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Friday, October 31, 2014 |  Madison, WI: 43.0° F  Overcast


Beer Here: Ole Eagle Porter from the Grumpy Troll Restaurant and Brewery

I'm a big fan of porters, especially when they come with a good story. The style emerged some 250 years ago as a beer of the English laboring class. These brews nearly vanished in the United States, though, until they were revived by homebrewers several decades back. And it was these homemade beers that deserve some credit for Ole Eagle, a traditional porter now on tap at the Grumpy Troll. >More
382 Pixel LineMama Madison: Coping with toddlers in a Wisconsin winter

I'm having trouble enjoying the season, because I can't keep myself from thinking about the miserable weather that's sure to be following close on the heels of the crisp, pleasant fall we've been having. I am not at all emotionally prepared to be the parent of two toddlers during a Wisconsin winter. >More
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The Paper

Proposed Fitchburg development raises environmental and safety concerns

Not too long ago Dane County government was known for its epic land-use battles. Center stage at nearly every county board meeting a decade ago was a debate tied to one question: Where and how should Dane County grow? >More
382 Pixel LineEpic Systems makes strategic next moves for expansion

What do you do after you've won the gold rush? When you've claimed the richest veins of ore? That's the big question for Epic Systems, the medical software giant that has become Dane County's signature company with 8,000 or so employees at its fairyland campus in Verona. >More
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Cocktail and culinary pioneer Dave Arnold enlightens UW-Madison audience

Dave Arnold was distracted. The microphone had a crinkly connection, and he was rambling while it was fiddled with; on his Internet radio show/podcast Cooking Issues, he is notorious for rambling. >More
 Familiar FIB's tops Madison's 2014 food cart rankings

The official city of Madison food cart rankings for 2014 have been compiled and there's a familiar name topping the list: FIB's Fine Italian Beef and Sausage. FIB's also topped the cart rankings in 2012. >More
Duo turned quartet Count This Penny dazzle with a fuller folk sound on Wolves Are Sheep

Country-folk outfit Count This Penny began as a songwriting duo in East Tennessee and grew into a full-fledged band after moving to Madison in 2009. Each day they strive to improve themselves musically and otherwise. This idea appears time and again on their new EP, Wolves Are Sheep, along with the notion of finding one's true self. >More
 Empress Of's songs are sexy, hazy sonic selfies

Lorely Rodriguez, the 23-year-old singer known as Empress Of, creates songs so arty and high-concept that The Guardian called her pretentious. Do a bit more digging and you'll see that she doesn't take herself that seriously. >More
Print & Resist's Sarah Tops Rogers questions digital privilege through handmade publications

In a world where digital communication is king and corporate spin influences lots of mainstream news coverage, indie zines are appealing for their candidness and the nostalgia they conjure. The second annual Print & Resist, a daylong festival celebrating zines, grassroots journals and artisanal books, takes place at the Central Library on Saturday, Nov. 1. >More
 How Madison native Orson Welles cooked up a Martian invasion in War of the Worlds

I always think about Orson Welles this time of year. For me, Halloween is associated with his War of the Worlds radio broadcast, which caused a national panic on October 30, 1938. >More
In Listen Up Philip, an arrogant young writer visits the summer home of his pretentious mentor

Writer and director Alex Ross Perry has pulled off a feat of cinematic alchemy. He has made an entertaining film about a monstrously unappealing character. >More
 Bill Murray bares the soul of a boozing, gambling grump in St. Vincent

Although playing the unabashed curmudgeon next door is the kind of thing Bill Murray could do in his sleep, the treasured actor brings everything he has to the role of Vincent MacKenna in St. Vincent. >More


Friday, October 31
Bryan Morris, Stacey Kulow Comedy Club on State
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Empress Of, Native/Tongues UW Union South-The Sett, 9:00pm
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The Dodos, Bigjoy UW Memorial Union-Rathskeller, 9:00pm
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Saturday, November 1
Beakers & Broomsticks  Madison Children's Museum
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Gov't Mule, Jackie Greene  Orpheum Theatre, 8:00pm
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Isthmus Picks: Madison calendar for October 30 - November 5, 2014

Here are this week's Isthmus Picks. The Guide provides an extended listing of events in and around Madison. >More


Madland: Both the city and developers luck out with the new Edgewater

The new Edgewater reopened in a massive gala last Thursday. It is a beautiful space -- with some really pricey rooms. Honestly, I'm not sure who can afford these amenities, but I'm sure there must be some people who can. >More


Isthmus on WORT: How Dane County is a leader in capturing garbage gases

Isthmus contributor Nathan J. Comp reported on Dane County's work in harnessing and using the gases produced in its landfill in in the October 23 issue, and discussed his story with WORT producer Dylan Brogan on that day's edition of In Our Backyard. >More


Tell All: The tattooed bride

Dear Tell All: Reading Thin Skinned's diatribe against Madison women with tattoos brought back a very fond memory. I met the woman who became my wife in a Bible study group at the church we were attending. When we were first dating we enjoyed a Saturday at Noah's Ark water park. >More


Mama Madison: Coping with toddlers in a Wisconsin winter

I'm having trouble enjoying the season, because I can't keep myself from thinking about the miserable weather that's sure to be following close on the heels of the crisp, pleasant fall we've been having. I am not at all emotionally prepared to be the parent of two toddlers during a Wisconsin winter. >More


Madison Snaps: October 30, 2014

Today's image titled "Carey Court Street Art" was photographed by Craig Wilson. >More
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Madison knows how to enjoy Halloween. All you have to do is go down to State Street during Freakfest, our annual costumed blow-out coming up this weekend, to see for yourself. But we have ghosts and ghouls that turn out at other times of the year, even over decades. >More
Let's face it: Halloween has been sanitized for the young and innocent. Trick-or-treating starts on Oct. 31 at the not-so-scary hour of 4 p.m. in a number of Madison neighborhoods, and many of the weekend's parties are designed for toddlers, ending well before the average disco napper wakes. What's a thrill-seeker to do? >More


Nov. 2, 2010, was quite a day for Scott Walker. It was his 43rd birthday and the day he won election as governor, an ebullient, still-youthful-looking politician whose victory speech to his joyous crowd of followers was punctuated repeatedly with the rhythmic message: "Wisconsin is open for business!" >More


A variety of malty and sweet seasonal brews compete for attention this time of year, but autumn brings some of the best hoppy beers too. After all, hop flowers are typically picked in September, and given the renewed interest in growing this crop in Wisconsin, this is the season when fresh-hopped beers can be at their best. >More




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