast), you would enjoy these events more.

Honest questions:
What kind of bankroll do you play with?
And how long does such a tournament usually last?
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Re: NFL Draft vs. Poker

Postby boston_jeff » Thu Apr 30, 2009 11:35 am

Here's my longwinded response:

My bankroll for cash games runs about $100-200 for $1/2 casino games with another $100 behind in case. Since moving to Wisconsin I have rarely lost more than 20 bucks in a cash game, and the two times I played them at Ho-Chunk I walked away with $200 and $700 (after accounting for the initial buy-in). My wife cashed both times as well. As Igor said, the tables up there are pretty soft. The home cash games I play are .25/.50 (most buy in for $20-50), and sometimes we play .10/.25 if people are broke (buy-ins range from $10-30). These blind levels are for NLHE cash games, where the blind levels (e.g., $1/2) stay the same throughout the game. Therefore, there is no escalation in blinds as there are in tournaments.

Since last August (when we started banking most of our profits), we have grown a decent sized bankroll for the low limits we play. We hope to play in some of the $345 buy-in WSOP tournaments at the circuit events in Iowa. If we each played 2 of these events right now, we would have enough to cover the buy-ins. Trying for the first time in our lives to manage our bankrolls better, we decided to wait until next year. Our goal is to have enough to cover these entries and maintain a working bankroll by February of 2010. ... roupID=509

Tournaments are a different ball of wax. In most tournaments unless you have a decent stack, you will be forced to play marginal hands and bluff at inopportune times, or else the escalating blind raises will eat you up. Luck is much more important and naked aggression in order to accumulate chips is the name of the game. Unlike cash games, you buy in for a set amount of money (your entry fee) and receive chips that are not related in dollar value to your buy-in. For example, in my games we play with 2-5K starting stacks. The blinds start at $10/20 or $25/50 and typically escalate by a factor of 2 after predetermined periods of time elapse (most tourneys use 30 or 60 minute blind levels). The tourneys we run are usually $10-30 buy-ins often with unlimited re-buys and add-ons through the first two hours (to juice the prize pool). The prize pools get up to $200-500 and the top finishers share this pool based on order of finish. I have played $50-100 buy-in tourneys at casinos as well. Typically, these tourneys last several hours (some several days like the Main Event at the WSOP). If I run a freeze-out tourney (no re-buys or add-ons) it can last 4+ hours, with re-buys they usually last 5+, depending on number of players.

Finishing in the money is my goal in these games when I play them online or live. Because of the variance involved, most of us (poker players) have less success overall playing tournaments vs. cash games. Therefore, I prefer cash games, because I know if I play well, and win at least one or two big hands, I will walk away with a profit. That said, most people who play NLHE prefer tournament style because that is what they are used to (and see on TV). Also, they only pay one small entry fee and could win a large prize by "gambling." Losing $10-20 to have a good time isn't such a big deal, therefore you can play very loose and aggressive and if you lose, whatever. In a cash game you play real money dollar for dollar. At a $1/2 cash game you could easily lose several hundred in a couple of hours, so you tend to play more solid.

Anyone who is interested, I know about a low stakes cash game this weekend.
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