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Tell All: Madison bicyclists are 'vermin'
They break every law imaginable
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Dear Tell All: I have read the letters from your readers about bad driving in Madison ("The Hell of Madison Crosswalks," 12/5/2013; "Crazy Madison Drivers," 1/9/2014). However, no one up to now has revealed the worst offenders of all.

In Madison, they are viewed as "the chosen people." To me, they are just bicyclists.

Bicyclists break every law imaginable every day and get away with it, including riding on sidewalks (even on streets with bike lanes) with no help from the do-nothing Madison police department. The ones who barrel down streets wearing headphones/earbuds should be ticketed ASAP and their bikes confiscated.

Cars have given me the right of way around 50% of the time, unlike bicyclists. They've given me the right of way 0% in the 37 years I've lived here.

Naturally, if one were to defend themselves against these vermin, guess who would get arrested? Not them!

No one talks about this in Soglin's socialist elite fairyland. I wonder if it's better elsewhere.


Dear F.: You seem prone to exaggeration. I don't believe that no Madison bicyclists have given you the right of way in 37 years. I don't think they break every law imaginable every day. I don't think their bikes should be confiscated if they use earbuds. And I don't think they're vermin.

However, I will grant you that we're living in a fairyland here in Madison. Why not stop grousing and enjoy it?

Dear Tell All: I doubt Wisconsin will soon legalize marijuana, since it still bans same-sex marriage ("Please Legalize Pot in Wisconsin, Too," 1/23/2104). There seems to be a link between states that legalize same-sex marriage and marijuana. When the Bible says that two men who lie together should be stoned, maybe we've just been misunderstanding?

King James

Dear King: I'm glad joking about the Bible is still legal in least for the time being.

Do you have a question about life or love in Madison? Write Tell All, 101 King St., Madison, WI 53703. Or email

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