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Kitty Cooters Tooter Pie

If it doesn't fit anywhere else, it fits here

Re: Kitty Cooters Tooter Pie

Postby snoqueen » Fri May 24, 2013 10:26 am

I think lots of cats just believe 4 am is a good time to get up, and it's not anything their person does or does not do.

My cat who lived to be almost 20 was given to me as a little kitten for just that reason. Her person at the time lived in an efficiency and she was waking him up every morning early, whereas he was a bartender and had no intention of getting up until late morning, at the earliest. He said he was afraid he was going to pitch her off the balcony one of these days, and I said no way, give her to me. And that was that.

That kitty kept that same early riser habit all her life. I am not an early riser so I taught her to sleep in the basement. Well, sleep isn't the word -- I put fresh food down there every evening, her sandbox was down there, and I put up some ladders near the basement windows so she could peek out. She decided this was as good a treat as spending the whole night roaming around outside, and willingly hopped down the basement stairs at bedtime to get her to supper and her private basement world. (I never had any mice all those years, either.)

So I suggest you come up with some alternatives for your early mornings cat, close your door, and accept it. Otherwise you're in for 20 years of cat-person disagreement.

Interesting how many of us have recently lost these old cats. Mine is much missed too, and i buried her in my garden. A big white lily came up on her grave the next spring. It was never there before and I was not the one who planted it. It was one of those "who knows?" things.
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Re: Kitty Cooters Tooter Pie

Postby Stebben84 » Fri May 24, 2013 10:39 am

Seems a fitting place to post this.

Sad cat diary. ... ata_player
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Re: Kitty Cooters Tooter Pie

Postby Ducatista » Fri May 24, 2013 12:22 pm

pjbogart wrote:As to the alternative forms of kitty litter, will she be less likely to get it on my bathmat? The only real problem I have with her litter is that I have to shake it off my bathmat and toilet mat. And a bit gets tracked on the carpet as you exit the bathroom, by either me or the cat. Will she do that with other forms of litter too? Are they perhaps easier to clean up? The little grains of litter can be broom resistant, you basically need to get on your knees with a dustpan and hand brush to clean around the litter pan.

It's been so long since we've used clay litter, I'm not really sure. I cat sat for a coworker last year, and as I recall, the litter at her house had much smaller grains. World's Best is larger grained—and generally less gross, IMO. Our boys were declawed (won't do that again) and had no problem with it. Plus the flushable thing would be great for you. No poop bags, ever.

A box in the bathroom doesn't work for me, but I suppose I could scoop into a little container and dump it in the bowl, hmmm.

Anyway, different cats have different litter preferences. You never know how they'll behave with a new litter until you try it.

Stebben84 wrote:Seems a fitting place to post this.

Sad cat diary.

Ha! Have you seen Henri? Along similar lines, only in French and b&w.
Henri, Le Chat Noir (Small & grainy on Funny or Die, but worth it to set up the others on youtube.)
Henri 2, Paw de Deux
Henri 3, Le Vet
Henri 4, L'Haunting ("None of these costumes are scary. No one ever dresses as crippling self-doubt.")

Also in French, the best cat video of all time: Dansons la capucine.

Henry & sno, condolences. Henry, hope your Sadie has a good, comfortable summer.
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Re: Kitty Cooters Tooter Pie

Postby Meade » Fri May 24, 2013 12:28 pm

Why do some cat owners let their pets roam freely outdoors? They crap in my garden and kill the wild birds in my yard. It seems very irresponsible of the owners. Plus, the cat could be easily killed by predators or pick up all sorts of feline diseases and infections.
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Re: Kitty Cooters Tooter Pie

Postby Stebben84 » Mon May 27, 2013 6:29 pm

Ducatista wrote:Ha! Have you seen Henri? Along similar lines, only in French and b&w.

I forgot about that one. Thanks for reposting.

Don't want your cat to go outside?
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Re: Kitty Cooters Tooter Pie

Postby bleurose » Wed May 29, 2013 9:17 am

We have multiple cats, usually eight, but can go as high as ten where we are right now. It is a delicate balancing act though.

I firmly recommend the "however many cats you have, you need that many litter boxes +1". When I was in practice, I can't tell you how many people would come in with supposed feline elimination issues. Upon questioning, it was typically one of two general situations, or even a combination of these two. #1: one litter box, scooped only weekly or every several days. #2: one litter box for two or more cats. Ridiculous. My best way of dealing with such owners was to ask, "what do you do when you walk into the stall and the person before you did not flush?' Answer: I go find another stall. That is about the time that the light bulb would go on and I would tell them that that is exactly what their cat(s) is/are doing with a dirty litter box. It is infinitely better to scoop several boxes daily than to find that the cats are peeing in a corner of the dining room or behind the couch or pooping under the bed in the guest room.

I do not like the enclosed boxes because even with regular scooping and clumping litter, ammonia can become an issue and since cats are somewhat fastidious, you could find that your cat simply won't use that type of box. I wouldn't if it made my eyes water to go into it.

As your cat ages and arthritis becomes evident, it may become a problem for him/her to step up and into a box. Can also become painful or difficult to squat as much as they did when they were young so they eliminate in more of a standing position. If you are finding pee or poop right outside the box with an old cat, this may be why. I told one friend with this problem to place the box on a washable surface (tile is probably best) and if near a wall, tape up a plastic garbage bag to protect the wall. Plan on cleaning a bit more around the box. Alternatively, you can cut out one side of the box to make it lower and easier to get into. Still put plastic garbage bags around to protect surfaces as there will be 'mistakes/misses'. But it will make it easier for the old cat and you will have your friend's company for longer.

I recommend a quality cat food too. I'm torn about precisely what to recommend though as I do think that some of the chronic health issues cats face have something to do with their diets. Example: feline hyperthyroidism is almost unknown in England and yet it is shrug-your-shoulders common in this country. There are people working on this to try to figure it out and diet is a focus because most of them are grain-based. diabetes is also a relatively common problem which may be related to a grain-based diet. Cats are obligate carnivores so there may be something to this. That was another one that used to make me pissed: vegetarian owners who were determined to make their cat a vegetarian too. When I told them that they would eventually kill their cat with that approach, it usually got their attention.

Litter will get tracked outside the box, it's the nature of the litter and the cat. I have most of the boxes in a room with a concrete floor which is amenable to hosing down. Other individual boxes are placed on a large rug remnant which helps to get most of the litter grains out of the paws as they walk across it. Then I vacuum those areas more frequently.

Onions, tylenol, aspirin, Easter lilies - all poisonous for cats. So - no brats with onions during Packer games, do NOT attempt to home treat your cat and don't have an Easter lily in the house.

Establish a relationship with a feline vet. There are several in Madison. Cats are not small dogs, they have quite different physiologies and different health issues. Your feline vet can help you keep your new friend healthy for a long time. One thing I do with my own cats is after about 4-5 years of regular vaccinations, I back off to about a 6 to 8 year interval between boosters and for my elderly cats, the ones 15 & older, I don't do any. The immunity is not gone or even at a low level after only a year. Matter of fact, some immunities are life long and it is only local ordinances which make people revaccinate annually. Yes, I do this with rabies as well. I have an advantage there however. I can legitimately vaccinate my own animals and it is considered valid since I'm a licensed DVM and can sign the certificate. If you keep kitty indoors, then no chance of anyone claiming that she bit them. (By the way, a scratch is NOT a potential exposure to rabies per the CDC).

Our cats are in/out. There is a kitty door into the garage and then another one in the garage into the house. I corral them all at night and make them come in. We tend to lose our cats to old age health issues rather than trauma so it has worked out OK for us. But that is our experience and may not be what others know. There is no doubt that there is more "trouble" to get into outdoors than strictly in.
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