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Up close and personal with the Mad Rollin' Dolls: The Dairyland Dolls

Credit:Papa Razzi

When Madison's favorite milkmaids in the Dairyland Dolls skated into Seattle back in April, they showed all of Rat City how things are done in the Midwest. Their blue-and-white uniforms may look sweet and innocent, but the northwesterners in Grave Danger learned quickly how tough the traveling team for the Mad Rollin' Dolls can be. The DDs ended the night with a 116-76 victory.

Hot off a win in this interleague season opener, the Dairyland Dolls are set to battle the Denver Roller Girls' Mile High Club on Saturday, the first in a summer series of matches at home and on the road. This also marks the beginning of a new year for the Mad Rollin' Dolls, which recently wrapped up its fourth season a few weeks back. Now it's time for the travel team to shine.

Here is their roster for the DDs' 2008 season:

Back Doris #1134 (Unholy Rollers)
Carrie A. HackSAW #24 (Reservoir Dolls)
Chop Suzzy #311 (Vaudeville Vixens)
Crackerjack #100 (Reservoir Dolls)
Darling Nikki #14 (Vaudeville Vixens)
Dolly Pardon Me #925 (Vaudeville Vixens)
Dutch Oven #2 (Reservoir Dolls)
Jenny Knoxville #16 (Quad Squad)
Jewels of DeNile #99 (Unholy Rollers)
Mauly Tov #131 MJ (Unholy Rollers)
Maverick #86 (Unholy Rollers)
Mouse #4 (Reservoir Dolls)
Mustang #66 (Vaudeville Vixens)
Ninja #21isth (Vaudeville Vixens)
Paine Mansfield #888 (Reservoir Dolls)
Princess Die #5 (Quad Squad)
STank Girl #773W5 (Reservoir Dolls)
Stitch #4 (Quad Squad)
Stevie Knocks #214 (Vaudeville Vixens)
Wildberry Punch #27 (Unholy Rollers)
This marks the final spin with the Dolls for Crackerjack, at least in Madison. A co-founder of the Mad Rollin' Dolls, she is also a skating coach and president of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). Following this final season with the DDs, she is moving to roller derby central in Austin and plans to skate with her sister in the Texas Roller Derby League. There's still a whole summer of skating, though, for senior class and the rest of the skaters who make up the DDs.

I chatted with a few Dairyland Doll veterans to get the forecast for this weekend's bout against Denver and learn what's in store for the rest of the interleague season.

The Daily Page: The first home interleague bout is almost here. What thoughts are running through your head?
Jewels of DeNile (Fourth season DD): I really get excited to hit girls who don't know I'm coming. All the girls in our league know what to expect so it's a little extra special to make somebody hit the wall that doesn't know that much about you.

How does this year's team compare to previous Dairyland Dolls rosters? Why is this DD season different?
Back Doris (Third season DD): Every year, interleague play becomes more intense. This year we have many new skaters on the DD roster. They may be new but they are hungry; we all are ready to make this a successful DD season.

Paine Mansfield (Fourth season DD): The roster this season is a product of 4 seasons of learning to play this game. As a team we have goals to reach and teams to beat! Easy as that!

What's your favorite part about roller derby in the summer? What's your least favorite?
Jewels of DeNile: My favorite part about derby in the summer is training with the best of the best. We really push each other and the intensity of each and every practice is awesome. We don't really have a free summer like the rest of the league but every second of it is totally worth it!

How is the team preparing for the Denver Dolls?
Dutch Oven (Third season DD): We are preparing for this bout just like we do any other -- hard core training! We work out together and on our own to get our bodies in peak performance.

Paine Mansfield: We are ready to host a great team from an awesome city (my hometown)! But you better believe that the girls on our roster are ready to hand these western derby girls their asses on a platter.

Have you got anyone's number, so to speak?
Back Doris: I don't personally know any of the players but for some reason I am so excited to knock Angela Death four rows into the crowd.

Jewels of DeNile: Do I have anyone's number? Yes, all of them! Nobody intimidates me! I'll take them all down with style!

What did the team learn from the April win against Seattle's Grave Danger? Any strategy change ups in the works?
Back Doris: The bout in Seattle was amazing and not just because we won -- well maybe it was because we won -- but because thorough the game we learned how to play together. In the first period we came out as strong individuals. In the second period we came out as a strong team.

Jewels of DeNile: We only had a couple of weeks to train together since the game was in the middle of regular season play and we came out looking pretty good. It made us hungry to win all season and put that much more effort into our training. We will be ready for anything!

Dutch Oven: Just having ended out home season, the most important strategy for us will be learning how to work together and improving our teamwork.

Any surprising moments so far this travel season?
Jewels of DeNile: Every time we travel it's a new adventure. It's crazy how close you can become with people in such a short amount of time. I can't tell too many of the stories from the road though, they are top secret! Come play with us if you want to know all the dirt!

Back Doris: We do a lot of fundraisers to help ease the pain of paying for all our travels. One fundraiser was at WOOFS where we danced in our unis on top of barrels for tips. It was great to see everyone let loose.

Rumor has it that the DDs got a chilly welcome from Rat City fans, but by the end of the bout the team had won them over. Why are the DDs so well loved?
Paine Mansfield: We are sweethearts from the Midwest! We know how to smile while delivering a wicked hit! What derby fan wouldn't love that!

Dutch Oven: Any athlete will tell you it can be challenging to be 'polite' when you're playing a sport and you are very worked up, full of adrenaline, and out of breath. But one of our top priorities is being gracious winners and losers -- just being a good sport. Those things together make it really hard not to love us!

Jewels of DeNile: I think the reason the DD's are so loved is because we look so cute and unassuming in our milkmaid dresses. I'll tell you what, the team we're playing against finds out really soon that that is not the case.

What is the team up to off the track?
Paine Mansfield: We are coming up with some really great fundraisers this season -- from our traditional car washes to dancing on barrels to selling our leftover derby swag! Make sure to check our website for information about our FUNdraisers -- no matter what we do, it is bound to be a good time for everyone involved!

Are tickets available yet?
Back Doris: Seriously you don't have them yet? Tickets are limited so go immediately to and get them online. This is one bout you don't want to miss!

The Dairyland Dolls get back into action for their summer season with a bout against the Mile High Club of Denver this Saturday, May 31 at Fast Forward Skate Center, 4649 Verona Rd., Madison. Doors open at 6:30, action starts at 7. Tickets are $10 in advance, and can be purchased online and at Freedom/Knuckleheads, Capitol City Tattoo, Cha Cha Beauty Parlor, the High Noon Saloon, Lakeside Press and Fast Forward Skate Center.

This bout will be followed by a Mad Rollin' Dolls afterparty at the Majestic Theatre, featuring music from DJ Donnie Vendetta and Awesome Car Funmaker. The show is $5, or free for those bearing a bout ticket stub. A portion of the proceeds from this bout, meanwhile, will be donated to the Dane County Humane Society.

More home bouts will be held through the summer, with one on Saturday, July 19 against the Charm City Roller Girls of Baltimore, followed by another on August 30 against the Burning River Roller Girls of Cleveland. These and the away bouts are all building up to this autumn's WFTDA Eastern Regional Tournament, known as the Derby in Dairyland, to be held at the Coliseum over the weekend of October 10-12.

Margaret Broeren skates as Mauly Tov with the Mad Rollin' Dolls. When she's not skating, she works as an editor in Madison.

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