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Why Jobs are scarce- Move to India.

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Why Jobs are scarce- Move to India.

Postby nickled&dimed » Wed Sep 19, 2007 12:27 am

Right before I read Bwis's thread about job scarcity, I endured a citibank customer service call with someone from india. I should say calls, because i had to hang up twice because THEY couldn't hear ME. oh they heard me all right----

Took my kiddies out for crepes to celebrate the older one's birthday. Cute bistro style place in Chicago. I knew I was dropping more cash than i should, but it was a lovely afternoon in their patio.

that all came to a screeching halt when i checked out the tab. $25 more than I thought. They had given me someone else's bill!! with great alacrity i was halfway up the steps before my kids could swivel their heads. I was told so sorry, it would be fixed, blah blah. I signed the next bill and went on my happy way, a trusting soul.

of course, you know both those charges were on my bank account today. I called the restaurant, only to endure the horribly long winded message by some ancient francophile only to learn they're - closed Monday- and no, they don't take messages.

so i call citibank, cause i know they love me. after talking to a him, then a her, then another her calling themselves sally, and jeff, though they must be gupta and zeena, , i was told to call back in four days to see if the charges had been put back in my account. see, the money is in bank limbo right now. yes, and the merchant hasn't collected it yet, and if they don't collect it the money can go back in my account.

UH, I don't need to call back in four days. That's why I'm calling NOW. I don't need you to tell me my bank balance, I just told you I checked it online. I'm staring at it online now. Why do I need to call back? can't you just write it on a post it and take care of it? why are you getting paid to tell me to call back?

Why did the website say to call right away and now i wait four days? She then explained that since i authorized those charges the four days were needed to clear them with the merchant.

God damn. I did NOT authorize those charges, i signed nothing, money is out of my account that i did not spend, and why does citibank collect interest on it for four days while i bounce checks and get charged outrageous fees? MUST I get financially reamed both coming and going? why is this a difficult conversation?

clearly flustered she said she would cancel both charges and transfer me to a debit specialist. "you were supposed to be the debit card specialist!" I said. she mangled my name a new way as she ran through her greeting/good wishes/ goodbye list, verbally flinging me onto the african american woman who was the 'expert'. Her expertise was evident. "i got charged twice, but i ate once" i told her. "i feel ya" she replied. a moment later i refreshed my web page and the money was back in.

What the hell? how is citibank getting their money's worth out of that bengali circus?

Reminds me of the time (before intel) i called microsoft to get new discs for my mac version of office. The Indian woman kept asking me what version of windows I had. "I don't have windows. I have a mac." "yes but is it windows xp, 2000, or 98?" "It's OS X. No windows." "yes, but what is your operating system? that's what version of windows you have."

I really have to start recording these calls. I would have rather talked to Bwis. She would have felt my pain!
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Re: Why Jobs are scarce- Move to India.

Postby Igor » Wed Sep 19, 2007 12:35 am

nickled&dimed wrote:What the hell? how is citibank getting their money's worth out of that bengali circus?

They figure that the only way that they lose is if a customer with a large monthly carryover balance leaves. If you pay off your card every month or seldom use the card, there is no incentive to provide you with anything but the cheapest service. And if you have a big carryover balance, you probably can't leave anyway.
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Postby nickled&dimed » Wed Sep 19, 2007 12:41 am

actually it was just my debit card, which they make no money on. But it's linked to my mortgage, which is a third of my monthly income, and 90% of which is interest in their pockets. For this and many other reasons, i am refinancing and moving over to the credit union before the month is out. Mostly because they told me that my checking and savings accounts would be free, but since changed their minds.

I have no credit cards with them or anybody else, and that's how i like it. forget the financial reasons, i just couldn't survive the customer service without blowing out a nut.
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Postby lysander » Wed Sep 19, 2007 7:42 am

For what it's worth, you may have been speaking to reps in the US. Lots of companies use prison labor, especially on the West Coast, to do their phone bank stuff. Oh, and they're not allowed to disclose that, their location, or whether they're wearing ankle chains. That 'call center' may be in a maximum security prison. Microsoft uses them, so do most national airlines. And many more.

Good luck with stuff, though. Just keep in mind you might be talking to some guy who rapes puppets and is shackled to his cubicle. You know, the dude you're giving your social and your address to.
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Postby Bwis53 » Wed Sep 19, 2007 8:16 am

Oh, we're being assaulted in our homes too. Big Brother is so damn sloppy, he can't even come after 'em all. Although he does catch my ex. on taxes. Even though it was a crummy job, way back then, I had to do the shit work of having to talk to other people on the phone. My initial "training" was talking to people in the Daley Center, Chicago. You have to be very organized, perisistent and keep detailed notes about when, where, whom you're calling, and what Ms.X said, at that particular time. That way, they can't keep shuffling you. I understand that some customer service is now being shifted to home workers. My beef with the former idiots, is that I feel like I'm doing their work for them, to get what is rightfully mine. But that's the wave of the future. Until a corporation starts losing real money, it won't even bother to look at why. Oh, and when I first moved into my apt. here, I had to insist the ATT give me a customer service person, I can understand.
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