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Skating at Olbrich

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Save Garver; Castro and Guillen

Save Garver

As the organizer of the East Side History Club and a 19-year resident near Olbrich Gardens and the Garver property, I read with interest Jay Rath's article on Olbrich Gardens' plans for use of the Garver Feed Mill ("A Likely Reprieve for Garver Feed Mill," 7/6/2012).

I don't understand Rath's comment "Using the mill for public space at this point has already been ruled out by Olbrich." The Garver building is not Olbrich's property. In fact, this is a city of Madison property. Olbrich Botanical Society transferred ownership of the Garver building and surrounding five acres to the city with a deed restriction that the property be used as parkland, devoted primarily to botanical gardens. DNR Stewardship Funds were also used for the purchase, so DNR permission is required for any sale, transfer or conversion to nonpark uses.

A reprieve for the building achieved by handing it back to Olbrich Gardens for maintenance/storage is a conversion to nonpark use. This is a disservice to the public to whom it belongs and for whose use it was purchased by the city in the first place.

For Olbrich's director to use access issues as the excuse is simply false. Check out the recently completed Union South building, which abuts train tracks and attracts thousands daily by bike, car, and foot.

If unchallenged, I fear Olbrich Gardens will eliminate any use by the public, limiting Garver to a storage shed until they decide they need more parking, at which point the public access will be deemed safe after all.

Sarah White

Castro and Guillen

Dean Robbins is the one putting his foot in his mouth by dissing Fidel Castro fan Ozzie Guillen, who ought to be awarded Great American of the Year honors for daring to exercise free speech and giving the finger to the Orwellian fascism sweeping over America ("Hit One for Fidel!," 7/13/2012).

Castro's Cuba, Ahmadinejad's Iran, and Chavez's Venezuela are said to be the only three countries left on Earth without Rothschild-dominated central banks. (American democracy was overthrown in the Rothschild coup d'état of 1913, and it's been downhill for this country ever since.) By standing up against the world's worst gangsters and most vicious human rights abusers - the New World Order bankster overlords who are nearing the endgame of their plans for a one-world dictatorship - Castro, Ahmadinejad and Chavez have risked everything to become planetary heroes.

Kevin Barrett, Lone Rock

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