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3D Blu-Ray

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3D Blu-Ray

Postby MadMind75 » Fri Dec 17, 2010 4:39 am

Not sure if everyone knows yet (I know I didn't until I saw the American ad from last Sunday's paper) but seemingly out of nowhere, the long-awaited 3D Blu-Ray of Avatar was released on December 1st, 2010.

The one movie that could really help to push 3D TV/3D exclusive to Panasonic, and may be for some time.
From; "Perhaps the highest praise that could be given to Avatar's 3D transfer? Release it wide -- give it away, even, to every single 3D buyer -- right now and place this disc in every 3D demo player across the world. Get the disc in people's hands and in front of their eyes, and 3D units will move, and move quickly. Why the highest-grossing film of all time and the one fans want to see more than any other in 3D is saddled with an exclusive and therefore pricy release is beyond the imaginations of anyone but the highest-ups at Fox and Panasonic. Perhaps they have insight, charts, and other odds and ends that tell them that exclusivity on this, or any, title is the way to go, but it's near impossible to fathom a reality in which getting this release out there wide -- even as-is with no extras -- could be bad for rapid 3D adoption. It is what it is, and when this title is one day released to the general public, it will push sales of 3D TVs like no movie before it and probably no movie after it, at least for quite some time."

I wasn't a fan of the film itself, though the 3D Blu-Ray has generated some most impressive buzz from a technical standpoint.

Various quotes from the review;
"Blu-ray 3D at its best.
Avatar's Blu-ray 3D transfer delivers a mesmerizing 1080p experience that's about as close to perfection as any high def 3D release is likely to come for quite some time.
The 3D image is simply stunning in how seamless it truly is.
It's hard to describe just how wonderful this transfer is; it's the definitive 3D release of the year.
This Blu-ray 3D exclusive title is currently the best in the business."
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Re: 3D Blu-Ray

Postby Remember_Me » Fri Dec 17, 2010 5:22 am

That was the problem with Avatar 3D in the theater, actually, that's the problem with ALL the movies in the theater... their PQ is garbage compared to bluray.

Oh yeah, and the audio in theaters is absolute garbage as well.

I think it's funny, they finally have Avatar done right, meaning on 3D Bluray, but now you have to watch it on a tiny-in-comparison screen at home.

This is why the theaters won't have my business again.

When I can see Avatar, in 3-D, with BD quality, with proper audio, in IMAX, I will happily fork over $15 to any theater showing it.

Hell, maybe even $20.
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Re: 3D Blu-Ray

Postby MadMind75 » Mon Jan 17, 2011 11:50 pm

And who would've known, supporting 3D Blu-Ray is also supporting local, as 80% of 3D Blu-Ray's are authored by Blu-Print, which is co-developed and managed by Sony Creative Software in Middlteton.
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