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Come out of the closet - against gay rights; Feingold no maverick; Follow-up question; Pathetic spectacle; He knew it!

Come out of the closet - against gay rights

In your recent "Tell All" column ("Don't Ask, Don't Bother," 10/8/10), the letter writer and columnist favor homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

Come on! To my knowledge, marriage, until about 40 years ago, was always held, everywhere in the world, to be for a man and a woman, and largely for generating more human beings. The civil rights movement, on track when opposing racism, went astray when it started saying that opposing homosexual acts and same-sex marriage violates civil rights.

Your cover story in the same issue, "May the Worst Man Lose," fails to say anything about either Ron Johnson's or Russ Feingold's views on homosexuality, same-sex marriage, embryonic stem-cell research or abortion - issues too weighty to omit. We ought to spare the lives of the unborn and promote adoption and adult stem-cell research. I intend to base my vote largely on these issues.

It's time for more pre-born and more traditional-family people to come out of the closet and try to get society back on track.

Daniel P. Eberhardy

Feingold no maverick

Christian Schneider did a great job ("The Case Against Russ Feingold," 10/8/10) exposing the phony posture that Sen. Feingold uses - that of a "maverick." Russ ain't no maverick.

Recently, the Israelis murdered 19 civilians and wounded 30 to 40 other people who were trying to bring food and other relief items to Gaza. Sen. Feingold supported this despicable action.

Real mavericks such as Rep. Tammy Baldwin and Rep. David Obey opposed this unjustified slaughter of unarmed civilians. There was a senator of Jewish ethnicity - Bernie Sanders of Vermont - who opposed this slaughter also.

William Gartland, Rio

Follow-up question

Kudos to Rick Marolt for his column on the primate torture called experimentation ("Of Monkeys and Morality," 10/15/10). A question for the UW to answer: Would "experimenting" on babies be ethical?

Karim Barrett, Lone Rock

Pathetic spectacle

In your recent article "Players Have to Behave" (9/23/10), you are right on point in saying players must be held accountable. [Sources quoted in the piece seem to think] a female television reporter should have worn a more conservative outfit during her reporting from the New York Jets locker room. This seems to me like another incidence of "female victim blaming."

Why is the victim of sexual harassment blamed for the inappropriate behavior of a bunch of rowdy football players? Where's the accountability for the players? Where is the self-control and common courtesy from the players?

They are buying into the stereotype that football players are nothing more than a bunch of horny, empty-headed jocks that behave like animals in heat when in the company of a female reporter. Pathetic!

Sam Crossly

He knew it!

After decades of watching TV, elections and movies, I concluded years ago that actors and politicians are professional liars. Your Oct. 15 front-page story, "They're Lying!," confirmed my observation.

Ron Renkoski, Blooming Grove

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