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Isthmus Book of Love: Valentine's Day, 2008
Sweet sayings and pretty pictures from you

Valentine's Day is barely a week away, probably less by the time you read this, but for Isthmus, Valentine's Day is now, with the publication of the Book of Love. The BOL has become a staple of the season, having graced our pages for decades. Originally the feature was called "Ursula's Valentines," after our long-ago advice columnist who hosted the presentation of readers' love encomiums. The volume of response from the readership soon dictated a special section all its own to contain the reams of love expressed. Thus was born the Book of Love.

After all these years, your ardor has not cooled. This year's call for submissions brought a record number of responses. We received over 850 valentines and nearly 200 photos with which to illustrate them. We also received many expressions of thanks for producing the BOL, but it's we who should thank you. After all, you write the Book of Love. We just have to sell the ads.

We get this literal labor of love out to you in plenty of time to find your message among the hordes in order to show it to the object of your affection on the appropriate day. Or maybe you make your loved one search for it. Either way, it's fun to go through and read what your creative neighbors have written. You know you can't read just one.

And thanks to our friends in the local music community, we've set the photo submissions to some (locally produced) songs of love. The exceptional soundtrack of the below slideshow comes courtesy of, in order, Swim Team, Cribshitter and the Motor Primitives. Consider throwing a little love their way the next time you see them show up in The Guide which, by the way, is a pretty good place to find a place to take your sweetie for a date.

Swim Team, "Kingdom"
Cribshitter, "I Love How You Love Me"
Motor Primitives, "Behind the Clouds"

Mooahma: Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm for Obama and so are you... or Hillary is OK I guess. 08 is the year for change. Gunna be fun! xoxo TTB

Hannah: I'm so proud of you! Love, Dad

Happy Valentines Day to my 3 darling children, Paul, Eric & Laura. Lots of hugs and kisses from Mom Barbie... & Shelby, too.

Lauren: Mi sei mancato molto! Love, Dad

Connie: Ti voglio bene. Marco

Mikey: Thank you for wrapping your arms around me for another year. I know that its gonna be a long walk home, maybe, and I don't know if you will ever let yourself whisper "tomorrow" in my ear, but God I honestly love you. The rush of your lips. . the feel of your name...the beat of your heart... Baby don't you understand, in you arms I'm born again. In your heart you must trust, my lonely Valentine. Wendy-waiting to walk in the sun.

I've never had a dream come true 'til I met you, baby bear! I love you so mucho! Happy Valentine's Day! Caliente koala kisses!

Happy 80th Birthday Mother, MK

I love you Abby. From Aunt Mary

To: Cowgirl Abby. From:Aunt Mary. I love you!

Happy Valentines Day Nick! Grandma Loves You!

Happy Valentines Day, Marty and Jill. From Mother. I am very proud of you two! Sept 15, 2007

Hey Craig, You and me, sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g... Yummy! Happy Valentines Day to my one true love, my soul mate, the man of my dreams, the one who completes me. How blessed I am to have you in my life. Thank you for your sweet lovin', kind words, warm heart, big strong arms to hold me with, that very cute face and sexy bod. Love ya! Your wife, Dona

SaraSe-I miss seeing your smiling face everyday. Thank you for loving my family so much! We love you right back. Betsy

Damma, Hogs and Quiches! Love, Kemper

Daddy, Mommy and I love you so very much! Kemper

Happy Valentine's Day, Papa! I love you, Florentina

G-r-r-r-randma and G-r-r-randpa! Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Florentina

Hamster Hands: Still crazy in love with you after all these years. Turk - No, not Turkey Eye... Baby Bird Eye

Daddoo, you are the best! Love, Maxou

Dear Zoe Lan. I love you to pieces. DA. Leaf to leaf, root to root, seed to seed. May all you have, be all you need. - winter solstice greeting

To my very sweet little Valentine's: Kayley and Wylie. Lots of Love, Auntie Joanna

Jenna- You make me smile, thank you for that. ER

KayKay-We love you so much! - Sammy and Joey

Randy- I still love you, forever and ever, Amen. Betsy

Norwegian Ed, Remember: "A horse is a horse, of course- unless his name is Mr. Ed." Wow!

Bright Eyes: XMas in HI was tres, tres cook, but winter in WI is cuddlin' weather with you! Little Bird

Sweetina - Happy Valentines Day to my sweetie and his Mom. Enjoy lots of sugar-free chocolates. They don't have calories, do they? Love Ms. J and the gang

Andy, August 2nd will be our wedding day, but our forever started three years ago. I love you to the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary and back.

L - Why are we laughing? I appreciate this incredible life that we are building together. Thank you for being a process geek too. But most of all I love you as much as a pineapple! - M

Happy 2nd Valentines Day Pete! Love you babe, Ang

Hi Sweet, Thank you for 18 fun-fill, exciting, and enriching years together. I so very much appreciate all of your love and care for me. I love you more and more each year which shows that you are a wonderful spirit (not a crotchety old man). You are a person who reflects love, light (eternal wisdom), and humor. You truly are a gift to me-a gift that I value each day. May you be eternally warmed by my love and filled with comfort and peace forever. With all of my love and linguistic talent, Bun.

Dearest Bobby, February 14, 2008 will mark our first Valentine's Day together. I ""propose"" that we set sail for a wonderful life together. You will be the captain and I your first mate as we cruise life's stormy and calm waters together. Together is what I always want to be! Honey, will you marry me? I love you more than these printed words on paper for everyone to see could ever express. I would shout "I Love You" to the mountain tops for I want everyone to know just how much I adore you! Love always and forever, Your First Mate D xxxx. Only 364 days to go before we tie the knot as husband and wife. Launch date 2/7/09! Permission to come aboard Captain!

Dearest Sarah and Joe, As the lyrics to the song Sunrise, Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof state, "Is this the little girl I carried? Is this the little boy at play? I don't remember growing older... when did they?... " Wow, swiftly fly the years is right! You two look so natural and happy together. I am so glad you found one another. Congratulations on your Dec 7, 2007 engagement and upcoming New Year's Eve wedding on 12/31/08! 2008 is GREAT! All my love today and everyday, Mom

Dearest Tin, Watching you blossom and grow has made my life so sweet! I'm so lucky that you're my daughter. I love you more than words can say and I am so proud of you each and every day! Congratulations on becoming a member of the All State Dance Team! Remember - if you dream it, you can become it! All my love today and always, Mom

Happy 68th Feb 13th Birthday Mom! You are simply the best - always have been always will be - better than all the rest of the mothers combined. What my heart values most are the moments we share - thanks for being such a big part of mine and the girl's lives. We love you more than words can say! Love, your one and only daughter, Debbie Happy Birthday Dear Mom... and many, many more! "

To Luis. R. (Smurf) To my awesome husband and good eye candy I may say. I love you very much and I'm proud to be your wife. Happy Valentines Day Sweetie ! Always and Forever Yours- Lucinda xoxo

Manny May Bellaphant! I adore you and am so proud of you. I love you Mancake! Mammy

Sweet Peeno, You are my sweet baby girl and my peanut butter and I love you so very much! Mama"

Nelson-Belson, How did you get so very lovable? I'm so proud of you my big, big girl. I love you forever. Mama

Ellie May Bellaphant, You are my sweet little treasure. I love you way past Jupiter and around Saturn ten times and all the way back. Mama

Sugar Plum, Thank you for giving me your love the past 15 years. You have made me happier than I ever dreamed possible. I will always love and treasure you. Wife

Matt J. You are the sweetest of sweet. Thank you for all you do for the MGHA. The time and energy you put into the League is immeasurable.

K: You're so beautiful and your kisses rock my world. See you soon. Santa

Tricky Nikki & Maize Mae, You are my two favorite valentines! You make my heart sing, Love, Gram

"Happy V-day to my bestest friend and melee partner Jeevez fierce hugs and wet cow-kisses from Wooster! See you soon in the BGs! xoxox

Happy Valentine's Day to the love of my life, the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with...When we met, I never thought in a million years that we would end up where we are today. Now, 3 years later, we have a home and a wonderful, smart, beautiful baby boy. When we get the chance, let's just nuggle and have a great night. Love you muchos, from your baby

Happy Valentines Day to my two beautiful, wonderful, intelligent, and adorable children! Manami, you've grown into a mature young lady. Your wisdom is beyond your 10 years, and I know that you will continue to impress me in ways I can't even imagine. I love you with all I have. Connor, you grow so much every day! You are learning new things every day, and continue to make me laugh with everything that comes out of your mouth! You are the smartest 2 year old I know! I love you both very much...continue to make me proud! Love, Mama

Even Maggie & Luigi know that 24 years ago, My Dearest Darling, you asked me to marry you ... "this is so sudden! " But you knew better then, didn't you? You are my strength, my courage, the best of me, and have been for so very long... and after 24 years and two wonderful sons, I would take this journey, with all its ups and downs, with you all over again & hope you would too. Looking eagerly forward to the NEXT 24 years - and beyond! Always! J

Green eyes and purple beans... I will always love you! Don

C2: You are the love of my life / You are my inspiration / Just you and me (and Martha) / Simple and free / You're everything I ever hoped for / You're everything I ever dreamed of. Jbird

Rick: Scotland adventures / London walks / whisky jazz late night talks / You: strong steady mentor wise / a person so real there is no disguise / truthful nonconformist / wit that bites like an asp / musings thoughts hard to grasp / lucid looshing laughter / best friend more than I could ever ask for. Gigi

Happy Valentine's Day to my three girls, Michele, Chloe & Katya-I love you more than anything, Matthew/Dad

Hey Bijou, U R the best sis a girl could ever ask for! baisers, L

Gramatica, thoughts of you ransack, rage and rumble through me. Miss your healing hands, tenacious tongue and words of wisdom. Would you, will you... possibly please, come over and continue to massage my mind, soul and body with your tantalizing touch? I miss you and wish for you to remain in a secret special spot within my heart. I shall remain caressed, amused, mesmerized, ruefully, overcome, notwithstanding... yours.

Yo Dlicks happy v-day MLB

To my rockstar farmer: I don't know if you read these, and I don't have any poetry this year, but I still love you. Skinny girl

The tall, slim, man who lives in the upper unit on the northwest side of the intersection of Hwy 23 and Jefferson in Spring Green, is the greatest, sweetest man to ever live. I feel privileged to be counted as one of his friends. Love Frankie

Eric, The time we've had is enough to last forever. The rest of our lives only makes it better. Love, Beth

Jill you're great in 2008. Candy

Dearest Jennifleur, may our lives keep blossoming in love I look so forward to our 'new addition'! I pray God keeps blessing us with love and understanding. You are the best! Your husband, Dan

LAR- Our 3some is nirvana, but all the best lines of bs can't describe how much I love you. Just you. Here's 2 that walk in the sun, sweetie . Kyle William

Yo Matt, happy v-day MLB

Tori For you I would move heaven and earth just to see you smile. Hang the moon and change the tides just to y ear you laugh. Its music to my ears. Rory

Anne have a great valentines day. Candy

Yo, "Col" Happy V-Day "Doc"

Witch Hazel: Some say you're a shrill psychotic harpy Others say a vulgar fishwife would be more true! You're vicious, vile and most of all cruel All the more reason why I love you! Ivan the Terrible

Dear Mom, Love is an ongoing celebration, when we're together I'm filled with elation, I hate to make you mad, and I wish our tender moments were forever iron-clad. Making you laugh is what I enjoy, devising ways to spark your smile becomes my toy. I love the simple ways you show you care, while continuing to awe me with feats more impressive then a dare. Know that I'll always find comfort in your embrace, I wish I could make all your days special and line with lace. When it comes to incredible you set the bar high. And love for you pours from my heart reaching beyond the sky. I love you Mom, for everything you are, through the dark nights you are my shining star. Love, Jana

Krissy Poo - I sure do love you! Susie Woozy xoxo

Mike and Raven: 2007 was a rough year and I couldn't have survived without your love and support. I can't thank you enough and am sorry that you had to go through it with me. Soon your baby will be born. I will learn what it is like to expand my heart further with love for my grandchild. I love you both so much. Mama Carlita

Oh Nancy, It is your beautiful smile I fancy. You are the apple of my eye, and upon your wings I want to fly. Looking at you I feel so proud, your achievements rank higher than a cloud- when you did the Ironman I was your biggest fan. Good Luck in the Birkebeiner, hope its easier than putting on eye liner. If your nose gets cold and runny, I'll be there to make your day sunny. Thanks for being an amazing mom, our love is purer that anything from cupid. com. Even if I fall away in a comatose, know that in our hearts we'll still be close. I'm so grateful for everything you do, never forget that I love you. So if it was like a golden egg to lay, I'd find a goose so you'd have a Happy Valentine's Day! Love, J.

Yo bang happy v-day MLB

L. A. B. Mas vale solo que mal acompanado J. A. E.

My thought of love is my husband to be. Henry Lee. Love is like a bird protecting its children from all things. That's my love for him, love is Joyous. Love is happy feelings. The feelings I feel now. Love is never ending my love for Henry Love is Henry Lee with me forever. Love is being there for each other through it all rather it be good or bad. Like myself and fiancée do. Love is like a hand and glove that fits, two people sharing their love as one as we do. Love is Belinda Amas and Henry Lee. Love is Henry with me. I love him so much, now I know what real true love is: Me and Henry Lee. -Belinda Lee Amos

TI: You are the cutest ever! AB

Brian K. Ever since the first day that I saw you at your work I knew that I wanted to be with you. All it took was one look and a smile. You walked into my life and forever changed it. Your such a sweetheart and a true prince charming. Its not only your dreamy eyes or sexy smile that draw me to you its your personality and the way you treat me is truly amazing. The way you look at me before you kiss me or your sweet embrace as you hold me close I feel like a true princess everyday and as if I'm on cloud nine. I can't take my eyes off you as you're so handsome, sexy, and smart. I've fallen head over heels for you, Brian, I love everything you do and the person you are. I remember out first date and how nervous I was. I'm so glad that I met you. You area dream come true. Your soft embrace and the sweet kisses on my face make me feel like a million bucks. Happy Valentines Day Brian. Jessica M

My Long Drink of Water - You quench the heat in my heart and wet the cracked depths of a soul wanting... you. Together there is wild singing, the juice of your kisses, the wonder of a desert in bloom after the rain, and hearts held open for more. I may be away but I hold you deep in my heart. Love, Sweet H2O

Princess C. A. P. T. O. L. A: As you recognized me (Dec 19 '04 No. 6 Metro) you burst into tears. I saw you crying. long ago you said I was your first, kiss (Hand @ Fabel's); Bear Hugs (more thereafter); Bare Nekked Lady Ring (Sterling Silver); Skinny Dip (Eau Claire Dells); music (Wooly Bully); deflower (Rosada)… everything you shared (GGG)! Why didn't you speak the message of those tears? Where are you now, Little Princess of the Ukraine? If you'd persuade iwftsooyaaa! Cu @ Struck Street P. O. Happy "V" Day! Der Doktor Steemfinger. Clarice filled in 4U, but wasn't U. Mr. Tusk said so too!

Yo s. murphy happy v-day MLB

Daddy- Although we "hop" on momma and give her a lick and a kiss it's you we like to launch off of but we never bite or hiss, purr, purr, snuggle, purr! (translation: Happy Valentines Day! ) Billy-Bob & Bubbya

My Sweet honey-bunny, I love you so much! I don't ever want anyone else. Have I told you that "I LOVE YOU"? You mean the world to me. We are perfect together- everyone says so. Oh, and by the way "I LOVE YOU! " Happy Valentines Day xxxooo 'Da Momma

Marge happy valentines day. Candy

My Sweet Potato, Thank you for being the love of my life, you mean so much to me. You've brought so much joy to my life, as well as the coolest son ever. Please know that I'll be there for you in the rough times of life, as well as the good. Your Sweet Potato

Mike happy valentines day to you. Candy

It's charming how your 19 yr old studybuddies tell you to grow up. The conservative test and regressed statistics can never be bent to explain how we have made it through 15 years, three children, a farm in Mongolia and are still in love. No poetry will ever explain how proud I am of you, how much I admire you, and how much you continue to surprise me every single day. Keep on in your quest for the perfect engine and I will keep coaxing food from the earth and cook it for you. I love you. PS THe kids worship you too, and the world will be better because you are their father. Love, the woman who wanted to buy you a Porsche GT for Xmas but made do with a tractor seat butt warmer.

Jo & Lee: What a year it's been! Here's to all good things to come in our future. Happy Valentine's Day! Love & kisses to you both and all the family furries, KD

Yo myhers happy v-day MLB

Claire & Edward Have a nice valentines day. Candy

KB: It's been a great run! I can't wait to see what the next 8 years will bring. Big Girl Drinks at My Estate on the Lake. Soon! Love & hugs, KD

JohnnyG: Better luck next year in our wild & crazy football extravaganza. Can't wait to see what body parts you choose next time around! Love & hugs, Lucky DrStarbuck

Maddie & Sam: I miss seeing you around the office! I kinda sorta miss your parents, too. Hope to visit with you soon! Woof woof! Love, Aunt Karen

Liz & Scott: It's been a banner year all around! We couldn't be happier for you two. Looking forward to spending some quality fireplace (or deck) time with you both! Love & kisses, DrStarbuck & McBethie

Schnookums- Hannah Hamster: I decided to write you a Valentine, instead of sing you a song for Valentine's Day - even though I know that you LOVE the sound of my voice! Please be my Valentine... everyday. xoxoxoxo LindaRat aka MightyMouse

Mr. Pete & Chris: We goobers love you goobers! Happy Valentine's Day! KD & McB

G- To my Valentine of 12+ amazing years, I love you more than I ever thought possible. Saff says, ma-ma (I love you), hula-hula. xoxo -k8

A Mi Esposo Iguana, It has been a fabulous year with our wedding and adventures! Congratulations on your new career start and status. I can't wait to plan our big trip! Te amo hoy & para siempre. Happy Valentine's Day! Tu Pescadita

Kate. sometimes i just can't help myself and i blurt random things out. . im sorry i'll stop.

Luke, Just keep breathing, that's all you have to do ok? Thanks for everything big brother. ILY. Molly

To the Highlander, You are my one true love! You make me so happy. Happy Valentine's Day! -GF

Dear WOMD, You are my one and only, the love of my life, my soulmate. Thank you for the best years of my life. I cherish every moment with you. Happy Valentines Day, ML! ILYWAOM

Ellie - You are my sweetest Valentine! I love you even more than chocolate. Hugs and kisses, Mommy

Erotic, erotic, put your hands all over my body. Mel, you thrill me, surround me, you fill me ... you put me in a trance. I'm so in love with you. Virginia

Sweet Butterfly, three Valentine's days and still you take my breath away. I have the sun, the moon and the stars with you, I couldn't ask for more. With love, your Worm

Sandhill's Randy and Rybald Lunch Bunch: Oh Genemeister and Rattie, what would I do with you? Our lunch hour is sacred beyond description as we discuss curriculum, district personnel, and the cumings and goings of army and navy servicemen. In days of old, when knights were bold, and ladies weren't particular. You know the rest, and I'll save it for the best. You!

Julie, Julie, Julie get your adverbs here. Julie, Julie, Julie get your chips and beer. Happy Valentines Day to Julie and Lyle-Kyle, true blue friends for a lifetime and then some. I appreciate all you've done for me, and wish you continued good health and safe travels to wherever life's path lead you. hooty hoot hoot

Kegonsa Elementary School: Happy Valentines Day to Mr. Marsh, our assistant, our compassionate friend, our all purpose tradesman, our anchor of peace and nonviolence, and provider of love and laughter. Thanks for all that you do for us. Keep looking for those screech owls along the lakeshore, and watch out for those motorists honking their horns early each morning.

Dear Dad, You taught me how to be a good person and how to make a positive impact in this world. I promise to pass those lessons along to your grandkids. I also promised you that I would never let them forget you. Everytime we see a twinkling star the kids believe its you waving to them. I miss you terribly, but know you are here with me always. Love, C

Yahara Elementary School: Happy Valentines Day to our gatekeeper, Ginny. We appreciate all that you do for us, and your sugar cookies are simply to die for, sweetie. xxxx

Dear Mr. Sashman, There's no need to struggle with my windows: You have already filled my life with sunlight and fresh breezes! I treasure your love and can't wait to deliver a great big Valentine kiss! Love, Sharon

Bruce and Greg: You are simply my soulmates of many lifetimes, and I appreciate your friendship more than words can express. Happy Valentines Day, with love and moooo's from the pasture.

Dear Joe, Thank you for helping me survive the toughest time in my life. You are my rock and without you I wouldn't have survived this. I love you, C

Fox Prairie Elementary School: Oh Margo, what would I do without you? You are my soulmate, my compassionate friend, my partner in crime. Thanks for your unconditional support, your morning messages, and your spinning kitty kat head. shhh

Sandhill Middle School: Happy Valentines Day to our favorite F'CE teacher, Ms. Wolf. We appreciate your unconditional love, laughter and light-heartedness. Thanks for truly making a difference in our lives here on Windham Hill. xxx

Sandhill Middle School: Barbara, you are our anchor, our guardian of the gate, our compassionate friend. Thanks for all you do for us. Happy Valentines Day, sweetie. Darlene

Oregon Middle School: Bruce, I recently found your casette recording from many moons ago. Happy Valentines Day to the BEST 7th grade teacher, and thanks for teaching me to never eat yellow snow.

Oregon Middle School: Maureen, congratulations on your recognition as ESL Teacher of the Year. With your ability to communicate in a multitude of ways, we can understand why you are honored as such. Keep touching the hearts of all those with whom you work, for you are the Angel of many Happy Hours.

Keith, you are HOT to the touch. Happy Valentines Day, and may I touch you again sometime? xxxx

Jeff, We have been in and out of each others lives since we were small...This time around I think is the best time of all. . since we both know howmuch we mean to each other... I've found the one I thought I'd lost ... Happy Valentine's Day from me... love, Jane

kasey lee, my sleeping beauty, you're still the best thing that's ever happened to me.

OsO ~ You are the love of my life. I knew that night at the Orpheum that you were the one... the one was going to make sense of everything in my life... right my wrongs... and calm my heart. Thank you for being my friend, my love, and my partner throughout this adventure we call life. I am blessed each day by your patience, laughter, and support. James is so lucky to have such an amazing dad and I see so much of you in him. I know how much your love him and it makes me love you even more. I will always be there to hold your hand. Here's to 30 + more years! Love always, your Nanna

He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me? BB - Love you baby - annie

To My Musical Daughter: Hip hip hooray for happiness! May Black History Month and Love Day bring you laughter, song, and good food! Love, MamaC

Dearest pudder schmudly Momma, pack leader and provider, Our love for you is greater than the volume of our howls, taller than the treat shelf, wider than the dog park fence, and hotter than our breath on your knees. Your care has called to us, rescuing us from cruelty, apathy and misunderstanding. Your love shines through your generosity and soft touch. Your patience for our misdeeds, with clear knowledge that we are not our transgressions, but fluffy bundles of fallible beings, brings forward our down-turned ears and lifts our fallen tails. We know love, and it is you! Now let's play in the snow before it gets unbearably warm again! Oh yeah, Daddy says woof.

Chris, One in plain words. I love you. For nine years we've been finding out how it goes. Maybe in an eternity we could explain it. Pete

Mr. Socks! Guh? Guh? Guh? JB may love his Da-eee, but not half as much as I do. p. s. I like your Garanimals.

Oh Nasally Challenged one! Hours left to get messages in , and yet I still find time and words lacking. For all the dresses we've looked at, the hairs you've clipped, and ointments applied, there could be no other who loves me the way you do. And I do what I can to return that love everyday. Your Lord of Waste Management

Vacation Girl - It's only 8 months until you will have the best steak you have ever had ... again! Love - Vacation Boy

you are the cutest and sweetest. the most patient and loving man. you have renewed my hope and excitement for the future. you're done stuck with me now baby. biglovesweetest.

Rob. It has been quite a love fest for us this past year, with getting married and making a baby. I am looking forward to the road ahead. Thank you for making our house a home, a place that is beautiful and safe. Dragon loves you and I love you. Amber

LOML:Happy Valentine's Day, My Love. Though it's just a Hallmark holiday, it's another time to tell you that I love you (mostest) today and for always. YOAO

I think I'm in love. Heck, I KNOW I'm in love!

Elizabeth - Who loves you? I do, my goofy, silly, wonderful, creative, fabulous girl! Now and always. Love, Mama

Happy V-Day Joey & Lee! I'm feelin' the need to spread some love. . when are we going to Ho-Chunk again? xox DrStarbuck

My Dearest Rachel & Emily: I am so proud of you girls! Keep up the great work at school and have fun this Valentine's Day! I love and miss you both so much! Your Wild & Crazy Aunt Karen

Hey Sara VanC of WILS! I think it's time to schedule our next picnic lunch. I mean, really, once every 2-3 years is about our pattern, right? Hope all is well, and we'll talk soon! Peace and Love, Carin of TeachingBooks

Buzzed One, where has the time gone? It seems like only days ago you told me you had started writing BOL entries, and here I am on 2/1/08 writing my first. There aren't enough words, there isn't enough time, I should be holding you right now...So I think I'll do that instead of this

Polish Princess: What a year we have weathered together. I can't even begin to tell you how much your support has meant to me. Given all you have had to deal with I don't know how you were able to give so much to me. I will never forget, or be able to repay you for what you have done for our family. All this while carrying the newest addition to our family in you loving womb. I truly am in awe of your strength and I continue to learn the meaning of true love from your example. I promise to continue to work to be the person that you deserve and the father that our children need. I love you so much babe; more today than yesterday and more tomorrow than I've ever been able to imagine, with you as my teacher. Thank you for the gift of your love and your light in my life. Creature

Sooch, You make my world go round, and I will spend my life being yours. Love Always, kolie

Dear Violet and Vincent: Happy Valentine's Day! Have you ever seen your name in a newspaper before? Well, my local newspaper has a way for people to send Valentine's to each other-in the paper! Of course, I'll have to cut this out and make a card to send to you since you don't live near me, but that will be fun! So, I hope you have a great Black History Month and a marvelous Valentine's Day, and I can't wait to see you again soon! Love, Plant Carin

Lainey. You've definitely got some pretty decent secrets. You can tell the rest to me at your own pace. I'll follow you to Minneapolis to hear the rest. NM

Henrik, my good boy! You remind me of the truth of the world: Of its joys and frustrations, its pitfalls and its pleasures. Good thing you've got so much of your mother in you, lucky kid! Your soul is beautiful, and you radiate life and love to everyone you meet. Our life has never been harder than when you came into it; and our life has never been more blessed than because you're in it every day. I pray that for your safety and health and growth every day, my good son. What a joy, a joy, a joy! I can't wait until I get a chance to teach you as much as you've taught me!

My love, every time I think I know you, you pull another dove from your sleeve, and delight me that you're as rich and complex and wondrous the woman I thought you were that first night we sat on the Capitol steps drinking coffee and talking like we had known each other for years. Maybe we did: Maybe that which was joined in the world of God's spirit had to separate in the world of matter. But as we grow together in the world, I see so much more clearly that soul I knew so well before we were born. One love for me in this world, my sweet, and it's you, it's you, it's you! Please continue to accept my imperfections as I work towards perfection, with you as my mirror. Thank you for making all things possible.

Greg, this isn't for February 14th (which you don't like), it's for every day: You make me feel whole and happy in a way I never have before. I can't tell you how grateful I am for your love, respect, and friendship (but I'll try to show it every day). I love you!

* * * Supernova * * * Luv that UR tight and light. Luv that UR hotter than the sun. Luv that the moon makes me think of U. Luv how U luv the opposite of

Flipflopflo, A full year in a small house, but you fill it with love and joy.

Susan As we enter our 15th year of bliss, I am so grateful you are in my life! Tamara

Becky, love of my life! Those evenings in Donostia were almost more magical than Ihlo do mel. While I can't wait to run away with you to another enchanted land and never come back, the real magic is within us! John

Dorothy - Happy Valentine's Day to the sweetest and spunkiest 92-year-old I know. Beth

I was looking for a friend, I found you and found all that I ever wanted. I found love. In among these very leaves, you found me and because of that my life is ever after changed. With love to my onion, from your honey.

To my Pookie-bear. I love you and miss you and can't wait until you're home for good. Stay safe. It's only a few more months. xoxo Mom

Peanut Butter Cup - A clown, a leap, a gift, some swirling, a kiss, a touch... and everything just snowballed from there... Love Always, Tater Tot

DF- I like how you laugh at my jokes and explain football to me. Thank you.

Caesar & Lilly Bean, You are my sunshines my only sunshines. You make my happy when skys are grey. You'll never know dears how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away. xoxo

Lola (aka McBeth): I absolutely, most completely, extremely love you with all of my heart! Your very best, bestest friend in the whole wide world and universe really forever, Charlie (aka DrStarbuck).

Adds - Knock Knock. Who's there? Olive. Olive who?Olive you! From your MOTHER

M - I'm almost ashamed to admit it, and I know you could never and will never feel the same, but I've been hopelessly, madly in love with you for almost fifteen years. Nobody else will do. I feel so lucky to have you in my life, in any capacity. Thanks for being such a great friend. -A

Mary, Thanks for all you have done the last 6 months. I don't deserve you. Love from your soulmate, deb

Hey Leino - I appreciate you and all that you do for HER (and me). You're the best ... even if you're not exactly what we'd call

ABH: You are the woman that I've always dreamed of, I knew it from the start, I saw your face and that's the last I've seen of my heart... Smoooooch

Dear Virginia of Highsmith: Just sending a little Love Day greeting to show honor and value to the anniversary of your birth, the collaborative work of our communities, and the lessons we all learn from Black History Month. Best, your colleagues at TeachingBooks (specifically, Carin trying to channel Nick)

Happy Valentines Day to my wonderful family: Kris, Noah, Cheryl, Bob & Becky. I have never felt more like I belonged somewhere than I have for the past 2. 5 years. Elena is just the icing on that cake. Thanks for a wonderful life together.

Dearest Bevo: Back in the day I used to write on a postcard to send in my Book of Love entry to you. Now I type into a website. I guess being together almost 11 years inevitably allows us to witness change. Thanks for changing with me. xoxox, Your Loving Wife

I love you, Cuddle Monster! Love, Your Snuggle-up-against

Kath-Caw, Caw; Rodeway; Gordon Lodge; Albuquerque; Miami; New Orleans... and more to come! Will u travel wherever w/me, my Valentine? Dill and Gherkin

To the owner of the blue comfy gym bag, who helped me to rid the 'hood of Big Mama-Yeah, I love you in my own way. You have a great nursing blanket, and I like it when you rub my tummy, (which is exclusive to you). SOOOO Happy Valentine's, but watch out for when I get my opposable thumbs, then you will be mine. Maximus Biteamus

To the gal who cleans my litter box in the closet of her very PINK room, I kinda love you, in my own way, but mostly I like your yogurt containers, and if I had opposable thumbs, you would be my slave. Sincerely, Sir Maximus Biteamus

GCC, TSW & 153 Mrs. PC

Jelly Belly, U r my sunshine, my only sunshine! Happy valentine's day Sweety. Love ya, the mom

David ~ I have never known such passionate, exciting, and unfettered love like the kind I share with you. You and I were truly made for each other and I can't wait until the day you call me your wife! Yours forever, Xina

Hannah LuLu, Bixby, Lumpy: Happy Valentine's Day, Sweet Girl. We love you to the planets and back... even the dwarf ones. Mommy, Linda & Darby aka Mr. Smelly Mouth

Sweet Baby Jacky: You know even though we will be apart for a short time you will be in my heart each and every moment of the day. Walk on Walking Man, Deep Greens and Blues, Enjoying the passage of time, Sunny days that I thought would never end, and I'll come running to see you again. All My Love, JT

to my blue girl, i am so proud of you. you are one of a kind and i am the luckiest momma in the universe. i love you! will you be my valentine? -momma

Mommy & linda, mommy, you are the best cook/mommy in the world. linda, you are the best linda rat I know. I love you both to the both to the moon and stars and undiscovered planets love, who do you think?

CHEEKS: 11 years later... Are you disappointed yet? We both love you very much! L & Em

To My Painted Lady (a masterpiece in progress)- From the dragon's neck to the smallest cat bubble, I love you top to bottom, through and through.

dad, will you be my valentine? you are already my hero, and the most wonderful dad, exceptional role model and supportive parent and friend. i love you. blue loves you. happy valentines day dad!

Darling Raven: My wildest dreams were realized when I gave birth to the most blessed gift there can be, my child. There is no greater love on earth than what I feel for you. You have grown into a lovely, intelligent & compassionate young woman who lights up an entire room with her smile. I thank God for you every day. Love, Mom

Baby Doll - Toys R Us! Love, Romance Boy

Harpo: Thank you for the great joy and companionship you have given me for over 16 years. We almost lost you a few months ago but have been blessed with more time together. Aura: You are so sweet and funny that you make me laugh out loud at times. Your spirits bring me love and solace. Mama Carla

DanaJay. Who woulda thunk that the most eligible bachelor @ the wedding would be YOU? I'm so in love with you. Will try to keep myself open up to you. Let my walls fall down. Let all the dogs go running free, the wild and the gentle dogs kenneled in me. Would you like to let your dogs out too? CM


Honey-Peach-Pie-Pants - I think you are super-cute, super-nice and super-smart. -You are the complete package babe! The Trevy-man wishes to thank you for being such a uber-mommy! Thank you for all you do to make our life so great. We will love you forever xxxooo -Mr Danny Chixenpants

To the love of my life. Leslie, I love you. Happy Valentines DayFrom Harold

You live with a monkey and a Chinese acrobat. Thanks for the food, walks, pettings, and poop cleanup. Couch time is nice, too. Except when the bearded guy gets in the way. -Love, Little Head, Bad Dog, and Creaky.

oh. crazy about my big old bear. big squeeze baby.

to my beautiful and absolute spartan man! ... my word-smith passions fail to find words that approximate my love for you. i am so deeply proud to be your chosen one. i love you, truly forever, and look so forward to growing old beside you. your spartan woman

Happy Valentine's Day Chris! I Love You and I Miss You! I am always thinking about you! Love, Jenni

Julie, Jules, the Jewel of my heart: You are a gem and I love you body, mind & soul. Our time together is going too fast. How to make it last? We savor it. We treasure it. It will never be enough. Always remember and never forget, your strawberry blonde hippie

Sometimes we do not know why people are put in our path, Craig. We help them the best we can and try to give them reasons to have hope.

Hey Biker Boy, I love being your biker chick. I'm hoping this will be the year of many rides. LOB

Tightening, batteries, whatever...I love how you are always doing sweet things for me. You sure are handy to have around. Happy Valentines, Lover Boy!

Nathan-Happy Valentine's Day to the man that makes my heart sing and after 7 years still gives me butterflys with his kisses. I lurp you ! xoxo your wife

My Dearest Dave (& Lovely Lucy), My life has changed so much since we have started dating. Thanks for sticking by me through all the fun. Bodie and are so lucky! Happy Valentines Day! Love U, Valerie

Hooray Hooray! Holly is back, and Brett will be too. But what has never left, and never will - is the true love I have, for the girl of my dreams, who knows she's been called my sweet Ju Ju Be.

To the man that stole my heart - I didn't think I could love you more than the morning of french toast under the tuscan sun. But little by little, the world becomes what we want it to be, providing an infinite pool of blessings. Here's to the next graceful step forward. Sweetiquisima

Happy Valentine's Day Auntie! We Love You~ Love, Jenny & Jayden

KK: Every day you make me smile and every day I love you more. Happy Valentine's Day, *mad

To MG: Smiling and laughing, biking and hiking, Christmas at the airport, crackers crumbs on the airplane, soup and more soup, what a crazy year it has been...only next year promises even more adventures. Together we will move forward. You are the best. Islands in the stream...P

I love the 23 hills of good times, quiet times and adventure over the many years. Thanks for being there through it all.

Snugglybear, I love you so very much! I may be your addiction but you are my obsession. Love, SchnukieButt

Tyler David - You've had such a great start to the new year! I'm so proud of you. I love you so very much. Keep up the good work. You'll always be my Valentine. Happy Valentine's Day! - Your Mom

KariI love life with you. Our little family in our little house is a sanctuary in this mad, mad world. I'm in paradise. I love to sit with you in your orange room, we don't have to say a word. Just being in the same room and enjoying each other's company is wonderful. Our adventures are one of a kind and I look forward to many more with you. Here's to the future! I love youLove, D

Meine Blume-Thank you for intercessory prayers, even if we're still going to have to work on some of the finer points of Hebrew pronunciation. Now that we have something to see in Washington, we shall have to visit during the next administration. We have waded through hydrotherapy and come out barking the other end. Mit Liebe, T.

Kenny, It's hard to believe the changes that have happened since last year at this time. You are the proud owner of the best speciality food store in Madison ... You are on the way and I'm confident that the only way is up for you me and this lifechange. Your supportive partner, Robbie. P. S. Now we need to spend more time enjoying the success during the upcoming year

Tracey: All my love as always. This will be our last VD in Wisco! Love, Scott.

You are quite the guy, big guy. People swarm to you at the gym, talking your head off, laughing, hugging, ass slapping, teasing. What is your secret, big fella? You fascinate me, and if you only knew how I truly want you. Really want you. Please come over and talk to me at the gym, because I catch you smiling at me, but you are always with other people. So, the invitation is there, big guy. We could be great together.

Katie Mae Le Mae, Happy Valentines Day to a wild woman who loves her java, jollies, family, friends, squirrels and blowing out busses. I appreciate you very, very, very, very, very much.

Hey Brad, I'll always remember your first years here, in the coffee room, laughing and touching, mumbling sweet somethings, behind the bookcases. tsk tsk Wonderful memories for a lifetime, but don't tell your wife! love, the big guy

Ruby, Romeo and Sargeant Tibbs: Happy Valentines Day to our loving pet family. Your loyalty and sweetness add so much happiness to our home. We will love you forever. Love, Lyn, Rosa, Doug

Gibson Gibson Gibson: Happy Valentines Day to a very sweet, helpful and wonderful neighborhood couple. Three cheers to Susan and Steve from another Steve right across the street. xxxxx

Peters Painting Company is the best company in town, so we honor Eric for all of his great work, management and legacy of extraordinary jobs in and around Madison. Happy Valentines Day, Eric. You deserve a lifetime of great health and loads of happiness. Rock on, buddy!

Fox Prairie Elementary School: Happy Valentines Day to the woman of shhhhhhhhhhh, morning messages, spinning kitty kats, and flying knives from peedee. We always talk on the secured hot line so emgee and beeff can't decode our secrets. shhhhhhhhh Happy Valentines, M and M!

Hey Caya, Caya, Caya. This special Valentine comes from Splenda Glenda and Papa Stefano. We think so very highly of you, Terri, and wish you all the best. You are sorely missed at Sandhill, but your legacy lives on whenever we wear our high heeled boots, curl our thick, black hair, wear all black ensembles, and slug coffee and biscutti. You go girl, and don't let the sickened ways of teegee and emgee enfringe upon your happiness. xxxxx

Hey Mayor Dave, Happy Valentines and many thanks from Madison's LGBT contingency. We appreciate your support and TLC. Rock on, Mayor Dave. You dah best!

First Congo Tom and Darcy: Happy Valentines Day to a very sweet, active couple in our congregation. What a great family you are!

First Congo UCC Marzo: Marzo Man, you'll be 90 years young on February 1, so have a great birthday, and Happy Valentines Day from the olden golden goat of the Chancel Choir.

To my boys, I will love you always and forever!

Schoeps Boyz: Happy Valentines Day from an old friend and neighbor, who used to keep an eye on you and other things on you! You hunky men, you!

Septi: Happy Valentines Day, wherever you are, whatever you're doing, whomever you're doing. With Romanian love from your sistah.

Sofeeeeeeah! ptui ptui Spit Spit on Valentines Day. You and MO are perfectly cast for Thelma and Louise, wild women of the universe.

Mo, Mo, Mo You are a sassy, vibrant woman of the world, with so many talents and gifts for others to enjoy. Happy Valentines Day, sweetie. You deserve so much happiness and many eppa ourrs.

Yolanda, where are you, my dear gypsy Romanian piano teacher of many moons ago? Your long, thick black hair, terribly short black leather skirts, dangling a cigarette from your bony fingers, a shaking cup of java as you lean over the counter at the old Rennebohms Drug store, whispering closely to my ear.

Nell Son Nell Son Happy Valentines Day Barbara and Bruce. You are great friends, and wish I'd see you more at Capital Fitness so we can share more laughs.

Elskerdeg & Squirtilda: My dreams have come true with the two of you. I love you forever, I love you for always. jeg elsker deg, -R.

Here is to tandem sleding, harley rides, near drownings and match. com. Chicken, you are the most wonderful husband in the world. Your Little EB.

My dearest mel - the rabbit will never replace you, it just gives me something to do when I'm thinking of you and dreaming of being together. Soon, my love, soon...

Happy Valentine's Day Jayden! You mean the world to me! I Love you so much~ Love, Mom

Connie, We saved the best for last! I love you! xxxo Sue

My Darling, My love for you is way down inside me. It's Soul Deep. LOB

Pooh, Happy V-Day! It still hurts. I know you won't get this message but I'll keep soldiering on! Wish you were here. Love Always Greg

Sita-Boo and Adia Elizabeth:Who could ask for two better girls? You are fabulous, intelligent and too too cute. We love you and are so thankful to be your parents! Love, Mom & Dad

Happy Valentine's Wossamotta U! This year let's win another one...with me there! Feb. 23rd Doubledays! Love Greg/Schu

As I thank God for you Dearest Glenn I recall Song of Solomon 5:16: His mouth is sweetness itself; he is altogether lovely. This is my lover, this my friend... with love, Pooka

Mary & Pat, Happy Love Day kids! Tweak Ritchie's little nose and give 'ol Schu a friendly swat from me! Kisses, Greg

Suzy, Hug the Kids...smooch the babies. Have a Happy Valentine's Day. Hope to see you soon! Love Grego

Phil and Linda, Valentine's wishes throughout 2008. Remember in a few years, that 60 is the new 75! xoxox #6

Butteski, C'mon... Big Smile...GGooodd! Happy day Brother! G

Rae, Stay real, stay cool... Stay real cool! Happy Valentine's. Lattes of Luv. Any questions? Call. UNK

Eugene and Jacquelene, Congrats and Happy Valentine's...I can't wait to be an Uncle again...! Love Smart-Aleck

Whale, Big Man, Hunky-Chunky-Munky! Thanks for all the wonderfully entertaining Sunday mornings! xoxox Guess who??

Mom and Pop, Forty-nine years you've been my Valentines. Thanks and Happy St. Valentine's Day! Love Greg

Queen Katy and Consort David, Happy and Healthy. I'm trying, how 'bout y'all?When are we going crabbing?Happy VD Youngerolder Brother

Matteo, Happy Valentines... Break free from the dark side! Our long international nightmare will soon be over. Vote Progressive! Love Uncle Liberal

Livy Dog, we love you always! V&S

Kate, What's the point I'd like to make Knowing I have to rhyme. Is it that no matter what I love you all the time? Is it that I need you or I'm proud of all you've done? Is that I think you're such a great Mom to the boys and Vivian? Should I say I like your body or just focus on your mind? What will it take to move you so you know I'm genuine? I wish I were romantic and knew how to make your day or that finances were'nt so frantic and I could just whisk you away. Despite what Mr. Right says you should know I'm not pretending. I love you and all you do in a way that's never ending. Happy Valentines Day my Baby, I love you so freakin much and I love you more with every passing day! xoxo Shirl

Pirateman and Princess, Thoughts of you, bring me warm smiles! Valentine hugs from your Frozen Uncle xoxox

Liam, Welcome to the Clan. A strong young Tigger will fit in nicely... growl on small prince! Love Eeyore

Dear Shirley, Max & Mason, You all are special and dear to my heart. I love you very much. Go team JonasKrueger! Lotsa love, Kate/Mom

For my Mooshie Mooshie and my snuggin luvvins! I love you both! Happy Valentines Day!

To my snuggly Papa Bear: I love you so much! I'm so excited about our new life together. You are my heart! Love, your Peanut

To my best friend in the whole world and a hell of a girl, my Megisha AKA Pepper LaBeija: 7 years and counting...who would have guessed? You are the most amazing friend I could ask for, and I love you more than you'll ever know. You will always be my Valentine! Smooches to you, my fierce, never shady, sister. Work! K-Tizz AKA Angie Xtravaganza

Who knew growing a Lily could be so much work? And so much fun! And elicit such feelings! Boundless love to you Carrie and our little family for all time!

Michael, You love me when I'm tired, and short, and you love me when I'm overjoyed and everywhere in between. Everytime I look at our funniest-little-boy-ever, I smile, because I see the awesomeness that he is, and all that you've given him as his daddy. He is filled with your curiosness, your wisdom, your complete love, and your most-amazing spirit, and I just can already tell that #2 is filled with the same. You are THE love of my life, and H and baby-2 make my life more than complete. Love, your E

To my darling future husband - I never thought that my life could ever get this good. I love waking up to you every morning & falling asleep with you every night. I love our cuddles & impromptu dancing in the kitchen. I look forward to sharing the next 60+ years with you. Love you forever - Your Sweet Baby

Julie, A l'amour de ma vie: ne peut pas croire comment rapidement le temps va. Je Le prise tout. Amour, votre hippie de blonde de fraise.

To the most handsome and dashing globe trotter ever:I love you because you knew that I'd prefer bento boxes to pearls. You took all my heart with you and I'm so glad you brought it back...never leave me for so long again! Here's to a long and happy life seeing the rest of the world with my best friend. All my love - Ronda

Please put out more bird seed. Love, Don and Leo

Mom, we just wanted to say how much we love cuddle time with you. Love, Higgins, Holli, Olive and Mr. Kat.

Anna and Charlie are "the best"! We are all so lucky to have such a warm, generous, cool, and funny couple as friends. It is a wonderful quality to be willing to open up your house as often as you do. We all appreciate you more than you know.

Happy Valentine's Day sweets! You are nice and special to me! I'd have romance with you any day. Thank you for being such a wonderful patient boyfriend. Love, your poops

Ru is awesome! She is funky, warm-hearted, and has a great laugh! I am so thankful for knowing her!

Let's catch the stars, chase cars and watch the fire flies dance on 6. 16. 08!

Hello princess! Do you know I am the luckiest boy in the world to have you in my life? I look forward to many projects in making our house into a home. I love you! bnt

Maesker, Maesker, my love is true Kiki, Kiki, loves you too Every morning and every night I'll love you with my shining light A tattoo'd freak, a rockstar too always cold, a size twelve shoe not the perfect man you chose but a man who kisses like a rose-Happy VD Anna!

My Monkey I love you... like the rock says. Your cupcake

Happy Valentine's Day, Daddy. I woof you! Love, Ashty

O worm you make me squirm. Thank you for wigglin into my life. Maybe the earth moved because my heart was finding yours. Love your butterfly.

D- To my sun and moon. With you, my mind is calm. I can just be. I love you, infinitely. -C.

Hey Betsy! Lots of love to you, Sam, Joey, and Jeff. Miss you much and thinking of you. Hope you are well my dear friend. Smiles, Sara Se

Sue K. I thank the universe for putting you in my path. I have learned so much from you these past two years.

To Mo, the backup QB for the Steelers: You have a great passing arm and many other wonderful hidden talents. Keep searching for them.

Hey, Millie and Maynard over here! Annie, Joe, Nate, Julie, Anna, Charlie, Jason, Kelly, Wendy, Jennifer and Mo want to say hello!

What up ladies: Sindhu, Heather, Kim, Oster, Pam, Alison, Sarah, Jeshmin, and Katie. I am so thankful for being included in a circle of beautiful, hilarious, warm-hearted, ambitious girls

Dearest Lovins! How I adore the tasty meals you make for me and how sweet and funny you are every day. You are the very VERY best, and I love you more and more all the time, whether we are planning a grand adventure abroad or just staying at home ogling the lolcats (or the real cats). I appreciate that you're cutting back work hours just to spend more time with me. Now we can even sleep in 'til 6 am, or maybe even 7 sometimes! Thanks for being my most wonderful Valentine for so many years. I'm using lots of superlatives, but that's what it takes to really express just how terrific I think you are. Thank you for everything! Many kissins and huggins and lovins from your Polly Chrome

Jeff, I am so happy to have you as my valentine & my oh so sexy husband. I adore you and so do your baby girls. We are all so blessed to have you to share our lives with. OLIVE JUICE! Tracie, Lexi and Lauren

RSM, Why I love you: 1) Because you look like George Micheal of course (read - because you are sexay! ) 2) I like your politics. 3) Crosswords. 4) Those scrumptious little brats we share. 5) You are such a good person. 6) You rub my feet when you want to feel better. Oh yeah, and 7) I get to be your groupie when you fiddle with it. ADT

Peter, I would love to fly away with you to Hispaniola. I yearn for a romantic get away with you. Love, Wendy

Christopher A Dragone, Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, and always hopes. Love never fails. Love always Ashley (peanut) Maestas

Mama, Mmu, mmu, hug, pat, pat. Love, Ni Ni #2

Happy Valentine's Day Mom. I still want Dad out of the way so I can have you all to myself. Love Ya, Nick

Erin Marie, Our twelfth Valentine's day together feels a lot different than our first. One thing remains the same, however, I love you very much. I hope you'll be my Valentine again (and again). With Love, Tom

C, Happy Valentine's Day. Looking forward to beginning the next chapter in our lives together. You are going to be a great daddy. Love you lots. Love, K

Biker Chick - You can leather lotion me and then ride anytime you want. Love, Freedom1600

hey DJ Chedda's sister; thank you for being a total peachy and lovely friend. I love all the things we share and the plantains are just a bonus.

Niki - I wouldn't trade my place. I've got no reason to be weathered and withering. I know that I am the luckiest.

Happy Valentine's Day, Daddy. Looking forward to lots of fun times with you and mommy and Ashty. Love, HD

Tangoman - You are mine, mine, mine, mine, mine...Today. Tomorrow. Forever. *kiss*

Daylene, You are my princess and my one true love. I wish I was there to hold your hand today and everyday. Thank you for being my best friend and loving me with all your heart. Please get well and beat this thing. 2019Romeo

To Senor S-squared: koffee klatch has scaled new heights in squeals of delight in response to scandalous stories. Let us keep frightening the children with the trading of naughty tales!

Karen, You're still my pretty girl and you have my Honky Tonk Heart! I love you more than this...KP

I heart Nerdy Boys who drive black Ford Focus's named Spartacus!

Flowers are Sweet, Candy is too, But Mary is Sweeter, And I love her woo-woo! Lancerlot

The Mighty Moths, I adore you crazy, creative, hard working, smart, generous, lovely, complicated people. I am so lucky to be living life with you as my community. Mighty Moth 9

MM - Happy 10th anniversary of the day we met on Friday 2/8/2008! I'm glad that you answered my on-line personals ad ten years ago - who knows what my life would be like now if you hadn't. (I guess we're a testament to the benefits of taking chances with personals ads). Thank you for the past ten years of companionship, four years of marriage, and for being a caring stay-at-home parent to our two wonderful children. Love, Jen

BJ, Happy Valentine's Day... . and Happy Anniversary! Has it really been 8 years? It seems like only 2! Love, Tom

Roylene, May the covers you steal in the darkness... On a cold and frosty February night, keep you as warm and toasty, as your love has kept my heart. :) Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart! Love, Greg

T-Bone: Every day. I think of all of it every day. Kiss.

Happy Valentines Day to my Sleepy HeadFrom the one who brings you your coffee in bed. Sleepy eyes peering out over your cupA hot cup of Jo' should wake you up! Happy Valentines Day RoyleneLove, Greg

Katie Poo - Happy Valentines Day! We love you very much and are so proud of how well you are doing in school. You really need to work on that 92 though... . Keep up the good work! Love - Mom and D2Dad

Chase, chase, chase me round the table, Patsie girl. Chase, chase, chase me into your chambers, Patsie Girl. Oh Patsie, why chase? Blow in my ear, and I'll almost follow you almost anywhere. Happy Valentines from the one and only emmgee.

Reem. This is yr brain. Eat All The Chips. I love you. But, I mean, like, not in a gross way. m

dear stinky. Remember that time you asked me to marry you a year ago and i said yes and then where we got engaged declared bankruptcy? And remember how the club where we first ever met is shutting down? and remember how everything always goes wrong somehow? It doesn't matter. I love you. You are my self-satisfied dinosaur. m

My dearest Nicole, This valentines day I wanted to express my feelings for you in a unique way. Thank you for believing in me and never giving up. Your strength and devotion never went second guessed. I love you always. I'm proud of you and so is our angel.

To Kate the muff-in lady! I love your laugh and how you get me. Here is to more years of beating inappropriate jokes to death!

East Side Jane Austen club: could watching Masterpiece T, knitting, and drinking tea be a more enjoyable way to spend a Sunday night? I thinketh not. And to answer his question: No, it is NOT possible to read too many novels. Here is to more HOT Jane Austen heroes! Hellllloooo Mr. Darcy!

The Boyz in the Pew(s) at First Congo-you warm up my Sunday mornings! Love and hugs, Jake

Sweetest Baboo-I'm grateful for you on Love Day and every other day, too. You are my sunshine in this dreary winter! Your Cute Pie

Moe-Without you, I'm Lost. I look forward to snuggling on the couch for TV, even if it's only a few episodes. Pinky

Capital Fitness Melde: Happy Valentines Day, and may we have many happy hours on your front porch, watching the Willy Street comings and goings. moo

King George, oh King George, Happy Valentines Day from the Bread Man. Let them eat cake, or pinch cakes, or buns, or croissant, or any other tasty treat from the oven. Happy retirement, and many happy hours away from the 9-5 rat race.

Oh Rattie! Happy Valentines Day from the bowels of the building. Honk Honk Honkety Honk Honk

Three cheers to the Bundt Man, Myron. Your cakes and bundts are so tasty, and firm, too. Thanks for bringing in so much loving from the country oven. Happy Valentines Day, Myron.

Oh Ms. Keen, you are the keenest, smartest Math teacher this side of Monroe. We hear you're also very athletic, and can arm wrestle any staff member, with both hands tied behind your back. We just wanted you to know how important you are to all of us at Windham Hill Academy, on the hill, near the lake.

Riverbluff Middle School: Happy Valentines Day to the 7th and 8th grade Math departments, whose support and assistance we certainly appreciate. Math rocks, and so do you!

Riverbluff Middle School: Oh Jeff, we all think you should receive the biggest Valentine of all. Thanks for your support, adminstrative decisions, and wonderful sense of humor. You dah man!

Oh Barbara, I just couldn't let Valentines Day slip by without a lovely greeting, hug and kiss just for you, sweetie. I appreciate all of your unconditional love, support and compassion. Your hugs are to die for, and the homemade molasses cookies are hard to beat. On earth, and in the land of spirit, our hearts will be forever connected.

Sun Prairie Elementary Schools: Oh, Ms. Hurley, you are the bestest of the bestest. Wee willing workers weally love you, adore you, and wish you'd take us outdoors more so we can throw leaves up into the air just like your dad's friends like to do up north. love, your loving students

PAA - ches douces, merci de prendre la chance. Presque cinq ans et moi devenons toujours AC tourdis vous voyant. Dans l'attente de passer le reste de ma vie vous aimant.

Why, why, why would you treat TC in such a despicable manner? Oh, TG, MG and BF, how could you stand by and let her go? Nearly 18 years of loyal service, taking a stand in the Science arena, serving her teams far and wide. Why, oh why, would you allow such a thing to happen?

Sandhill Middle School: Terri, the 6th grade teams will really miss your strong presence in our district. We wish you the best, and may all good things come your way in the future. You certainly deserve all the happiness in the world. Love, your finest team of teams

Sandhill Middle School: Oh, Gene, this will be our last year doing lunch together. Let's make it a banner year, so please remember this: in days of, when men were bold and ladies weren't particular, they'd line them up against the wall, and honkety honk honk honk!

Mr. Man, I love you more than ever. Even though you are always full of girls, you always make time for me and I am so appreciative. I'd tell you that I will let you go to bed whenever you want but we both know that would be just silly. Maybe this will be the year you finally get that Martini, you never know. Thanks for everything, it has been an amazing 19 years together. -Love, Mrs. Man

Dear Daddy, Happy Valentine's Day. On Valentine's day can you tickle us a lot? And can you make Brownies (Without nuts) please, please. Please bring home the next Harry Potter, it is #5 (In case you forget). You do really good hair-do's. Thank you for making some videos. We love you, Skye, Irini, and Athena.

D2 - I just want you to know that I couldn't imagine my life without you (the kid and the Peeps are keepers too). You are very loved and very appreciated. Don't go changin' to try and please me. Ape call doodly - ah - bah.

First Congo UCC James: You are forever young, Mr. Young. Your smile adds so much levity to Sunday morning service. Happy Valentines Day, teacher. This hug's for you.

Waunakee Piggly Wiggly: Happy Valentines Day Keith. Hope all your dreams come true someday. Thanks for everything you've done for me.

Finally, it's lord help the sister! That's even better news than when the cat hit the bar floor! Anyways happy V Day, may true love find us both this year, cuz next year is lord help the Mister!

Jimbo - Thank you for showing us your morning dance. Love, G-bo and P-bo

Happy FIRST Valentine's Day to the newlyweds, Nick and Melissa Nimocks!

JAS, Happy Valentines Day to my love. You always make me smile and laugh, thanks for being my best friend and always being there. You are amazing and sexy. Hope that this Valentines Day brings us lots of love and happiness. Be Mine?EKC

Michael Leslie A. - Have a very happy 38th birthday on February 8, 2008! Love, your big sister Jen (& your brother-in-law Michael, niece Carita, and nephew Anthony)

D and J - I love you both very much! And Lammy too! Be my valentines! Love, Durbin

First a mini then a classic. Thank you for satisfying all of my desires! Love you, my darling

Secret! Hey No Ass - Happy Valentines Day. xoxoxoxo from your Secret BFF.

Dear JJM: You were my Christmas blessing and now I'm overjoyed to have you as my Valentine.

Al, Everyday I love you more, just when I thought I would never feel this way again, there you were asking me to dinner and taking me dancing. Then you were bringing me flowers, and making me breakfast. Next you were writing me love notes and letters. Now your making me dinner leaving me with those love hangovers in the mornings. Thanks for being the man you are and showing me how much you love me everyday. Happy Valentines Day, Denise

Toby. I love you. Apparently!

Colin Dearest, I can hardly wait to become your wife. We have had such a long a winding road to get here but seeing your face everyday reminds me of how lucky I am. Look for me on March 15th, I'll be the one in the white... I mean blaze orange. Beth w. w. ft. ft. tr. tr. np. np

Hey D, this one is for you. I appreciate your friendship more than words permit. Your loyalty, support and concern are lifetime gifts, never to be taken granted for. Shhh. . don't let either TG nor MG learn of this sacred piece of communication. shhh just betwixt us boyz.

James T, You are my most important one. Love, G

Tea and Are White on Morrison: Happy Valentines Day to a very sweet couple right across the street from the infamous White House. You are in my daily thoughts and prayers. Hey T, I'll never forget your honorable offer to donate half a liver during a very difficult time in my life. God bless you both, with everlasting love.

Jenifer Street Market: You are the anchor in one of Madison's best neighborhoods. We love the Jenifer Street Market.

Doktor Frau Cow Jones from Mt. Awfully Pleasant, Michigan: mooooooooooooo and Happy Valentines Day, my beloved friend for more than 30 years. We've shared the same pasture through good haying seasons and rough ones. Thanks for always being there for me, during milking time and grazing time. You are definitely queen of the stalls.

Princeton Club Brad from Poynette: Hey buddy, how are you doing? How are those dogs doing? Sorry I haven't given you a labrador calendar this year, but I haven't forgotten about you. Hope all is well, and take good care.

My valentine is the best husband and father any woman could ask for. He goes beyond the call of duty and has made my life complete! I love you Kevin Baggett!

Oakhouse Bakery Bill: I remember you from Gold's Gym, and what an Italian Stallion you were. You were such a good friend, and I miss your banter, teasings and your sense of caring. You were definitely eye candy back then, and probably still are today. You were kind enough to let me touch your high and tight butt, too. Thanks, buddy. Love, a memory from Gold's past locker room

Capital Fitness Writer Coss: Hey Stevo, your sense of humor and vision of whirled peas adds so much happiness to my workouts. I appreciate your friendship and comradery.

O'Keefe Middle School: Happy Valentines Mr. Craig, the best 8th grade Science teacher. You really motivate us to want to learn, and we love and appreciate all that you do for us. Thanks so much for everything. xxx

First Congo UCC mystery guest: Just who is Aunt Clara? Will the real Aunt Clara please stand up?

First Congo UCC Tom and Janet and Janet's mom: Thanks for all that you do for our church and congregation.

G - Olive juice! Thanks for being the best part of my day every day. You've helped demolish every lowered expectation I have about love. Thank you for letting me remember what real happiness can be like! - Me

Capital Fitness Marcowitz, the Pie Man: Happy Valentines Day to a very charming gentleman, whose sweet smile, friendly banter, and butt pinches make it worth my while to come to the gym.

First Congo UCC Music Man Don: Johann, Johann, Sebastian Bach, Don's preludes and fugues really do rock! Feet on the pedals and fingers on the keys, we want more of his music, please, please, please.

Argue, argue, argue where are you? Mark, Mark, Mark my word I am thinking about you. We never did get together for that special workout and massage I promised you back in the late 1980's at Bally's Gym. The offer is still good, and I think you have my phone number, yes?

Whitehorse Middle and Schenk Elementary: Hey, Garret the Techman, Happy Valentines Day. We appreciate your hard work and dedication, and love your dry sense of humor as well. (not to mention your rugged good looks, too! )

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrhonda and Judy! Happy Valentines Day now, and I mean it. We need to get into some trouble, and I mean it, too. Coffee soon? We three wild girls need a coffee morning out on the town. Let's kick up some dust, looking for stray cows, orange t-shirts, visiting lake houses, going to the Whitewater police station, and giving LaVerne a hard time now. Saturday Sam now

O'Keefe Middle School: Happy Valentines Day to the new 6th grade Math teacher, Mr. Cremin. You are awesome, powerful and inspiring to each and every one of us. CMP rocks, and so do you. xxx

UW Transplant Clinic: Happy Valentines Day, Jean B, equestrian par excellent. Thank you so very much for the pre-transplant TLC, encouragement, and support you provided for me during a very difficult period in my life. I dub you the wonder woman, one with a mission, and that of survival. Thanks so much.

UW Transplant Clinic: Happy Valentines Day to Doctor Stuart and Doctor Musat for not only saving my life, but instilling in me hope, faith and courage. You are both a gift from God, and miracle workers par excellent.

The Wauwatosa Wollet: Happy Valentines Day to a long friend and companion, so generous, so wise, so competent, and so appreciate of a good back rub. Thanks for everything, Mike.

UW Transplant Clinic: Hey Melanie, I do hope you received some of the chocolate cookies Doctor Musat had in his office. Happy Valentines Day, Melanie, you really care for each and every patient entering the clinic, treating them with respect, honor and kindness. What a gift you give to us, Melanie. Thanks so much. xxxxx

UW Transplant Clinic: Happy Valentines Jaime, you are my guardian angel, and I appreciate your TLC these past four years.

Hey Ron of the Northwoods: Hey buddy, going up north isn't nearly as much fun as when you were still with us. I really miss your smile, your teasing, your invitations to Serenity up north, and your stories of crossing over to the other side of life. I am sending you lots of love and laughter today, and please know how much we love and miss you.

Indiana David: Hey hon, Happy Valentines Day. This is our 30th year of friendship, so we need to honor and recognize this life committment. Our trips up north are truly a gift, and I look forward to many more happy hours with you. You are family, you are one of my best friends, for life, sweetie.

Poodle Boy Wonders in San Francisco: Happy Valentines Day to my West Coast long time companion whom I love dearly.

Judy! You are such a beautiful, smart, kind, giving, sweet young lady. I am so proud of you! I love you! Mom

Bruce and Greg: Many, many mooo's, hugs and smoochies to you boyz, who have added so much love to my life. Thank goodness you moved here from DC, and call Madison home. What would I do without you boyz? You are loved so much by this old heifer.

You can do this. You're halfway there. Keep it rolling. It's worth it. You can do it. And I love you.

I was thinking - maybe we should hold off on the sauna until the TV thing is resolved (not to mention other technological and logistical problems). It's not necessarily out of the question, though a different house may be required to accommodate - perhaps one whose roof doesn't leak...

Existence on the mountain keeps surging higher and higher. All because you are such an inherent part of my life down below. I love you.

Corazoncito de mi vida, te amo de aqui a la lunabaci FM

Capital Fitness Louie and Brian: Happy Valentines Day to a very sweet couple, and forever friends, lovers of opera, gardens, travel, fitness and fine foods. Oh, yes, and may the highest hair and heels continue to grab our attentions when we should be working out rather than the incessant chatter we partake in.

Lash de la Babushka: You get the green thumb award of the year, adding color and beauty to the gardens on Willy Street. Your brownies ain't too bad, either, now dontcha know. Happy Valentines Day, Mr. Flower Gardenia.

To my goofball lovebird lover: Last year you were my hope, but this year you're my partner. We've been through a lot; seeing you work at it makes me work harder as well, and I'm so grateful to have you in my life. Even though we still take things day by day, I hope to be makin' bacon with you for years to come. AWW YEAH. I love you, lots.

Bob & Theresa You are an inspiration to so many and we love you both so much! Never F*ckin' Surrender! Sandi, Jenni, Kaysi & the kids

Jenni - This years challenges are housing and teaching a 16 year old how to drive. YIKES! Keep that xB in the middle of the road! Have a great day! Mom

Kaysi Sweet 16 and so grown up. Stay on the path you're on - you'll go far. Love Grandma Sandi

Scouter-only eagles can see us in the seasprite off the island at night. . lets go! love Hunky

Jeff & Kama You've blended two families to make one beautiful family. We love you both and all of the kids too! Mom, Jenni & Kaysi

Team HIVictorious What a crazy crew you is! Looking forward to more group efforts and good times. The Capps Queens

ACT Riders We love your efforts and can't wait to crew for you again in August. You've changed our lives, together we'll change the world. The Capps Queens Sandi Jenni & Kaysi

Da Sexy Pirate and His Super Sexy Wench Argh The Capps Queens did the laundry. Take your pick and let the sparks fly. We love you xoxox

Daddy-No bones about it - You're doggone the coolest. We ruf you! xoxo Tyler & Alec

LOK, These last 4 years have been the best in my entire life. I can't believe how happy you have made me. Thank you for coming into my life. I'm definitely not sick of you yet! LOB

Hey, Dufus. What a great year for you. A new job, a successful battle with your health, new loyalty to exercise, and still a wonderful woman, mother, wife and friend. Congratulations. You warm many hearts, including mine.

Luvanna - You lighten your load, going down that old road. No time to loiter - let's lose that goiter! -Love, PBS

Straw-I love you so much more than my job! Someday I will come to my senses. I promise. -Hey

Ben! You had such a great attitude with your knee surgery! I am so proud of you! You are such a handsome, smart, funny, athletic, mature young man! I love you! Mom

To that sexy, good-looking, strong, amazing, can-do-it-all ALASKA man. Here we are, almost 17 years of marriage, and I still get that excited, like-we just-met feeling inside! Thanks for who you are and all you do for our family! I love you, hilo! Teka Puna

PooPoo Head! I love you! Be my Valetine!

Happy Valentines Day to you, Eric, lover of Elvis, the bear den, fall and winter, snow and cold, spirit and forever lives. A friend in need is a friend, indeed. You dah man, oh painter boy. You dah man.

Princeton Club's Diving Dude Andy, happy Valentines Day from your man in blue. xxx

Oh Mary, who once lived at the Monona Lakeview, happy Valentines Day, sweetie. Hope you're doing well, and behaving yourself, you wild woman!

Happy 13th Valentine Day. ILUSM

Oh Dee Dee, you are such a great friend and compatriot on Windham Hill. You've stood by my side through thick and think, black and white, evil and good. Here's a classic embrace being returned to sender, with my love and respect.

Bruce and Greg of the Spirit Centre: Happy Valentines Day to my beloved friends for a lifetime, and then some. Many mooo's and hugs from the cow.

The Ten Capps Kids Be good for Mom and Dad and be good to one another. You are all our shining stars! We love all of you! Grandma Sandi, Aunt Jenni and Kaysi

Hey Timbo on Major Street: Happy Valentines Day, you studly man. I fondly remember you from the olden days of the Bette Davis Bowling League, trips to the farm in New Glarus, and loving glances across Rod's back bar.

Hey Antonella, Tonino and Max, Happy Valentines Day to mi familia grande, full of Italian love and sweetness, from cannoli to chicken pot pie, you're the apple of my eye. Love, Uncle Stefano

Happy Valentines Day, Tracy. Your legacy of friendship, hard work, zesty humor and a great sense of adventure lives on in your earthly absence. Whenever I see the word Boscobel, I especially think of you, buddy.

Oh Suzie Q, oh Suzie Q, what would we do without you? Oh Suzie Q, oh Suzie Q, we'll always sing behind you! Sung to the tune of Oh Christmas Tree

Pedros East: Brett, you dah man, One hot man at that, too. oooo ahhhhhh

Capital Fitness Nick: Thanks for helping me hold up the railing at the health club. Your smile and humor is greatly appreciated by everyone present, and especially me!

St. Dennis School: Thanks, Mr. H, for being the best PE teacher and coach. Your support, respect and love for everyone is admirable and greatly appreciated. Blessings to you and yours, always.

First Congo Chancel Choir alto Sue: Thanks for encouraging me to join the choir, one of the best decisions I've ever made. Happy Valentines Day, my friend, of the row in front of the basses.

Mayor Dave, we appreciate all you do for the city of Madison, and for your friends here at Capital Fitness, the absolute best health club in town. Your encumbent bike has a lifetime reservation on it just for you.

Verona Post Office: Happy Valentines Day, Tom. Congratulations on your move to the office in Verona, and we hope all is well for you and yours. You'll always be remembered as the best city carrier, competent, compassionate and caring to each and every person you'd meet.

Glendale Elementary School: Happy Valentines Day, Ms. B, our favorite K-1 teacher, of all times. You are a gift to the district, and a devoted and compassionate person. Angela Landsbury would be so very proud of you.

Schnicklefritz and David: Happy Valentines to some of my favorite neighbors and friends. You help make the Glendale neighborhood the best place in which to live.

RTS, your poo poo head loves you! Happy Valentine's Day x0x0x0x0x

Oregon Middle School: Happy Valentines Day to the best ESL teacher this district has ever employed. Not only can you speak six languages, nor have traveled world wide, but you now can dance the Irish jig while balancing a couple of blue moons in your right hand! You go, MO. We love our MO. MO MO, we want more MO.

Dean Care on Buckeye: Happy Valentines Day, Rhonda. We are so happy you have joined our team here, and your contributions, great spirit and blessings are so much appreciated by everyone.

Hello Momsie Womsie, how are you today? It is your turn for a love line and I am here to say...Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetie. To my favorite city girl from the country gal! You are the BEST.

O'Keefe Middle School: Happy Valentines Day to the best 8th grade Math teacher this side of the Mississippi. CMP and Algebra rock, thanks to you, Mr. H.

Good Shepherd Lutheran: Pastor Rod, you are the best youth minister this side of Iowa. You have a wonderful way with kids of all ages, and we are so blessed by your presence in our congregation.

Happy Valentines Day Gerry and Norma. The White House wouldn't be the same without you. I appreciate your friendship and support more than ever.

Capital Fitness Massage Maestro Greg: Happy Valentines Day Mr. Brokeback Mountain. Now that your headquarters are on the top floor, I miss your smiling face and great hugs on a daily basis.

Peter of Capital Fitness: By observation and hearsay, you are, by far, the best personal trainer at the health club. You also keep a very neat stack of towels on the front desk! Happy Valentines Day, buddy.

Capital Fitness Sweetheart Ann: What better greeting upon entering the gym than to behold your beautiful, gleaming smile and friendly salutations. Your positive spirit, good kharma and support help make Cap Fitness the only health facility in Madison worth attending. I love the new gym bag, too, sweetie. xxx

Capital Fitness Coach Chet: Thanks for letting me renew my membership each year. Cap Fitness is the absolute best health club in the Madison area. Happy Valentines Day, buddy.

Mark Peterson of the old Golds Gym: We think of you often, and hope you're living the high life in the world of spirit. Rock on, buddy.

Larry, it's been many years since you left the earthly plane, and there isn't a day that I don't think of you. You were my man, my love, my main squeeze, and I'll fondly remember those good times until we meet again in the land of spirit.

Nanners: The art metal work you create has sold. And the New Year leads to 60 years old. Our time together now 38. With every year, pretty darn great. The winter time snow has been good to you. For every time it snows, we go out with the shoes. So from all the girls and me, we want to say. Our wish to you a special Valentines Day. Ickam and the Girls

ulie & Big Ben: Congrats on your baby-shaped bundle of love! Happy Valentine's Day to all three of you!

Baby Ben: Welcome to the world, little man! We all love you very, very much!

Weric: Happy Valentine's Day to both of you, you crazy kids!

You: boy who hangs out at the back of the stage at Inferno; long black hair, black lipstick, and black leather jacket. Me: tall girl, black hair, pale skin, pierced septum. I haven't worked up the nerve to talk to you in person, but I want you in the worst way!

Berf, Berf, Berf. Happy Valentine's Day, Daddy. You are more awesome than the green Milkbones! Love, Rosie

Dear Daddy: We love you more than the red quilt. Really, we swears! Meow, Meow, *Bonk*. Love, Burton & Bela

I Can Has Valentine? To my darling *mkt*...I love you more and more every day. You are my everything with chocolate on top. *mwah*

Tami, You are my thoughts and dreams. Every hour that passes is that much closer to being with you again. Thank you for all you are. Love, D.

What would we do without our notorious MG, BF, TG and other assorted high-level decision makers? The district would simply crumble and disintegrate without your dictatorial measures of love and respect. After all, we are replaceable, eh?

Dear Richard, Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart. You caught mine in 1994. Love Jane

Sauk Trail Elementary School: Happy Valentines Day to my favorite Glarner, Nikita Lolita. Honk, honk, honkety honk honk! Smoochies, goochies, hoochies and any other oooochies are coming your way. We are indeed soul mates, compassionate friends and partners in grime.

Katie Mae LeMae: You simply are one of the best, most trustworthy and compassionate friends I have. Indeed, you are a Drickenski, and an honorable one at that. Happy Valentines Day, you hag.

Pedro's East Man of Brett: Happy Valentines Day, you hunky and studly man! Too bad we only come in for dinner every now and then, or your butt would be grabbed far too many times! xxxx

Melanie, Melanie, Melanie of Bluephies: We all appreciate your TLC each and every Sunday we venture in to see you, hug you, squeeze you and dine with you. Happy Valentines Day to a very special friend and wild woman on Monroe Street.

Oh Marco in California, how are you doing, my man? I think of you all the time, wishing my strong arms could hold you tight all night long. Happy Valentines Day to my one and only Italian Stallion. Love, Guido

Hello, mahvelous Margo, how are you today? It is almost Valentines Day, and many loving thoughts and hugs are coming your way. Do you suppose this message is seen by TG, MG or BF? shhhh, it's not on the secured hotline in SASD.

Glenda Splenda: Oh, dahling, you are simply the best friend a girl could ever want. Our daily morning messages, recipe exchanges, hair style tips and garden helpful hints, you do it all in grand style. You are loved and appreciated so much. Love, mommmmmmmy

Yuma Circle compatriots Doug and Lyn: Happy Valentines Day to a wonderful couple and blessed friends for life. What would I do without you to guide me on the straight and narrow path?

Judy and Bill NOW: Happy Valentines Day to a very kind, helpful and sweet couple. Keep those twinkies coming in!

Princeton Club Dr. Mark: Happy Valentines Day to a great party host, theatre friend and confidant. Keep Chuck in line during your Sunday morning workouts at the health club.

MO MO MO, Happy Valentines Day sweet MO: Thank you for many wonderful years of friendship, frolic, fun times and fabulous Saturday mornings at Monty's.

Happy Valentines Day Rrrrrrrrrrrrhonda and Eric, one of the sweetest couples I know, and long time friends for life. xxx

First Congo Dean and Sam: We miss you country boyz, but nonetheless, wish you a very sweet Valentines Day. xx the boyz in the pew

First Congo Choir Frosty: Thanks for all of your bookeeping and assorted chancel choir duties throughout the year. We all appreciate you very much. xxx

First Congo John and Carol: You both are such active members in the church, and we certainly appreciate all of your kindness and generosities.

Al and Shawn Marie: Happy Valentines Day to a very loving couple and wonderful friends from

To my one and only Tmo: Juno had it right.

UW Transplant Clinic: Happy Valentines Day mahvelous Melanie. You are kind, proficient and caring each and every time I stop by to do my monthly check-ins. xxx

First Congo Josh: We welcome one of our most recent boyz in the pew. Your smile and hugs are wonderful each and every Sunday.

First Congo T-Bud: Happy Valentines Day to my favorite Marigold Saturday coffee master and sherminator.

Hey Ian of Bluephies: Happy Valentines Day to one of our favorite, cutest and sweetest waitstaff on Sunday mornings.

Jeff, of First Congo U Happy Valentines Day to our church teacher with the surprise suitcase. You have a wonderful way with children of all ages.

Oh Fannie, of First Congo U We all love you, dear friend, and appreciate all you do for your church friends and family. If you see another ad with your name misspelled, kindly disregard it. xx

First Congo Choir: Happy Valentines Day to our lovely alto, Joanne, whose beaming smile is a gift to all.

First Congo Choir Ron and Diana: Happy Valentines Day to a truly wonderful couple and special friends.

First Congo Choir Mike and Gloria: Happy Valentines Day to an aspiring musical team and wonderful couple.

First Congo Dana: Where is Dana going to be seated this Sunday? Where in the World is Dana? Happy Valentines Day, and thanks for being such a great sport!

First Congo Choir Suzie Q: Happy Valentines Day you wild woman, former teacher, and now vibrant alto in the chancel choir. xxx

First Congo UCC Pastor Curt and Joan: Happy Valentines Day to our beloved minister and wife. Thanks for your leadership, friendship and support through the years. What would we do without you?

First Congo Choir: Happy Valentines Day to our dear friend, Wendy, who has a heart bigger than the state of Texas! xxx

To my wife Anne, I love our life together, I love the family we've made and I love you. I am also fond of our cats and our dog. The future looks pretty bright to me. Your loving husband Brad

First Congo Eldonna: Happy Valentines Day to our Associate Minister. We appreciate your nonending support for the LGBT friends and family in First Congo Congregational Church.

To First Congo's Maestro: Happy Valentines Day, Don, with best wishes from your Chancel Choir, newly robed, with voices of gold.

Baraboo John-Boy of First Congo: Happy Valentines Day to our country boy. Your taste in St. Vinnie and Goodwill home furnishings is highly rated.

First Congo Bob: Happy Valentines Day to our favorite bass in the choir. Good luck at HoChunk, too, in 2008.

Kent from First Congo: Happy Valentines Day to our meeter and greeter at church. Thanks for networking future boyz in the pew!

Happy Valentine's Day. Thinking of you with a smile. (squirrel)

Hi Kim, happy valentine's day! I love you very, very, very much XXX000. Jim

First Congo U Happy Valentines Day to David, our artist in residence from Richland Center. Happy Valentines Day to Mama Lorraine, too.

Hazel Bunny, I love you more than you'll ever know. Happy Valentine's Day, sweetest girl. Love, Mommy

E & D, you are still my favorites. xo mrs. pepperbottom

People of Search! I love working with you. You make every work day a fun day, too. Happy Valentines Day, search geeks. SEO xoxo Jill

i adore you sweetest... let's keep doing this thing. two years, five months and three days.

To my Human Bear: Handsome and ferocious, you catch my eye and tickle my funnybone mercilessly. Rawr! Love, your Wifey-poo

Nancy YOU are my book of Love, full of exciting chapters of life together. Grow old with me, the best is yet to be. I Love You, forever your Bill

Dear Family, There is no snow on the valentine I'm sending you. Please save me some hot chocolate because Mama and Papa John only let me drink it in the morning. That would be sweet. Love, Celie Luna

We waved to each other on the way to work, then a ski talked about marriage on our third date and that didn't scare me off. Many years of marriage later and I love you's to another 18 years of happiness and adventure!

Dooter, You are the most amazing mother and wife. I love you more and more everyday. Nox & Pants send you their love too. May the sun shine you always. The Hawk(Bri)

Dear Monona Terrace Sales Team! Thanks for all that you do. You make coming to work a pleasure and I'm humbled to work with such a talented bunch of people. xoxoxllc, cmp, dos, apbd

Dear MadCat Pet Supplies! Thank you for your efforts to save our lives and for advocating on our behalfs every single day with your actions and Love, Cats Everywhere

Black is the colour of my true love's hair...Whether its dreads or curls or bald, I will always love you Igor. Love and Aloha, Alli

Hoopin stoopin, everybody's poopin! Alex wants you to know: your roody doody dingle is a whacky flacky poobadoo! Hooby booby!

Susan, dearest-I admire you from a distance! Fifty miles away and I can clearly see deep into your heart! It is vast, lovely country-definitely pastels! I am so blessed to venture into your beautiful realms! Once, when I was strolling there, among the lillies, I found my own, opening heart. These heartflower pathways go everywhere, it seems. It is so nice to walk them together, in love and in joy. Love, PBS

Aden-he's the neatest guy. On his sled just watch him fly. On his skis, he's like a breeze. I love him so, I do not tease! Love, Buppa

Little Reenie's not so teenyShe's an artist and a readerI can think of no one sweeter! Love, Buppa

Sue, as long as I can have Bernie for Valentine's Day, I'll let you have him for some of the other days of the year. How's that? Love you! Berttie

Tomosito, Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetie! I hope we can see each other again soon! Love you! ( ) ( ) ( ) BrettMan

Sweetie, If I wanted you to stay, I'd ask you to stay, PLEASE STAY! Love you!

AndyNH...I love you most, more, biggest, best, so much, fastest, and forever and ever and ever. We'll have a blast in Vegas! love Mommy

Judy, Happy Valentine's Day! I love you! Smooch Smooch Smooch! Berttie

Becky, Congratulations on your new job! You're moving up in the world! Happy Valentine's Day! Love you! Brett

Hello, Clarice! Happy Valentine's Day! Let's get together and play dominoes again soon! Love, ZAK

Nadia, Love you! Love everything about you! Thinking about being you for Halloween! Brett

Kevie Poo Poo, Happy Valentine's Day! I'll be your stand-in Valentine while Seb is away. Love you! Brettie Poo Poo

JoAnn, Happy Valentine's Day to the bestest neighbor (and friend) in the world! Love you! Brett

Daddy, MEOW... I love you... MEOW... thanks for the yogurt... MEOW... I love it when we play with the cat dancer... MEOW... I like keeping you company in the computer room... MEOW... love, Boo Boo Kitty

Sweet Pea, Happy 7th Anniversary! We're going to have a great time in Key West again! Love you! Boo

Sweet Pea, I love you even more than the first year we were each other's Valentines! Love you! Boo

mike I love you Happy Valentines Day kris

Dear John- You are my favorite of all time-ever. Love and nose-y kisses- Leo.

JC- This year I'd love to feel your hand touching mine, whether it's under the California, Nashville or Madison stars. All my love-JK

to Nate: This Valentine is not a poem because I'm not into that corny stuff. I love you with no rhyme or reason.

Cyrus & Malakhi-Love you like crazy! Mama Fave

Stix, this isn't really our thing... but then again I don't know anything about romance, I just do what I feel. I can't resist telling you how much I love you at every chance I get. You are my soulmate, and I don't believe in souls. You and I are destined for each other, and I don't believe in destiny. I thank God for you and I don't believe in God. It doesn't make sense, but I know we have forever to figure it out. I love you. Strings

Happy Valentine's Day to Benj and Carri Jo! I love you both oodles and oodles. Love, Jenna

Fidler, there are too many things for a top ten list. Thank you for playing with me and letting me do what I want. Love, Mrs. G.

Hello Miss Betsy! I think you are the greatest, and I sure do love you (and Sam& Joey, of course! )- Love, Jenna

Madison you are my first true love. Forget those stupid boys who never knew a good thing when they had it - it was you who knew the real me. It was you who taught me that I had a voice and that I was worthy. When times were tough - I was always able to come back and find you waiting, neverchanging. You spoiled me with your kindness and uniqueness. Now I live in the city of sin and while there is plenty to keep me busy and lots to see - there is nothing that comes close to comforting and relaxing me the way you did. No soothing waters or cool breezes - no summer festivals or rooftop dances where I can let my hair down and feel my soul radiating. Madison - I love you and miss you. Please wait for me! I promise to one day return. xoxox Hedi

Cute Pie, Many squirrelly love sounds to you! -Baboo

Yearly missives in this paper you get; Each year though my rhyme skills increase. And this year my love is ever more set; But our three daughters never leave us in peace! Though we may watch far too much 'gate, Under the blazing white lights of our beautiful fan, We still sometimes actually go out on a date; But we usually drive there in our gross, mom'd-out van. When next we go to the theater of Broom, IA

Briony: I think of you, You - the spark of your soft lips kissing me, the womanly smell of your hair, the inner peace when I touch your face, the classic sight of your beautiful neck, the excitement when you step from the shower, the comfort of reaching over in the night to feel your curves - You Are My Valentine Forever. Bo

I'm obviously deviously in love with you honey.

Momma Bear, I love your dark hair, soft skin and your veggie ways. You're always on my mind. Love Papa Bear

First it was just us. Then a Liam. He's the best! Now there will be four. (And I'm not talking about a puppy)Can you believe it? This spring a Brophy SeamusDon't eat the baby

Noj: I'll be looking at the Moon, but I'll be seeing You. Yhtak

To the smokin' hot women of the Chautauqua Book Club: I was promised pillow fight photos! Signed, A secret admirer

My Little Cippolini, you are the cutest thing since sliced toast! You know I love you unconditionally, including all your bone-crushing accidents and your nightly trips to the tropics. You are my personal roller coaster ride! Love, Mr. Never-too-High, Never-too-Low

Yay Baileeeee, good for you, good for you, good for you! You are beautiful, intelligent, confident, strong, and have great baubles! J, G

To our Daddy Jeff, You are the best daddy in the world and we love you so very much. We want to give you a big sandwich hug for valentines. You & mommy are the bread and we are the cheese and tiny tomato. We love You! Love, Lexi and Lauren

Bill, Six and a half years have flown by, filled with your caring, and your thoughtfullness and your extreme love! You are all I could have wished for, to fulfill my life! What does our future hold? Who knows...??? I predict even better times for us together! I predict a life filled with friendship, fun and alot of hot steamy passionate days and nights! We found it baby, what everyone wants, and we both are going to keep it wonderful forever! The perfect future together! I love you! Your Little Blondie

KML1 I'm still happy you made the 'right' choice on 2-14. I know I'm a better person because of you. Love, Ree

Puks: When you got that Puks, you got everything-when you got that Puks. Paros Puks!

Victor, I'm a snow woman in disguise, you make me melt every time I see you~which has been far and few lately. kinda. Ah Yes, One of these Days! Happy Valentines Day Beautiful Being!

MagicMan I do love you~yes only you! I won't throw in the towel unless you do first~I'm hangin here with you 4 sure. We got a good thing goin! Happy Valentines Day! ILULM WitchyWoman

White Cat, You've got what I want, I'll be waiting in that line that's surrounding your beauty. Happy Valentines day. Everyone needs a secret admirer and I'm it. Black Dog

MK- I just want you (and the rest of Madison)to know that I appreciate you too =)-FM

Happy Valentine's to The Marks! Aka Luc & Marie! Thanks for making our murder mystery party the best ever! We'll never forget.

Paul, the last year was an amazing one with you. We had a lot of changes, but all for the better. I am so happy to be here with you now, and I know that there will only be greater things to come for us. Thank you for always saving me from falling off the bed, and showing me how to light a fart on fire. I love you bigger than the ocean and larger than the sky. B and T... Love always, KimP. S. I promise not to snoop at any more of presents, well I will try really hard not to. xo

Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready? How about we bolt for New Mexico, Baby Doll! Six seconds!

Hey, Lovey Love! You already know how much I loves you cuz I tells you every day. Your Baby Schweetie

Lioness, It is such a joy to be with you. You mean so much to me. All my love, Lion. P. S. Good luck in Boston

Hey transdisciplinary team; even though we are doing our own thing - we'll always have mrs. wishy washy.

Tina and JP: I love that I always end up doing all of your work and picking up the slack for the call center. Maybe one day you will quit the gossip about d and the p t or fire. But you're both still fabulous. Shine on!

Jimmy, 19 years ago I married the bestNow we're about to start our adventure out west. To the Oregon hills and seashore we go(Away from the cold and the never ending snow). I can't wait for this chapter to startwith the one who forever captured my heart! Nevermore to be landlocked, again on a coastwith Jimmy, the one that I love the most! Always and Forever, Tootsie

Jennie, I know you don't believe in Valentines Day, and you probably wont even read this and I'll have to show it to you myself, but life isn't fair is it! Happy Valentines Day <3 Craig D

Kevin, MBAX! Love, Kenny

Mama, Thank you so much for being patient with me this year as my teeth are causing me to be quite irrational sometimes. I realize I've got a bit of a temper for a 15 month old but I hope you know that I love you very much. Thanks for the delicious meals and that whole diaper changing thing you do. Most of all, thanks for having me because I know I'm going to grow up to be just like you...a superhot cool chick! Happy Valentines Day Mama, Love Lauren Grace, (Little Betty Jean)

zaza Roses are Red Violets are blue I love no one as much as I love you! mama

T, This has been one of the craziest years we've ever had. But through it all, I continue to be amazed by your honesty, your inner and outer beauty, and your unconditional love. Every day of my life I thank God I walked you home that night back at school. Thank you for being my best friend and the best Mom in the world. I love you from the bottom of my heart! Happy Valentines Day. Jeff

Al Mio Amore Tony, Lovers do not finally meet; They are in each other all along. Buon San Valentino. HZ

Clack you're a nice person loves baby loves mwah xyxyxy chb Clack again

Big Bro (Zachary F. ), You are fun! You play with me and make me giggle lots! I like it when you are at my house! xoxo Bailey

Duan! You are the best valentine ever! Target=love even though justin always tries to separate us! P. S. Chris Brown and T-Pain will always have a special place in our hearts. Lawren.

Dearest Roo, I can't believe that you actually claimed to make me a Valentine this year. My dreams are coming true, one by one... You continue to surprise me and make me have lots of laughs. I am still waiting for you to snurkle under a bush, though. You are my best friend and life partner. I love you always. Goose

To Sulvania, Beaner and Chama Lama: All our love to the best army of peeps there is. Your shenanigans are unparalleled, and we love you with all out hearts! If it weren't for the gas, bad breath, and coprophagy, you'd be perfect, but then again, perfect sucks! No humping on Valentines day either, you maniacal maniacs!

To Katie Kitinia- Happy Valentines Day to the bestest daughter a scrub like me could ever ask for! You are a bright, talented and hilarious young lady, and I am so proud of everything you do! Now, go rinse out your *#@! milk glass! Kidding! xxoo, d2

Dear SarahBoecher, We feel gladly that you found such a good catch. Here's to love and robots taking over the planet! P & M

Big Brother (Zachary F. ), Thank you for picking me up when I cry! Thank you for playing with me! Thank you for making me laugh! Dakota

GLAMIZONS are the hottest boa wearing playahs ever!

My dearest Kimberlee Ann. Happy VD day to the love of my life. Your love and undying patience for all my stupid crap never goes unappreciated. You are my best friend, and I look forward to getting decrepit with you! Smoochies (and not on the cheek either! ), I love you! d2

Pinky, when Moe big president man, you my first elephant.

Mom thank you for all you do and being such a great grandma. We Love you and happy Valentines Day. kris Mike and za

Isabella your momma loves you from here to pluto and back again. your so sweet, happy valentines day.

Hi Honey, I think I still owe you. Yellowstone Lake is a state park! Let me know when you want to collect your prize.

Big Sister RyAnne, Happy Valentine's Day. Thank you for playing with me and helping mommy give me a bath and making me laugh. You're the best big sister ever! Love, Bakota (Dakota)

Grandpa (also known as Bob C. ), It is fun when you come over to our house! I like to watch you. You make funny faces! Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Bailey

Big Sister RyAnne, You are so funny! I like the way you dance... it makes me laugh and laugh. I want to grow up to be just like you! Baby Bailey

Bro (Zachary F. ), I really love you. I like to play cars with you and play outside, too. I miss you when you're gone. Love, RyAnne

Grandpa (also known as Bob C. ), I am so glad you come and watch us with Grandma on Mondays and Fridays. I like sitting back in the chair with you holding me. I can't wait until you can teach me how to play ball! Your little slugger, Dakota

Grandma (also known as Lana C. ), I am so lucky you come over every day - rain, snow, sleet or shine - to watch me! I love you! xoxo Dakota

Grandpa (also known as Bob C. ), Ryanne's exact words: I really love you, Grandpa because you play games with me and take me to East Towne Mall and to McDonalds and everything. I just really love you! Love, RyAnne

Dude I am so in love with you. Glad we got married. Your Princess

Daddy (also known as Pete F. ), Thank you for getting up and putting my nuk back in my mouth... . and getting up and putting my nuk back in my mouth... . and getting up and putting my nuk back in my mouth many X's a night. You're the best! Love, Dakota

Daddy (also known as Pete F. ), I like it when you play games with me and shares with me and loves me like this much. You just love me! Love, RyAnne (P. S. These were her exact words! )

Daddy (also known as Pete F. ), Thank you for holding me... and holding me... and holding me until I fall asleep at night. I like the way you hold me! Love, Bailey

Happy Valentines Day Baby! Over 6 wonderful years together! Can't wait for the next 60! The Krispy Kremes may be in the past but my love for you isn't. Your loving family, S, J & Jewel.

Dear Rocco, You are my best friend in the whold wide world! I love hanging out, playing, and wrestling with you! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Bark! Bark! Love, Brooks

Lobe and Brooksey-Happy Valentine's Day to both of my boys! I love you to the moon and back! xoxo, Freckles

The Irish Mist (Yes! ): You make me happy. Monsignor.

Cutie C, I am very comfortable with you. You make me laugh and make me happy. What else could I want? Monsieur M

Mel - 30 years ago this month (the exact date can be found in a box in my basement) you set the tone for my life. What a wonderful gift... Carlo

Dana. I Love You! Can't wait to marry you in October! Love.

Love and Blessings to my inner circle of the Binsfelds, Coppages, Knights and Mugengas!

from Big Backyard to Big Playground, the district is lucky you are classically trained to rock their socks off.

Dear Patchy, You're my first true love, my sunshine, my best friend...So lucky you are in my life! Love always, Jill

To my Christopher Robin: I love you. -Spaz

Dear Nancy, my life changed when I married you almost 17 years ago, and for the better. I have never regretted a day and would do it all over again. Can I have this dance for the rest of my life? Kurt

Kay, You are the girl of my dreams and I am so honored that you have chosen to walk side by side with me. May our retirement to an island somewhere not be too far off. I love you more and more with each passing day. Happy Valentine's Day.

Brioche- Hey baby, it's cold outside. Come in and let's get something hot into you. Boo

Mel - I loved you then and I love you again - your joyous song.

Jeff, Sam and Joey - you are my funny valentines and I will forever love you! Betsy/Mommy

TERRY, All my life, all my love, all my world is you. I love you now and forever. -Anne

Little Cheese ... you are the man love of my life and I am so glad you have showed me all the divine pleasures that can be had mano a mano. Stay with me always and I will fill you up. I am also so glad you have finally gotten to me and my lack of reason and I now see that George Bush is a total asshole. Thank you for that enlightenment and the Butternut can ... your lover ...

My dearest darlin' sister Cathleen Dana ... Happy Valentines Day from a thousand miles away. I wish we could see each other more often. I love you ... Christopher Paul

New Mountain Kickers I love All you Guys and Gal. Thanks For all the happy times! I cant wait to pinch G-Man on the butt at Mr. Roberts on V-day! Joy to the world!

Spider beast, spider beast, does whatever a spider beast does. Love, MJ

Jana, You've grown up to be so beautiful and successful. Now, you're off to college. I love you, Mother

Goozie! I really love you. And you love me back and I love you back. And that's the way we keep on going every day. I would go on choosing you and you would go on choosing me over and over again. You are the best family MJ and I could ever have! Love, Roozie.

Homer ... remember herbal treatments are good for the brain and denial is not a bad place to visit nor is some other escape venture ... don't work so fuckin hard ... and go fishing more often ... hatfield was made for you ... cpq

Sweetie Momma ... we love you so much ... always be our valentine ... Sawyer and Abbey Sage

Rascal ... you are a crazy rascal and I love you ... Squirrel

To all the ladies whom I loved and hated in Madison. I miss you all. I have written a book about my loves and love lost, you all are included so read what I really think about you. Have a Great Valentine Day... xlibris. com/CarltonJ... Carlton J

Jim C: Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for making each day special. Love #14

Emma and Anna: You are our little loves. Happy Valentine's Day! Love Mom and Dad

Dearest Ms. Heubenschleuber, Once again, a father couldn't be prouder than I am, having a wonderful daughter like you. Thank you for filling my heart with joy. I love you! The Big Man

Happy Day to my beautiful Clairey. I am so proud of you. You are a shining star! Love, Mom

MARGARET AT CAP POINT! Happy Valentine's Day to the sweetest of the sweet! Thanks for putting a smile on all of our faces everyday! -Cap Point Residents

BrettMan... Hope Cupid makes a special stop to visit you and B. Thanks for friendship that always warms my heart. Tomosito

Lulabelle-Thanks for being a great daughter. I am so proud of all your hard work. You rock so hard! love, Mommy

To my Hunk of Porky Goodness: You're as sweet as a perfectly cooked slice of Nueske's bacon, as tender as Memphis ribs, and as juicy as the Oysters Delmonico. That liver pate' chub ain't bad either! Your Goddess of Swine

Gracie girl ... you are my darling daughter, my sparkling star, a caring sister, a wonderful friend, a great skier and great swimmer, a playful artist, a sweet cousin, a loving grandaughter, and so much more. I am so proud of you and all you do. Keep loving, keep caring, keep being gentle, keep taking care of the earth, ... i love you. There will never be a father loves his daughter as much as I love you ... Dad

Pumpkin, Thanks for sharing your life with us. You made us Double Lucky! LL

Happy Valentines Day Mom! This morning we probably got up bright and early before the sun came up and went on our run. As we ran I looked up at you and said I love you. Sometimes people don't understand my talking but my big sister Jordan sure does and can interpret at any time. So when I gave a happy yip as we ran that meant I love you more then anything. I just wanted thank you for all the good things you do for me like; leting me sit on you lap even if your tired, giving me treats even when I'm naughty, loving me even though I get overzealous and wack you in the face with my ball, and leting me out when I just want to sit sit on the porch and be noosey and dont really need to go potty. your faithful running campanion, George Harrison Bailey Durst P. S. Maybe I can get a few extra kibbles/treats since I wrote you such a nice letter?

Honey, Don't ever forget. Do as the candy says!

adam daniel ... holy smithereens batman ... your an artist. mother fuckers. so do it up and keep it going. we love you so much man. i wish life was all easy but it isn't. be cool, have fun, learn alot and BE SAFE. and you know i love you so much ... peace ... dad

I'm gonna tell you how its gonna be ... your gonna give your love to me ... I'm gonna love you night and day ... you know our love will not fade away ... love is real not fade away ... . love is real not fade way ... mmm bop bop bop bop ... . tsq i love you ... cpq

kris...I'm the luckiest to be spending our sixth vday 2gether babe. I love u more than life. I couldn't breathe without u by my side. xoxoxo meg

I'm the luckiest to be spending our sixth vday 2gether babe. I love u more than life. I couldn't breathe without u by my side. xoxoxo

2008 ~ Married V-Day Pt 1. I really have to resist the urge to spew our secret language like I did last year...which still speaks volumes about how married we are. I never would have thought finding a better fit possible. You're my PP. D'oh, there I go! Thank you for being my partner, best friend and a VERY g dubs. I adore you. I wonder how this would look in a shadow box? Happy Valentine's Day! Love, your husby (me)

Tom Layton Sorry about the Cowboys... I can hear you rolling all the way from Dallas...

Mtn. Biker Chick - Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready, ready, ready? ... 6 seconds ... Oh yeah, I'm READY! Love, Mtn. Biker Boy

Dear S. , I was going to write you a poem, but I can't come up with a rhyme for hotness (Loch Ness?), sexy (hexy?), and amazingly beautiful (ablazingly dutiful?). You are, of course, still hot, sexy, and amazingly beautiful, and the smartest thing I ever did was on April 28, 1984. Your balding virile type, D.

I'm gonna love you like nobody's loved you; come rain or come shine; high as a mountain and deep as a river; come rain or come shine. I love you Tami!

Dearest Tom & Travis, You are my 2 favorite beings in the whole world! Happy Valentine's Day! Baa! Your lambie

sallie & justin i love you both very much. it's been a tough year, mom's gone. but we have each other. sal you have been everthing to me since i came into this world. thank you. happy valentines day love nancy

to my wonderful family kurt & savannah. i love you. happy valentines day. love forever nancy

To all the CDPeons out there-I'm completely in love with you. Sincerestly, Kenny

Love that choco raztini! When can I get another?

Hey My Morning Glory... Roses are Red Violets are Blue Words could never describe How much i love you! Thank you cutie for all your love and support. You never stop amazing me and everyday i fall more in love with you. My future has never looked brighter! Its going to be another great year together. Happy Valentines Day! olive juice- G

J - Eight years since our first date - wow! Now we've got a baby on the way. I just want to tell you I think you are going to be an amazing, loving father, because you've been an amazing, loving husband. I can't believe we're doing this! I love you, ADD

To the Loves of my Life: Ethan, I am so blessed to have you as my husband. I look forward to many years of health, happiness, and laughter with you. Eamon, I am very blessed to have you as my son. I love you so very much. I look forward to many years of fun with you. Love, Maura/Momma

Tammy: To my fabulous friend, mentor and partner in crime - thanks for being the Madison superfox that you are! Once again, it's going to be an excellent year for us! Thanks for being a phone call, dinner, happy hour and glass of wine away whenver it is needed. Have a wonderful day and keep smiling! b.

Happy Valentine's Day Big D and little Jack man. You're the best! I love you, L

In our Alternative Universe: There will be no good-byes. Instead, we will awake in our home by the lake. Pancakes, we will make.

How My Eyes Adore You... I Could Fall In Love With You...Oh wait! I already have.

Merr! 3 years in, and I am still smitten. How do you do that? Magic. Now, you and me go back to my place bouncy bouncy.

Could you BE any cuter, with your chipmunk laugh, shiny white teeth and gangster fit clothes? Well maybe only if you had a cowboy hat on.

MEH! MEH! Did I get your attention? Chb, my darling husband, you make my world go round. I locked you in as my 4-eva valentine on 9/29/07 but if I hadn't, I hope you'd be mine anyway. I saw sparks on 12/10/04 and I've been seeing them ever since. I'll never give up working to prove my love for you! Happy V-day part 4 babies, xyxyxy your gw Mookie and Jaela (meow! ) p. s. Can I have a backrub now? Please???

Tootsie: Can't wait to cheer on the Ducks with you in a larger pond surrounded by roses. Love Always, Jimmy.

Jeff B, we met at the Union in June 06, we wondered what nonet actually meant. I'm the awful girl - awful job, awful life, etc. I'm still awfully married but I have three fabulous friends who are not. They're funny, cute, smart and looking for dates. You'd love them - not all at once, of course. And we could perhaps become friends in the process - you left quite an impression.

Oh Hai! Don't wury. I are yours and you are mine.

Dearest Pengy; I love you from the top of your stylish top-feather down to the bottoms of your sexy oeufs. You don't need to perform a complicated ritual mating dance with berry in just need to shake a little tail-feather! Love, JuneBug

My dearest Jake. Your body is rock'n. Most boys would kill to look like you, and thats OK. Happy Valentine's day gorgeous! Jess

Garden Gnomes make excellent travel partners! Grab your hoodie and let's go Paris!

Rachel- you are my curly-haired funny girl and my favorite soccer star! -Mom

Emily Rose- you are my cute little dark-haired girl and the BEST Pictionary partner ever! -Mom

ikeavpsw- Thanks for bein who you are and a great friend to me and my love. Happy Valentines Day! toaokat

To my Curious Cat: you will always have a place in my heart to curl up and nap. I promise you that. -C.

Dan - Did you know that it is a long way to the top if you wanna rock & roll? But it is not such a long way if you are a California Man playing in an American Band and you have something to say that is better than a burn-out. And now for the mushy stuff - I love you more with each passing day, and I am so happy with you in my life. Happy Valentines Day! Love ya - Holly

Happy Valentines Day Travis & Mariah! Here's to a great 2008 loving each other. I am so proud of you both. Love, Mom

We love you very much Daddy Anthony, you are the best daddy ever, we don't know what we'd do without you (probably poop & pee all over the floor and starve to death)! Year after year we tell you how much we love you here but you can never find it, hope you have better luck this year! Love Joplin (woof), Marley (woof), Baby (meow), & the late great Star (meow)- all of this was possible with just a little bit of help from Mommy Sarah who also loves you very much.

Amy, happy valentines day. to my only. love you. -C

Andrea - Is this finally the end of Lord help the mister? (Remember that this phrase must always be brought up at least once around this time of the year). I'm angry at the boys and you're loving them so much that you have to go to PP for a B. It seems very Lord help the sister right now. And - hey - that's not such a bad thing. If I were Celine, I might say something about how I drove all night to get to you so that you could touch me like this and hold me like that and then I would remind you that my heart will go on. But I'm not Celine and you're not an innocent. But I still love you lots, and I force you to love me too. And as always it's je t'aime (followed by some other words that I can't spell). Jake.

Jess - Remember all the phone conversations where I would be pissed off at love and you would tell me that it would all work out? I think it finally has worked out. And in our immortal words - maybe that's okay. Finally. So even though you may no longer be Tom's ideal self and the Rodarte girls are total bitches and Marc is effing someone younger than both of us - I still love you. And I love that you put up with all of my sh*t and still buy me Chanel to make me feel special and to tell me that you love me. So we plunge ahead, because we have no other choice. But at least we know there are three constants in the world - me, you, and Chanel. And maybe that's okay. I love you lots! Jake.

Bev, You are the ultimate best! Happy Valentines Day! We love you, Catherine, Jeremy & Anthony

Nanc-Too much work leaves too little time for the gals. Happy Valentines Day. Cath

TT-Here we are again. It's gonna be the year of change for both of us. Happy Valentines Day Lady! Love you like a sis. CK

HD, I wanna be a Rockstar Hotdog, keepin up with all the boys and girls, And if you wanna be a Rockstar Hotdog gonna have to buy some more RedBull! Happy Valentines Day! CK

Tess, We thank you for your silliness, and your unconditional love these past nine years. Our floors would be littered with socks without you! Treats and kisses, T-n-T

AMAK- I am so proud of all your accomplishments this year and last. Keep it up this year will be the year of big changes. Happy Valentines Day! I love you, Mom

JRK-Love you lots and I do hope this year turns out to be one of your best. Happy Valentines Day. Love, Mom

Luv Muffin - You know I love you more every day. This year is going to be a good one. Have a heart-filled with fun lovin' Valentines Day. WiccaWoman Ha!

To my wonderful husband Michael and beautiful children Xander and Meadow, I love you all with every fiber of my being, I could not ask god for any more than he has already given me in all of you. Every moment I spend with you my heart rejoices. Happy Valentines Day love, mom.

Mother KEV... There aren't enough ways to say thank you for your Love... . The great Food...that Soft, Cushy Belly to nestle in on, how you take care of us and that Cute Nasino to Lick and make you laugh. P. S... . You know, ...Daddy is really such a Bad Guy... . hasn't kicked us off the Bed for a Long Time. I think He really Loves us! Bubba and Billy Bob... Love you this much!

Katherine: A woman who gave me a renewed spirit in my life, ...full of fun, more bounce to the ounce, saucy, Sexy, sassy. But most of all...beautiful Love. Thanks for coming into my Life. Don't know what I'd do without you. Ben

Gigi! How 'bout a warm bath, a little nutella and a roaring fireplace for this Valentine's Day? Coco

Michelle, You have brought me more than I could have dreamed of. I'm so blessed you've chosen me for this leg of the journey! Shinobu from the depths of my heart! Lori

Lucky, will you be my valentine...this year and all the years to come?! Tabby

Tom, Thanks to your daily love, I have the happiest tootsies in town! I love you, Tam

Happy Valentines Day to all our happy footed folk dancing friends. Love, T-n-T

Tami, I love dancing with you through our lives. 24 years are not enough. How about another 24? your ever companion.

Thursday night guy... you've given me everything I've always wanted: a bike, a house and a cat, oh and of course adventure after adventure. I love you more each year! I can't wait until our 40th b-day trips. There is no one else I'd rather hit mid-life with! - your Thursday night girl

Mr. Moondance, You fill my world with a Sense of Wonder. Still do. Yes! Yes! Yes! Your Ordinary Odonata

Does Oprah Grow Green Yams? She Tried YamLaced Eggs

Laugh as you will my Lily Boots, my joy, my poodle, my pink, whilst I endeavor to keep you in stitches. Wherefore, whence, and whereas, my fortuitous teacup, my waterlily, my carefree beauty, I do believe, that you should allow me to win the next game. Hitherfore and truly, your Snow Pavement (Your large expanse of dancing green Dairy Air)

To my love Mark, I am so happy to be with you. You have made me the person I am today, and I thank-you for that. Happy Valentine's Day my love, and to Keelyn our little girl. I love you always, Catie

Miss A. you are getting so big! You are turning into such an interesting person. I love being your dad. Happy Valentines Day!

Bupa: How do we measure a year, 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days in our life? With our first solo camping trip, first year anniversary cake, Vermont, South Carolina, new restaurants on our date night, our dream home, more nieces and nephews, the last year of our 20s, a green card that's really white, tears, laughter and oh-so-much love. There is no one in this world that I would rather have ups and downs with...especially in bed. I adore you, my hubby of 14 months. Love, Twistle.

Ich liebe Dich, Dylan.

Thank you for loving me through it all! You are an inspiration, and my best friend. I wouldn't be where I am now without you. I love you~

What a bunch of Nanners I have! Thank you for being understanding, stubborn, caring, careless, patient, impatient, silly, serious, mischievous, sensible, funny, sad, excited, level-headed and all other facets of humanity that I've missed - thank you for being real and sharing a life with me for the last five years. Less than two years to Halloween and our own madcap, wedding adventures, my dear! Love you bunches. From, Your Nanners

You girls give me strength and wisdom. You make me remember how lucky i am. Happy Valentines day i love you all bunches and bunches. I would not be me without you. Carebear, Chica A and B, Alicie, lindseypants - You are my goddesses! love, lauraly

To all my wonderful valentines all over the world. You make my life ripe and sweet. I hope you know who you are those who are now and all those that have made their foot prints in the past. But most of all to my loves willy and noah. Thank you for all the love and laughter. Lauraly

Schnuck-ems... a/k/a Sherry: We've now known each other 56 months, been married for 43, and yet I still love you more every day. You've shown me unconditional love-both physical and emotional, respect, encouragement, hope, trust, and friendship. I'm married to my best friend, and I work every day to repay the thanks. Our next 30 years I'm gonna cry a little less, laugh a little more, and love the power of 3 evident in our marriage: 3rd marriage, 3+ years of about that 3rd dog-Happy Valentine's Day! Whitey, a/k/a The Best Puppy Daddy

Happy Valentines Day to the upcoming retiree - Alice Masshardt! You still are and always will be my very best friend and wine buddy. Much love to you - b.

We have shared a lot over the last 5 years - starting with our first kiss ever on Valentines Day 2003 - and now we have a beautiful daughter, our own house and all that goes with those things. We may not have much else, but our lives are so full. I love you kiddo - may we share many, many Valentines Days and may they all be as special as our first.

Hey Charlie Brown, Thanks for being so good at church all these times, giving me the excuse to make donut runs on Sundays. It's great to listen to Wierd Al with you, draw our silly drawings and play Legos with you too. Wierd Dad

Felix, light of my life, you intrepid, curious, cheerful, sweet boy - happy Valentine's Day! I love you! Daddy.

Dear Jordan-Year #18: I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living my baby you'll be. You crack me up and you drive me bats, and I'll never ever stop being grateful that you are you. xoxo McMom

Dear Sunny T. , Thank you for letting us rub all over your leg and shoes, and for not minding too much when we drop hair all over your pretty clothes. Our favorite boy found himself a pretty swell girlfriend. Miaow miaow, Fidget & Puppy-cat

I love you Andy. You're the best. Love, Erin

Lynn McConnell: 'In search of my mother's garden, I found my own. ' (Alice Walker) Happy hearty day, Mom. xoxo Bufferooski

To the whole gaggle of nieces and nephews: Audrey, Charlie, Theo, Scarlett, Louisa, and (soon to be) Isla. Aunt Beffie loves you SO much. Mwah!

Massage Girl - I can't wait to get my hands all over your body. Sam

Dear KB, You are my huggy bear and my sweet sweet girl. I love you with all my heart. Everything about us is special-from the way we met, the connection we have, to the instant love we felt. I'm am yours down to my tippy toes and I always will be. I love the way you smile, smooch, sing, dance, feel, think, talk, laugh, drink water, tickle your own arms, pig out on 9 cookies at night, take care of all of us, love me, look like a cavewoman sometimes, snuggle and everything else. You are truly my soulmate and I can't wait to see your sparkly blue eyes every morning. I love you. LA P. S. Plus, you are a major babe!

Momma-thanks for all the valentines day cards youve always made me. I love you, Happy Valentines Day. Weeg

Kasia, You are such a smart, sweet, supercool girl and I'm so glad to know you and get to live with you and be your friend. You have made my life extra super fun and I can't wait for a many more fun times with you. Love, Lizzie

Gavin, the little mouse. You are the squeakiest little cutie on the planet and I love all your snuggles and silly ways. I love spending time with you. Love, Lizzie

Leo a. k. a. Mimi, my strange purry little kitty with the wild imagination, You make each day an adventure and make me so happy to be your mama. I love you more and more each day. Love, MamaLizzie

to my Valentine, I'm happy that we're new, And, we're for serious. love Acdc

Happy V-day Moll. You're my favorite little sister ever. Love you

Happy Valentines Day Shaun! I love you more than anything! This is our first Valentines Day as being a married couple. Love your wifey

Bob Happy V-day Twin.

Happy Valentines Day DADDY-O, the best daddy in the world. We are sooo proud of you and everything that you have done. We hope you have a good day! Love, Honey Bunchie & Shaun-ski

Is it that time again?Has a whole year gone by?It seems neigh impossible to this forgetfull old guy. But it's true what they saythe people don't jive. Valentines is heremy how the time does fly. So here's to my dear hearts, the ones who count most. I couldn't love you more and that is no boast. Another year togather through thick and through thin. And the best thing about it is that all can still grin. Happy Valentine's Day Jay, Andy and Sarah. Love, Ron

Dear Elli ... I hope you have an awesome Valentines Day. Will you be my Valentine? Come visit me soon. Love, Loren

To Cathy, But the dark secret of the ones long married, A pleasure never mentioned to the young, Is the sweet heat made from two bodies in a bedCurled together on a winter night, The smell of the other always in the quilt, The hand set quietly on the other's flankThat carries news from another worldLight-years away from the one insideThat you always thought you inhabited alone. The heat in that hand could melt a stone. Love, Calvin

Dear Mom ... I don't need anything but you (and Dad) on Valentines Day. You are the love of my life. Will you be my Valentine. Love ... your beautiful darling little girl ... Grace Alexandra Jill

Nicholas Joseph ... Happy Valentines Day ... you are the best boy cousin a girl cousin like me could have ... Will you be my Valentine? Love ... Grace

To my sweet beautiful Mom ... I hope you have the best Valentines Day. You are the best Mom anyone could want ... Love your adorable daughter Loren

I love you my monkey toe queen from your poopy face king

Project Beacon, hope you get some good news with your chocolates and kisses.

Thanks to all of the tai chi teachers. We need you. namaste

Dennis, you would have gotten my vote. Sorry you won't be president.

I laaaaah you, Gaoly! -Tony

Dear Tanya and Torii, You are the best Valentines in the whole world (well at least in Dane County... believe me, I checked). Tanya, you always take the time to stop at the store on the way home to buy the essentials that your husband needs - beer and ice cream. Thanks for helping to it possible for me to go back to school, work part-time, and be a daddy and a husband. Torii, you are the apple of daddy's eye. You laugh at all my silly jokes, understand the joys of eating scrambled eggs and pancakes for dinner, and never fail to wake me up at the crack of dawn by jumping on my stomach. I love you both, very much. Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Daddy (AKA Nate)

Happy Valentines Day to Lance. ILUSM. From Ami.

Happy Valentine's Day E. You are the best sis ever. ILY! -Ash

Hi Bebe1 and Bebe2 (Hello family! ). Happy Valentine's Day! IBLY! Love, Ash

AJS, Happy Valentine's Day from Arrrrrthur and me. Love ya, AES

Rick, 16 years and still going strong! I love you more with each passing day! Love your little Budda Ed

L - Tu presencia en mi vida ha sido como un regalo del cielo. Contigo me siento inmensamente feliz y quiero hacerte el hombre mas feliz del mundo. Cada dia me enamoro mas de tu risa, tu cuerpo, tu forma de ser. Eres mi gran amor. Te quiero un monton. -S

Holley, love ya girl! have a great V-Day! Your best, best, best friend Ed

Momma, Love you always. Your little boy Ricky.

Happy Valentine's Day Matt & Selene. Love ya Mom

Happy v-day to my 3 roommies. lets spend all day snuggled on the couch eating heart-shaped brownies. i love you girls.

Bob, Donna, Agee, Del, Carol, Leona, Patty, Donna Mae, Bobby Sue, Marlin You all mean the world to me and I hope you all have wonderful Valentines day. Love your brother Eddie

happy v-day ashapash. you're the best sister a girl could have. i love you!

To KLD, my nonlegal spousal unit, on Valenine's Day... That place you touch me that drives me wild? It is indeed my heart (but that other spot ain't so bad either). I most completely totally absolutely dig you. xo Beffie

K- Even in this state of confusion, it's clear that I miss you terribly. Everytime I come home it feels like our place, not just mine. If I try not to think about you, I can't help it and I think about you twice as much. I don't know how this phase will end. But I do know you won't come back to me until I can answer that. I wish you'd surprise me and show up at my door. Don't you know I'd just melt in your arms. Red.

Happy Valentines Day Nick, minus the emotions! Hope you have a good one. Your little love tap

JSB- For all you do for me, may you have an active and restful year, full of adventure and peace. With love, -J

Happy Valentine's Day to all the gay and lesbian parents out there! You're my heroes and heroines!

You've made me the happiestand luckiest girl alive I love you AJ

yes you are ... all wonderful valentines of mine ... jay victor, adam daniel, tammy sue, carol, blueberry and schooner and dan, grace alexandra jill, peter jude, ramon, kevin, little and big cheese, anya marie, nancy jean and nick too, poppa bill, ashley wendell, hannabarry and tbone and molly rose and mo, suzanne, debra and jeff and ogden and lillian, allan and robin and carmen, wynston, cdq, poppa jim, jpl and mkl and jvl jr, cece and adsila, ewq and angie and makena, deb ... and all you other loved ones ... love is all you need ... love is all you need ... cpq

The importance of being Ernest is only equalled by my love for you, Pookie. Happy Valentine's Day to my Dearest. Luvu, B.

To Shari, Claire, and Alyssa, the three loves of my life. But yes, Lys, I love Bucky, too. Girlpower and dogpower!

Charlie, thanks for being my dude. Dan

Kate-What would emma do? Think about it...

Charlie and Dan, thanks for picking me out of the crowd. Love and fur and trills, Emily Nutella

Raider Luv, MayIread, Pickle Hater, Mermaid girl, Mmm Mmm Mmm I love you so. I squeeze your little guts out! Love, Mummy

Amanda, we miss you so much. We find reminders of you every day, and we think about you even when we don't find something tangible. Although you couldn't read this and probably still can't, hopefully your little furry cat spirit will grow more wings when everyone reads this. Love, Dan and Charlie and Emily

Blinking and stoned. Rain in your hair. You only smoke because it's something to share. Singing bring on the night, to have and to hold. The sodium light turning silver to gold. Spitfire thin and strung like a violin, I was. Yours was the face with a grace from a different age. Julia, You are the sun in my Sunday morning. Always, Kat.

Hello Ashley, happy almost two year anniversary. Just so you know I think you are so beautiful and sweet and kind and I couldn't ask for anyone better. Oh yeah the waffle maker is the bestest ever!

Little Flea Bite, fluffy, fi-fie-foe-fum, fifa, Mmmmm yummy I like to cuddle with you, you firecracker you! kisses, mummy

Brenda Louise, Thank you again for our life together. I love you. Richard Ernest

LOML, Simply put, I love you. We'll make it through. We always do. I'm out of rhymes ... So doo-dee-doo. Bink

Safi, We love, love, love you bunches! We're very proud of the smart, cool, strong girl you are! Love, Mommy and Daddy

Eli, To one cool dude. Hope your Valentine's Day shreds! You're more than sick, more than ill ... you're pukin'! Love, Mom and Dad

To Hannah, Helpy, Ar Ar and all the rest, Will you be my Valentine?Diddy

Diddy, I'm glad you are my good friend. Valentines?Helpy

Mira and Casey, We're always thinking of our star babies ...Love, Mom and Dad

UPS Man, UPS Man, in your polyester so brown...

Benny, Even though I didn't have time to write you a Valentine, know that I love you and appreciate all you do. Kristi

To all the legislators who voted for the ban on gay marriage and civil unions: I hope you get pricked by thorns and get tummy-aches from too many chocolates! You not only failed to elect a governor and congressman, but you failed to stop the love, ha ha!

Shout out to Pnut, cookie, and the Whale- We still luv you after all these years!

Ma-I don't know how you have managed to raise all 3 of us kids, but you are my Hero! luv-LK

You are my rock. You are my handsome man. I have found in you my bestest friend. You love me through my bumps and my noxious fumes and my waterfalls. You gave me the greatest gift any one has ever given to me, our Patrick, who has been the best addition to our family. We are having a blast! Thank you Mr. Gerald Paul for all the love and care of your fruitloop, it is much appreciated. love you!

Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love. Jane Austen (1775 - 1817), Northanger Abbey

In Memory of Leisa Douglas-Troia 1956-2006. You will forever be in our hearts. A wonderful mother, sister, daughter, friend and auntie. You put up a courageous battle against such an awful disease. We think of you every day and hope that one day there will be a cure for Breast Cancer, so that this world will not have to ever lose another sister, mother, daughter, grandmother, cousin or auntie. With all of our love, Carla and Pete

Dearest Pete! Its been 7 years, so how time flies. We have been through such trying times and still we prevail. I am so lucky to have you in my life. I may not let you know how grateful I am to have you by my side. Looking forward to many more years together. I will always Love you, Carla

Lynn and Joe Troia; Mom and Dad, What a wonderful example you have made of yourselves. Two people who came together, created 2 wonderful children and a lifetime of Love. How many children can say that their parents have been married 37 years? I can! You are the perfect example of what marriage is. Best friends and devotion to eachother and others. I hope to instill the same beliefs in my children that you did in me. Happy Valentines Day Mom and Dad, Love Carla

Mr. Bo-Jangles, Sammy So So, you are lil' stinker, a treat treat hog. You have been the sunshine of my cloudy days for 16 years now. I love your midnight rants and your bedhogging ways. Happy Valentines Day, Mommy CT

Pete, Looking forward a wonderful life with you and me , and whatever is thrown our way. Happy Valentines Day, Carlita

Happy Valentines Day to the entire staff at Madison Health Services!

We all carry around so much pain in our hearts. Love and pain and beauty. They all seem to go together like one little tidy confusing package. It's a messy business, life. It's hard to figure - full of surprises. Some good. Some bad. Henry Bromel, Northern Exposure, The Big Kiss, 1991

Dear Erik, You're a Book of Love! Love, Enid

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