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Tell All: 'Why is polygamy illegal?'
It's no different from same-sex marriage
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Dear Tell All: Something has been puzzling me for the past few weeks. After "debating" (read: trolling) with liberals about gay marriage on YouTube, I was forced to ask myself a question: Why is polygamy illegal? The question arose once a lefty posted a snarky comment on a video of a particular public figure who compared homosexual marriages to polygamous institutions.

Now, this particular liberal strongly condemned the public figure for comparing gay unions to polygamy. But why? Why is it that marrying one's own gender is acceptable and any suggestion otherwise is disgusting and bigoted, while this particular liberal didn't get flamed for slighting polygamy (and got 60 thumbs up from like-minded people)?

Why is polygamy illegal? If you follow the liberal logic that anyone who loves another person should be allowed to marry that person, why not allow multiple people to have group marriages? Why is it that liberals are not fighting for marriage equality for all, including Mormons (and whoever else desires a polygamous marriage)?

Polygamist in the Closet

Dear Polygamist: Same-sex marriage is the equivalent of heterosexual marriage: a bond between two people that leads to a stable relationship, and in turn a stable society. Polygamous relationships are a destabilizing force, particularly in their most common form around the world: one male with a harem of wives. A society that allows such relationships experiences a scarcity of available women, encouraging men to control the "supply" with various forms of repression (forced marriages, extremely young brides, etc.). Do those polygamous marriages we see in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - in which a man exercises supreme control over a group of female sex slaves - seem like a healthy way to go?

That's only the tip of the iceberg, and I'm already out of room. Readers, care to help me out with this argument? Drop me a line to school Polygamist in the benefits of traditional two-person unions - or, if you dare, to school me in the benefits of polygamy.

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