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Tell All: Car stereos cranked to 11
They're making me deaf!

Dear Tell All: I can empathize with Crabby Road, who's plagued by his neighbor's loud guitar playing ("Death to My Noisy Neighbor," 4/11/2013). Not being able to relax in your own home can certainly take its toll.

I wanted to vent about something somewhat related that has been bothering me for years. They are commonly known as "boom cars." Every time one passes by, I'd love to throw something through their window. Of course, I restrain myself. I simply don't understand the need for people to have their "music" this loud. Not only is it a major irritant, but people don't seem to realize they are doing damage to their hearing. They're also obscuring the sounds of emergency vehicles (as well as almost everything else) in the area.

I hear boom cars on a daily basis. They drive past my workplace, rattle the windows and fill the air with this horrid vibration. I hear them when I am out around the city doing errands and enjoying myself. I hear them when I am at home - and as I live near a heavily traveled road, it is much more frequently than I'd like.

Obviously there is little to be done about it, but if possible, I'd like to find out what the reasoning is behind boom cars. Maybe your readers drive one of these obnoxious cars or know someone who does. There is enough noise in this world without these loud vehicles. And as their drivers age, they will be the ones not hearing it.

Boom Boom Room

Dear Tell All: Crabby Road (the man with the noisy upstairs neighbor who thinks he can sing better than he actually does) has another option, and that's to fight fire with fire, so to speak. He can drown out the neighbor's music by cranking his stereo as loud as it will go, with the loudest rock songs he has. Some suggestions include Judas Priest's "Screaming for Vengeance" or AC/DC's "Hell's Bells."

When the neighbor gets his fill of the walls rattling, he may be more receptive to requests that he be more considerate.

Deaf Leppard

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