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Tell All: My friend, the homophobe
He sticks up for businesses against same-sex marriage

Dear Tell All: I'm mad at a straight friend of mine for sticking up for the homophobes associated with that Arizona anti-gay law that just got shot down. He's against the law itself, which would have allowed businesses to refuse service to gay people based on their "religious beliefs." But we had a philosophical disagreement that blew up into a serious fight.

He claims we shouldn't go around crying "bigotry" against the religious business people who don't want to bake cakes or supply flowers for a same-sex wedding. In his view, if they truly believe in the biblical idea that marriage should be between a man a woman, we should be magnanimous enough to understand their discomfort at contributing to a same-sex ceremony (though not magnanimous enough to give them a legal loophole).

But if that's not bigotry, what is? Can you help me out here?

Here and Queer

Dear Here: Sorry, but I can't. Not because I don't like to get in the middle of an argument between friends (believe me, I do), but because I think it's silly for you two to split hairs. You're on the same side of the legal issue, so why get bogged down in an unconstructive philosophical debate?

If I were you, Here, I'd make up with your friend before the next big gay-rights fight. Our side needs all the help it can get.

Dear Tell All: Thank you for defending Woody Allen against accusations that he molested his daughter ("I Know Woody Allen Did It," 3/6/2014). What people fail to think about is the fact that his accuser Mia Farrow almost certainly had a baby, Ronan Farrow, with Frank Sinatra while dating Woody, and then Woody supported the child for years, thinking it was his. The jury was out for me on whose child he was until I saw an old movie with Frank in it and was alarmed by the resemblance to Ronan. Wow.

So my point is, who does that to a guy? Mia is crazy, obviously.

Grammy Hall

Dear Tell All: Well, there's the behavioral indicator of Woody Allen marrying his daughter!!!!! Signed,


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