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Aim with care in Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt and Sniper: Ghost Warriors
Bass Pro Shops: PC, Xbox 360 (Rated Teen) Sniper: PC, Xbox 360 (Rated Mature)

Two new video games are in love with sniper rifles. The better game is Sniper: Ghost Warrior, in which you portray a soldier in tropic jungles, using scope-rifles to snipe at rival soldiers who shoot back at you. The lesser game is Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt, in which you snipe at deer and moose that don't shoot back at you.

That's my problem with hunting games: I never have to look over my shoulder or worry animals will fight back. Where is the challenge?

I guess the challenge of The Hunt is I'm supposed to walk slowly around its forests, looking on the ground for animal poop and tracking elk and their ilk. But the animals don't run fast or far, so I merely run as fast as the game will let me, and I find these animals quicker, and I snipe them in the face.

Now, let's get something straight. In real life, I never hunt animals, because I feel sorry for them. But my hunting squeamishness isn't the issue here. I'm telling you: Walking through woods, looking at poop, and sniping defenseless boars bores me. If you're a hunter, however, maybe you would enjoy virtual hunting? Dunno.

On the other hand, like so many people, I dig games where I shoot people, because those games come with a simpatico relationship: I try to kill virtual people, and virtual people try to kill me. It's a fair fight to figure out how to perform better and to resist dying.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is pretty good at presenting that challenge, but it has some dumb problems.

First, the good: Game designers did a great job of creating a series of missions, whereby you approach jungle encampments, then meticulously shoot down baddies with awesome sniper rifles, and occasionally a silencer-pistol or machine gun. For some headshots, the camera follows bullets slowly in mid-air, like in the movies.

Problems: Why do rival soldiers always see me and shoot at me, even when the game informs me I'm 100 percent hidden in shadows and bushes? And why do the big online maps keep freezing me in place, leaving me standing slack-jawed as other gamers snipe me in the face?

I think I'd like Sniper more if I could just see rivals better. They're wearing camouflage in the jungle. To kill them, I step onto open field and let them shoot me with a bullet or two so I can see where their bullets are coming from, and then I turn toward them and blow their heads off from 200 meters away.

I would like The Hunt much more if the animals were fighters, if they would just pick up a gun and fire back. Alas, animals are doomed as long as people roam and ruin this oily Earth. If animals were smarter, they would totally do something about us.

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