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Community Wishlist: Heart-healthy giving
Fulfill any of these nonprofits wishes, from mittens to mattresses to movie passes

The past few years have tested our capacity for hope. In 2005 we were broken-hearted over a string of devastating natural disasters. This past year, we've increasingly been grieving over losses from the complications of war. Recently I read something that gave me a moment's relief: "If your heart is to be broken, let it be broken open." Yes, and when it is open, it is more open to give.

Only a few stories of need make the front pages of newspapers or the news at six, but our community is full of people who would welcome an open heart, along with a donation.

The Wish List makes that easy by doing the footwork for you. Take a few minutes to look over the eclectic mix of organizations that offer services for survival and spirit within our community. Does your own story link you to one of these organizations, or would it serve you just as well to select one by closing your eyes and letting your finger land on the page? Either way, make a decision to give.

The selection is wide this year, from the requests of the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County (who would love some balls, dolls and games, and could use socks, mittens and hats) to the Center for Patient Partnerships (cab vouchers and bus passes are welcome, but also humorous books and DVDs really help the patients). And of course the shelters and community centers need just about everything. (It's a good idea to call before you drop off your items, especially when donating technical equipment, to check for specific needs.)

For a few weeks each year, enthusiasm for giving is unmatched. Many of us feel the urge to be generous, but also feel the stress brought on by shopping and the press of holiday events. But not to worry with the Wish List. Many of the items that these agencies want are very inexpensive. You can't go wrong with this year's menu, because everything is heart-healthy.

ABC for Health
152 W. Johnson St., Suite 206. 261-6939.
Public-interest law firm that helps families and children connect to health care coverage and services.

Web design services
Graphic design volunteer
Newer PC computers and LCD monitors
Pro bono legal assistance
Physician or Nurse medical record review consultations

Aldo Leopold Nature Center
300 Femrite Dr., Monona. 221-3038.
Hands-on nature programs in Monona and Black Earth for young children, their teachers and families.

Automatic letter folder
Chafing dishes
Two extra-large coolers
Binoculars (small, lightweight)
Calculators (student set of 15 basic)
Digital camera (high-resolution)
Coffee server, thermos (pour or pump style)
Radio/tape/CD Player
Freezer (small)
Overhead projector and screen
Presentation binding machine (Ibico, or GBC ProClick or CombBind)
Walkie talkies
Water filter/purifier (portable/camping)
Wrought-iron log holder and tools
Antique kerosene lamp with glass chimney
Snowshoes (youth and adult sizes)
Laminator (large, poster-size)
Pudgy pie makers (pie irons)
Dissolved Oxygen Hach test kits
Hach pH test kits
Kelwin soil moisture/pH meters
Laptop computers (call for specifics)

Alliance for Animals
P.O. Box 1632, 53701. 257-6333.
Animal-protection group providing education about the humane treatment of animals.

Portable DVD player for tabling (7-9 inch)
Laser printer
Digital camera
Digital video camera
Copy machine
Printing services for educational literature
Web services
Heavy-duty stapler
Heavy-duty paper shredder

Alzheimer's Association
517 N. Segoe Rd., Suite 301. 232-3400 or 800-272-3900.
Helps people affected by Alzheimer's disease through information, education, support and advocacy.

Heavy-duty telescoping tripod easel
Small desktop printing calculator
Platform cart with folding handle

Angel's Wish Inc.
161 Horizon Dr. Suite 106, Verona. 848-4174.
Dedicated to reducing animal overpopulation, re-homing companion animals and raising awareness of animal welfare issues.

Pet supplies (kitty litter, Frontline or Revolution flea preventative, canned and good quality dry cat food-ProPlan, Royal Canin, Iams, Nutro, etc.)
Kitten Milk Replacement
Pet carriers
Laptop computer
Ink cartridges (HP78 and HP15)
Computer projector
White and color copy paper
Plastic sheet protectors
Batteries (AA, 9 volt)
Paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, tissues)
Heavy duty garbage bags (33-gallon)
Used ink or laser cartridges
Used cell phones
Raffle ticket tumbler

ARC Outpatient Services
1409 Emil St., Suite 100. 283-6426.
Provides women and children with treatment programs, including individual and group therapy, to reduce the likelihood of continued substance abuse, neglect and out-of-home placement of children.

Computer scanner
Projector for PowerPoint presentations
Boom box (CD player)
White noise makers (10)
Digital camera and printer
Computers (3)
Floor lamps
Craft supplies, rickrack
Markers, good pens and paint brushes
Scrapbook stickers
Jewelry-making supplies
DVDs (uplifting messages)
Artwork or framed pictures
Locking supply cabinet
File cabinets
Dry erase board with easel
Small refrigerator

Atwood Community Center
2425 Atwood Ave. 241-1574.
Strengthening lives in the Atwood neighborhood.

Nonperishable food items
Personal care items
Sponsors for children's holiday gift program
Van drivers
Entertainers for senior or youth programs
Laptop computer
Art supplies
Fax/Copier, copy paper
Storage bins
Childrens swimsuits (ages 3-12)
Childrens boots and winter gear
Office supplies
Early reader books
Flash cards, games, and educational toys
New dictionary
Electric pencil sharpener
Dry erase boards, chalk boards
Bulletin boards
Multicultural dolls

Boys & Girls Club of Dane County
2001 Taft Street. 257-2606
Serves youth from ages 7-18, living in some of our communities' most challenged neighborhoods. Over 50 programs are led by professionals in safe and structured environments in two locations.

CD Walkmans
Girls jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches)
Balls of all types
Barbie and other dolls
Gift certificates to stores or fast food
Movie passes
Socks, mittens, hats
Nail polish
Body lotions and soap
Cologne for teen boys
Watches for teen boys
Board games

Breast Cancer Recovery Foundation
P.O. Box 5070, 53705. 821-1140.
Helps women heal emotionally and physically from breast cancer; offers creative wellness retreats for women living with breast cancer.

Good quality, portable CD player
Flat-screen monitors

The Center for Patient Partnerships
975 Bascom Mall, Suite 4311.
Provides free patient advocacy services to individuals with life-threatening or serious chronic illnesses and their loved ones. Offers resources to explore and consider treatment options, identify resources, grapple with employment-related concerns, and confront the costs of treatment.

Vouchers for cab rides or bus tickets to medical appointments (Madison Taxi or Badger Cab Co.)
Gas vouchers or plane ticket vouchers
Madison Metro bus tickets
XX Gift cards for groceries, coffee shops, MGE or Alliant, pharmacies (Community Pharmacy/Walgreens), videos
Hotel room certificates
Phone cards
Book store gift cards or books on illness, healing and grieving Blank greeting cards
Printer paper
Phone headsets
Color printer/scanner and ink cartridges
Webcam (to enable advocates to Skype with long-distance clients)
Expanding wallet file folders
Silk screening and printing services
$30 catering gift certificates
Professional writing/editing services
Humor/comedy books or DVDs

Children's Service Society of Wisconsin
2800 Royal Ave., Suite 310. 221-3511, ext. 221.
Building and enhancing a nurturing environment for Wisconsin children.

Bus passes/cab vouchers for interviews and house hunting
Board games
Art supplies
Disposable cameras

Colonial Club Senior Activity Center
301 Blankenheim Lane, Sun Prairie. 837-4611, ext. 129.
Provides services and activities that respond to the growing and changing needs of older adults.

Gift cards (groceries, pharmacies and discount stores)
Personal care items
Card table and chairs
Five-drawer file cabinet
Laser printer
White copy paper
New piano
2007 monthly planners
New decks of cards
New birthday cards
Gas cards
Seasonal centerpieces (12)
Door prizes (small miscellaneous gifts)
New space heaters
Business-quality copier
Small freezer
Paper towels
Poster boards

Common Wealth Development, Inc.
1501 Williamson St. 256-3527, ext. 13.
Youth and affordable housing programs. Provides employment and financial education, job placements, and mentoring to teens.

TV/VCR unit
Dry erase board, easel for presentations
Gift cards (groceries, Menards or Home Depot)
Flatbed scanner for Windows XP (with a USB connection)

Community Action Coalition for South Central Wisconsin, Inc.
1717 N. Stoughton Road. 246-4730, ext. 224.
Develops economic and social skills of individuals, families and communities to reduce poverty in Dane, Jefferson and Waukesha counties. Provides emergency services as well as developing long-term solutions.

Nonperishable food items
Gift cards (groceries, home stores--Menards and Farm & Fleet, restaurants, gas, books)
Movie or recreational passes
Bus tickets
Personal care items (infant through adult)
Underwear for men and women (also pantyhose and knee highs)
Household items for homeless/near homeless families, including cleaning supplies and house wares
Air compressor and portable generator
Garden tools
Durable hand trucks, dollys
Warehouse hand carts
Refrigerator/freezer shelf thermometers
Digital, hand-held thermometer
Step ladders (6 and 8 foot)
Power tools
Natural gas shop heater

Community Living Connections, Inc.
6515 Watts Road, Suite 100. 661-7937.
Provides residential services to approximately 150 adults with developmental disabilities who live throughout Dane County.

Art and craft supplies (markers, construction paper, water color and tempera paint)
New winter scarves, hats and mittens
Shovels and sidewalk salt
Home tool kits
First aid kits
Paper products (Kleenex, paper towels, toilet paper)
Disposable dinnerware (paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils)
Personal care products and bubble bath
Kitchen, garbage and lawn/leaf bags
Disinfectant wipes
Cleaning supplies, dish soap
Gift cards (gas, food, movies, groceries, book stores, discount stores)
Bus passes
Puzzles, games, hand-held games
Word search, coloring and dot-to-dot books
Magazines (new or used)
Bottled water
Kitchen cookware and utensils

Community Shares of Wisconsin
612 W. Main St., Suite 303. 256-1066.
Raises funds for nonprofit community organizations working to build social and economic equity and a healthy environment.

Name badge trade show tray for 100 plastic name badges
Plastic floor mat for office chair with no carpet-gripping pips (for cement floor)
Free-standing or table-top model magazine display rack for lobby (12-24 magazine)
Room divider/partition screen (simple design, trifold, home-decor style, not cubicle siding)
Portable flip chart stand

Cornucopia Inc.
306 N. Brooks St. 257-7489.
An arts, activities and wellness center run for and by people with mental health issues and their allies.

Colorful "artistic" old calendars for collages
Musical instruments
Jewelry making supplies
Mosaic making supplies
Pre-stretched canvas
Frames of all sizes with glass
Paint and brushes
Volunteer licensed massage therapist

Dane County Juvenile Shelter Home
219-7381 or 246-3278.
Provides temporary housing for youth (male/female, ages 10-17) during involvement with Dane County Juvenile Court System.

T-shirts, underwear, socks (white)
Boxer briefs
Pajamas for girls
Pool sticks
Big screen television
Outdoor activity items, indoor games
Backpacks and school supplies
Colored pencils, art/craft items and kits
Three modern, wood office desks & chairs
New comforters (twin size)
First aid supplies
Laptop computers
Personal hygiene kits
Snow blower
Chain basketball nets
Picnic table
Washing machine, electric clothes dryer
Pots and pans
New or gently used refrigerator (commercial grade)

Dean Foundation BSP-Free Clinic (Benevolent Specialist Project)
2711 Allen Blvd. Middleton. 827-2308.
Sponsors consultations by volunteer professionals to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of uninsured, low-income patients referred to the clinic by a primary physician.

Rolls of paper for exam tables
Latex-free gloves (all sizes)
Ear thermometers
Color and black cartridges for fax and copiers
Knee and elbow sleeves (all sizes)
Cock-up wrist splints (both hands)
Germicidal wipes
Computer paper
Padded mailing envelopes
Tape recorders for transcription

Domestic Abuse Intervention Services
P.O. Box 1761, 53701-1761. 251-1237.
Peer support, legal advocacy, crisis response and shelter for Dane County survivors of domestic violence and their children.

Projector for PowerPoint (new or less than five years)
DVD player (new or less than five years)
New flat-screen computer monitors
New toddler beds, Pack and Play infant portable cribs
New twin-sized pillows, comforters and sheets
New bath towels
Madison Metro Bus passes
Gift cards (gas, grocery stores, discount stores, pharmacies)
Cab vouchers
Phone cards

Dreamweavers, Inc.
634 W. Main St., Suite 104.
255-2284, ext.24.
Assists adults with developmental disabilities at home and in the community.

Gift cards
Colorful artwork
Area rugs
New carpeting
Carpet shampooer
Vinyl furniture
Plastic mats (floor protection)
Kitchen faucet water filters
Free and clear laundry detergent
First-aid kits
Recycled paper products (Green Forest TP, etc.)
Nesco roaster
Microwave/coffee maker cart
Storage unit rental
Digital cameras
Computer projector
Projection screen
Computer scanner
Web services
Accessible van
Special event catering

East Madison Community Center
8 Straubel Ct. 249-0861.
A neighborhood-based organization that provides educational, developmental, recreational, vocational, basic resource, and facility use program services for preschoolers, youth, adults, families, senior citizens and community groups on Madison's east side.

TV/DVD combo set
Computers (desk and laptop)
Clothing and household items
Nonperishable food
Art and craft supplies
Books, videos, CDs, cassettes
Musical instruments
Multicultural toys, games and art projects
Personal care items
Metal shelving (sturdy)
School supplies
Infant/toddler items (disposable diapers, pull-ups, clothing)
Infant furniture in good repair
Bus tickets
Cab vouchers
Movie and theatre tickets

Exchange Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse
2120 Fordem Avenue, Suite 200.
Please call 241-3434 for drop-off location.
Parenting support programs to prevent child abuse and neglect, and strengthen families in Dane County.

Diapers (infants to size 6 pull-ups) and wipes
Gift cards (gas, groceries, restaurants and other stores)
Bus passes
Calendars and day planners
Office supplies (copy paper, folders, flexible binders, Post-It notes)
Safety items for homes (door/cupboard latches, outlet covers, etc.)
Camcorder and tripod

Family Connections of Wisconsin, Inc.
Christenson and Allex, LLC,
3000 Cahill Main, Suite 220, Fitchburg. 608-279-5797.
Support family relationships affected by incarceration by organizing regular monthly visits between imprisoned parents and their children. Offer literacy program for the women's institutions and their children/grandchildren.

Books (new or good condition picture books through chapter books; paperbacks preferred; multicultural)
New size C batteries
New 60-minute cassette tapes
New markers
Padded mailing envelopes (8.5" x 11" and larger)

Family Enhancement
Call 241-5150 for drop-off location.
Works with parents to strengthen families, providing parent education, support and resources (including free drop-in parenting discussion groups and childcare).

Digital camera
DVD/VCR players
LCD projector
BRIO trains, engines, and accessories for BRIO table
MAC computer games for children
New board games for children
Children's drawing and art supplies
Book holder stand
100% Juice (individual serving boxes)
Gift cards (Borders, Target, Copps, Shopko, Barnes & Noble, Cub Foods, Wal-Mart)
Plastic dining ware (utensils, paper cups, plates and bowls)
Paper towels and napkins
American Sign language materials (books, videos, rubber stamps, etc.)
Outdoor balls
Medium-size plastic/Rubbermaid containers

Friends of Troy Gardens
3601 Memorial Drive. 240-0409.
Offers 340 community garden plots that serve a mixed-income community in a unique urban development that also includes affordable housing and sustainable agriculture. Educational programs focusing on gardening, nutrition, and environmental leadership serve over 500 youth.

Bicycle trailer (i.e. a Burley) for carting plants and tools
Color printer
Apple cider press
Grinder (for apple cider making)
Garden tools (shovels, rakes, hoes, pitch forks)
Wheelbarrows (2)
Garden hoses
Pop-up tent
Cell phone
Two newer computers
Office supplies (office paper, envelopes, printer cartridges)
Database program

Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools
301 S. Bedford St., Suite 1. 661-4141.
Fosters student-led groups to promote safe schools for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students; promotes public education through conferences and leadership training.

Newspaper subscriptions (Capital Times or Wisconsin State Journal)
AV projector
Drum for Hewlett Packard LazerJet 8100N printer
Flip chart pads and portable easels

Habitat for Humanity of Dane County LC
P.O. Box 258148, 53725. 255-1549, ext.104.
Works to eliminate substandard housing and replace it with simple, decent and affordable homes.

Pickup truck
Digital camera
Tool boxes

Hancock Center for Movement Arts and Therapies Inc.
16 N. Hancock St. 251-0908.
Dance and movement therapy to develop healthy self-image, communication skills and emotional stability.

DVD player
Two-drawer filing cabinet
Pads of drawing or construction paper, notepads
New washable markers
Gift cards for new waiting room toys
Subscriptions to children's magazines

(serving all of Dane and parts of Walworth and Jefferson counties)
The Don and Marilyn Anderson HospiceCare Center
5395 E. Cheryl Parkway. 276-4660.
Physical, emotional and spiritual care for terminally ill patients and their families including bereavement services and support for caregivers.

Individual-sized teapots
New kitchenware
New teddy bears
Book with CDs: Graceful Passages: A Companion for Living and Dying
Book: Final Gifts (Callanan/Kelley)
Toys and art supplies for children
Lap and bed blankets
Baby monitors
Small and large supply transport carts
Taxi Cab vouchers (Madison Taxi or Badger Cab)
Office supplies
Audio books on tape and CDs (inspirational/spiritual)
Small hand-held tape recorders and blank audiotapes
Gift carsds (Michael's, Hobby Lobby,, Borders, Frugal Muse Books, music and video)
Hospital Puzzle and Play Set
Body parts casting kit
Positioning/comfort pillows (cylindrical sponge-like pillows)
Wheelchair pillows (Home Health United)
Art supplies for older adults (yarn, knitting needles, paint-by-number sets)
Aero beds
The Game of Life board game
Birdseed for patient patios (general mix)
Size #11 or #9 knitting needles and Lion brand yarn (three skeins/color)

Imagine a Child's Capacity, Inc.
14 Ellis Potter Court, Suite 200.
608.204.6242,ext. 41.
Dedicated to supporting children with diverse needs and the adults in their lives. Supported by occupational therapists, physical and speech therapists, educators, social workers and parents in their homes, in daycares and at schools, and in our clinic.

LED Projector
Computers (2005 or newer)
Folding chairs
Gift cards (toy stores, Target)

Independent Living, Inc.
815 Forward Dr. 274-7900.
Provides supportive services, home health care and housing for older adults and people with disabilities in Dane County.

Locking picture hangers
Locking medicine cart
Two office copiers
Two desk chairs with wheels
Digital camera
Business-grade paper shredder
Newer laser jet printers
Laptop computer with DVD drive
Standard or portable DVD players
Computer memory
Wheelchair washer
Printing services for quarterly newsletter
Large-print board games or playing cards
Art supplies
Locking four-drawer file cabinets
Fax machines
Holiday decorations
Insulated cover, potting soil and bulbs for greenhouse
Bulletin boards
Wall clocks
Bookshelves (6 foot or less)

Jail Library Group
UW School of Library & Information Studies
600 N. Park Street.
Visit for donation drop-off locations
Provides reading materials to the residents of correctional facilities in Dane County; volunteer group since 1992.

New or gently-used books and magazines, especially new popular fiction in English and Spanish
Large-print books
Padded envelopes (sizes 5 to 7) and personal cassette players for Kids Connection reading program

Kennedy Heights Community Center
199 Kennedy Heights. 244-0767.
Develops and presents social, educational, recreational and cultural programs including preschool and after-school programs, community food pantry, adult outreach program and youth programming.

Merriam Webster Children's Dictionary (2002 or newer)
Merriam Webster Dictionary (2000 or newer)
Scientific calculators
New markers
Color inkjet printer
Children's Atlas (Rand McNally or National Geographic)
New white t-shirts
Non-perishable food items
Paper products (tissues, toilet paper, paper towels)
New socks and underwear (all children sizes)
Small paint brushes
Craft paper (tissue, construction, writing, origami, copy etc.)
Coffee maker (30-cup)
Coffee maker or hot water dispenser (10-15 cup)
Annual subscription to Asian Wisconzine, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Highlights
Yarn for knitting projects
Play Station (two games rated "E for Everyone")
Youth sports equipment (basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, jump ropes, etc.)
15 passenger van (in good to great condition)
Volunteers to work with elementary school age children after school

Madison Area Literacy Council
1118 S. Park St. 244-3911.
Tutoring, ESL classes and other literacy programs for adults.

Digital video camera
Office-quality paper shredder
Digital camera with at least 5X zoom (must use AA batteries)
Laptop computer with a CD burner (at least Pentium III)
Passenger van (2000 or newer)
English and English/Spanish dictionaries
Adobe "Creative Suite" software
Software for digitizing videotapes for DVD
DVD burning hardware
Adding machine with large digital readout and printer
Outdoor iron or wooden bench
Up-to-date Rosetta Stone software package

Madison Senior Center
330 W. Mifflin St. 267-2344.
Promotes successful aging for older adults throughout the greater Madison area by involving them in their community as learners, teachers and volunteers.

Entertainer for December 25 holiday meal
New LCD projector
New bigscreen TV
Small holiday centerpieces (20) for December 25 holiday meal
Ground coffee (decaf and regular)

Marc South Center
901 Post Rd.
Serves persons with developmentally disabilities in a day program to enhance skills.

TV (32-inch)

March of Dimes, Capital Wisconsin Division
5315 Wall St., Suite 140. 243-7764.
Improves the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.

TV/DVD/VCR combo
Copy paper
Colored paper (8 1/2 x 11)

Masonic Learning Center for Children
301 Wisconsin Ave. 252-4922.
Provides reading program for children (ages 7-17) who have been diagnosed with dyslexia or reading learning disabilities.

Clorox disinfecting wipes
White paper towels
Whiteboard markers (red, blue, black, green)
Whiteboard erasers and cleaner
Highlighter pens
Red ballpoint pens
Black erasable ballpoint pens
Electronic pencil sharpener
Post-It notes
Tape dispensers
Scotch tape
Perforated ruled pads of paper
Avery clean edge business cards

Monona Grove Holiday Giving Project 835-4188.
School-community program providing needy children with holiday food, gifts and clothes (Items needed by Dec. 8).

Gift cards (groceries)
New children's toys and clothing

Nehemiah Community Development Corp.
655 W. Badger Rd. 257-2453, ext. 223.
Summer and after-school academic programs, youth enrichment programs and family development services for African American and bi-racial youths and families.

Gift cards (movie theaters, movie rentals, groceries, restaurants, book stores, etc.)
Turkeys and/or hams
12-passenger van
MS XP Professional (several)
Office space heater
Digital video camera
Color copier
Bus tickets
Van maintenance gift certificates (tires, tune-ups, oil change, diagnostic services)
Program T-shirts and imprinting services
Overnight hotel stay (four rooms)
Color printer
12 workstations (preferably the same model with Dual 1.5+ GHz processor; no monitors or keyboards needed)
One 10/100 24-48 port switch and one 4-port KVM switch
12 licenses for Windows XP Professional
Two server-class systems

Neighborhood Law Project
2300 S. Park St., Suite #3. 260-8221.,
Provides free legal services to low-income Dane County residents in the areas of housing (Section 8 vouchers, evictions, etc.), public benefits (W-2, Food Stamps, etc.) and workers' rights.

Bus tickets/passes
Phone cards
Legal notepads
Magazine subscriptions
Gift cards (groceries, restaurants, discount stores, movie theaters, bowling alleys)
Spanish-speaking volunteers to interpret or translate 1-4 hours/week
Children's books and toys

On the Borderline
Sutter Photographers. 2222 Pleasant View Rd., Middleton.
After school photography program teaches basic photography skills to build self-esteem for girls in middle school.

Digital Cameras
Digital photographic paper (Epson Glossy, 8 x 10)
B & W TMAX 400, 24-exposure film
Securedigital MMC card, 64M or 132 M

Orion Family Services, Inc.
6333 Odana Rd. 270-2511.
Supports abused and neglected children and delinquent youth in Dane, Columbia, Green, Iowa, Sauk and Richland Counties. Provides group and foster home care, critical outreach, and family therapy services to families in their own homes.

Books for teens
Board games
Movie videos
Recreational equipment of various types
Boys and girls personal care and cosmetic products
Curling, straightening irons
Towels and washcloths
Sheets for twin beds, blankets, mattress pads
Alarm clocks

OutReach, Inc.
600 Williamson St., Suite P1. 255-8582.
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community center for Madison and south central Wisconsin; provides education, referrals and advocacy for the LGBT community.

Video camera
Macintosh computer (G4 or higher)
Laptop computer(s)
Flat screen monitors
Color TV with DVD input
VHS player
CD player
Projector for PowerPoint presentations
Magazine rack
Desk chairs
EZ tent
Ladder (8-10 foot)
Vacuum cleaner (in good condition)
Floor sweeper
Paper products (cups, plates, napkins, tissues)
Storage space

Parental Stress Center, Inc.
2120 Fordem Ave., Ste. 110, 241-4888. Links family services in Dane County to help prevent child abuse and neglect, strengthen families, and promote healing of those affected by abuse through therapy and support groups and a Parent Stressline.

100% Juice (no cranberry or grapefruit)
Gift Cards (groceries, Walgreens)
MAC computer games for preschool & school-age children
BRIO trains, engines and accessories
Board and card games for school-age children
Multiple copies of the books Our Bodies Ourselves, 2005 Edition and Changing Bodies Changing Minds
Washable paints
Ropes course experiences, yoga classes or writing workshops
100 thank you cards and envelopes
100 birthday cards and envelopes
LCD projector
Laptop computer (Intel Pentium 4 1.6GHz or better or AMD Athlon 1600+ or better, minimum 256MB memory, minimum 20GB hard drive)
Digital video camera

Partners in Foster Care Inc.
2706 Badger Lane. 274-9111.
Provides social, cultural and educational activities and resources to children living in foster care; also support to their families.

Clothing (boys and girls sweat shirts, jogging suits, pajamas)
Sports items
Personal care items
Gift cards
Dolls and doll clothing
Art supplies
Watches (teens)
Remote-control cars and trucks
Bed sheets
Towels (bath and kitchen)
Jewelry for teens/young girls
CD Walkman and CDs
YMCA scholarships

Porchlight, Inc.
306 N. Brooks St. 257-2534.
Provides shelter, housing, support services and community for the homeless.

Men's winter clothing (wool socks, gloves, etc.)
Personal care items
Baby diapers
Bus passes
Men's white socks and underwear
New printer, scanner, and copier
New laptop computers
Electric hole punch
Box fans
Twin- and full-size beds and bed frames
Vacuum cleaners
Laundry supplies
Cleaning supplies (mops, brooms, etc.)
Power tools (all types)
Power washer
Can openers
Phone cards
Gift cards (groceries)
Coffee makers
Christmas wreaths, wrapping paper and ribbon
Christmas tree for Safe Haven
Homemade holiday treats, turkeys and hams

Port St. Vincent de Paul Men's Shelter
221 S. Baldwin St. 257-2036.
A 24-hour/day staffed shelter that provides housing, meals, and clothing for men.

Food donations of any kind (especially cereal, eggs, milk, peanut butter, and canned goods)
Bed linens (fitted single-sheet sets, pillows and cases, plastic zippered mattress covers)
Men's clothes, including white cotton socks
Winter clothes (thermal underwear, gloves, caps, scarves and coats)
Shower shoes for men (flip-flops)
Personal care items for men
Powdered laundry soap
Paper towels and napkins

Preschools of Hope Project
517 N. Segoe Rd., Suite 211. 441-1508.
Promotes early literacy and math development among children from low-income families by providing literacy and math volunteers and resources for non-profit preschools and agencies; also provides books and educational materials for home use.

Quality books for young children (contact us for a list of preferred authors)
Bilingual and multilcultural books

Project Home
1966 S. Stoughton Rd. 246-3737.
Improving the quality and affordability of housing for low- to moderate-income residents of Dane and Green counties.

New paint supplies and interior paint (brushes, pans, rollers, roller trays with liners, scrapers, drop cloths, painter's masking tape, primer)
Extension poles for painting high ceilings
Gift cards (building supply or hardware stores)
Cloth work gloves
Window air conditioning units
Safety goggles
Surgical masks
Toilet tissue
Sponge mops (10) and sponges
Tubes of paintable caulk (clear, white)
Large buckets
Decking screws
Extension cords
Nail guns
Roller screens (for five-gallon painting buckets)
Garbage bags
Galvanized screws (2 œ inch)

Rainbow Project
831 E. Washington Ave. 255-7356.
Prevention and treatment programs for families dealing with child abuse and neglect.

Animal masks
Birthday cards for children and adults
Gift cards (movies, pizzas, haircuts)
Good laptop computer
Good working audiotape recorders
Bus passes
Cab vouchers
Children's toy musical instruments, including guitars
Clerical services (copying, filing)
Copy paper
Garden maintenance
Indoor basketball hoop
Laminating for children's art work, children's art framed
Large art-size portfolios
New covers for large floor pillows
Portable CD player
Professional portable display/education board
Meals for children and parents participating in parent groups
Sand for indoor sand trays and sand tray toys
Superhero costumes
Thank-you cards
Stand-up training easels and easel pads (two)
Web site services
Bookshelf for children's library

Rape Crisis Center
128 E. Olin Ave., Suite 202. 251-5126.
Provides crisis intervention, support, counseling, therapy, advocacy and other services for survivors of sexual violence, their families and friends.

Scented lotions
Art supplies (markers, color variety packs of sharpies, colored modeling clay, glue sticks, stickers, colored construction paper, colored pencils)
Bus tickets
Grocery store gift cards
Book store/ gift cards
Moving services to pick up donated furniture

Respite Center
2120 Fordem Ave., Suite 180. 244-5730.
Provides 24-hour respite and crisis child care for families experiencing high levels of stress; also short-term counselng and community referrals.

Diapers and pull-ups (all sizes)
Formula (all kinds)
New children's underwear, socks (all sizes)
New or gently used T-shirts, pajamas, sweats (all sizes)
Batteries (AA and C)
New towels and washcloths (dish and bath)
Art supplies (markers, tempra paint, glitter glue, other)
Art smocks (all sizes)
Beads and jewlery making supplies (all sizes)
Any art activity appropriate for children (preschool-teen)
Non-violent games for Nintendo 64/Playstation
Non-violent children's DVDs (G or PG rated only)

Rodney Scheel House
2815 Hauk St. 243-1830.
Apartment community providing low-cost housing for income-eligible people disabled by HIV/AIDS.

Cordless phone
Towels and linens
Movie passes
Toothpaste and brushes
Cleaning supplies
Pet food
Paper cutter

Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center
836 E. Main St. 661-9787.
Provides child advocacy services for child abuse victims and their families; a safe place for victims to speak.

TV/DVD player
Digital camera
Children's DVDs (rated G or PG)
Desktop printer
Gift cards (small denominations)
Craft supplies for kids (construction paper, pipe cleaners, etc.)
Pre-packaged kids' snacks

St. Mark's PromiseKids After School Program
605 Spruce St. 256-8463.
Provides food pantry and children's after school program.

Colored paper for copying
Colored markers
Glass for making mosaics
Wooden knitting needles
Wool yarn
Rubber scrappers with wooden handles (kitchen use)
Kitchen mixer (family size)
Old blender (for making paper)
Stainless steel warming trays (commercial kitchen size)
PowerPoint projector
Stackable washer and dryer
Flute and recorder
Laptop computer

St. Marys Adult Day Health Center
2440 Atwood Ave. 249-4450.
Day program to address the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of adults seeking on-going assistance to maintain or increase their functional abilities and independence in the community.

Karaoke machine and/or accompanying "old standards" or Big Band CDs
CDs and DVDs (comedies, musicals and travel)
Cardigan sweaters (XXL/washable or front-opening sweatshirts)
Lawn dice game
"Cold" glue guns
Trivia and reminiscing books (call for specifics)
Fresh fruit (apples, oranges, etc.)
Small-sized toiletries

St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry
1309 Culmen St., 257-0919, ext. 301.
Dane County's largest food pantry.

Personal care items
Diapers (especially large)
Non-perishable food items (in non-breakable containers)
Items especially needed are canned meats and tuna, peanut butter, grape jelly, cooking oil, canned soups, canned fruits, cereals, macaroni & cheese, spaghetti sauce, Spaghettios, Bisquick/pancake mix, breakfast foods, rice, instant potatoes, ketchup

South Madison Health and Family Center-Harambee
2202 S. Park Street. 261-9138.
A multi-agency collaboration in Dane County that provides community-based, culturally sensitive, and coordinated health and educational services to serve, promote, and support the health and well-being of families and individuals.

Baby food and formula
Diapers (sizes 1-4)
Breast pumps

Special Olympics, Wisconsin South Central
608-221-2900 or 800-679-6751.
Provides sports training and competition for people with developmental disabilities, ages 8 and older.

Laptop computer
New baseball caps
White copier paper

T. J.'s Support Brokerage Firm, Inc.
1329 Glacier Hill Drive #3. 241-0915.
Advocating for, and supporting, adults with disabilities in communities around Dane County. Life-skill training for disadvantaged or low-income individuals.

Computers (2)
Printer (3)
Fax machine
TV (27 inch or larger)
DVD player
VCR player
Overhead projector
Children movies and DVDs
Educational and fun toys

Three Gaits, Inc.
3741 Hwy. 138, Stoughton. 877-9086.
Therapeutic horse riding program for kids, youths and adults with disabilities and special needs.

New laser printer
Picnic table
Wet and dry cat food
Purina Equine Senior
Gift certificates for Mounds or PetsMart
Cordless drill
New office chairs
Gift cards (office supplies)
New postage meter
48" fluorescent bulbs
Manure forks
Stamps and envelopes
Blank horse-themed notecards
Garden supplies
Liquid hand soap
Dish towels

United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Dane County
1502 Greenway Cross. 273-4434.
Provides local services to over 700 children and adults with cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, epilepsy, brain injury or delays in speech, mobility or development.

Portable TV with combo DVD/VCR
Child development materials for parents (What to Expect in the Toddler Years and Happiest Baby on the Block DVD)
Infant toys
Pull-ups and swim diapers (largest sizes)
Rubbermaid storage bins (any size)
Art supplies, Play-Doh, bubbles
Batteries (all sizes)
Child's wagon
Camping cot
Beanbag chair
Koosh balls or similar
Colored paper and cardstock
Ziplock plastic bags (one and two gallon)
Disinfectant wipes
Disposable cameras with flashes
Bilingual DVDs and videos (English/Spanish)
Sturdy ride-on and push toys
Children's CDs
Wooden puzzles with knobs (shapes, animals, big/small)

Volunteer Braillists and Tapists
517 North Segoe Road, #200. 233-0222.
Resource for braille materials for the Madison School District; community free braille lending library; resource for braille information in the community.

Laptop computers (four, new or less than four years)

West Madison Senior Coalition
517 N. Segoe Rd., Ste. 309. 238-7368.
Provides programs and services that promote independence and wellness.

Tracfone cell phone and minutes
Reacher-grabber device (with claw mechanism to grab items)
Monthly or weekly pill boxes
Folding grocery carts
Gift cards for cleaning service (Independent Living or Home Instead)
Art easel
Presentation dry erase easel
Gifts for older adults
Holiday candy/nuts gift packs
Gift cards (clothing)
Personal care items
Bus passes
Transit Solution vouchers
Gift cards (Sentry at Hilldale, Copps on University Ave.)
Robes and slippers, scarves, hats and mittens
Flashlights and batteries
Tickets to holiday programs or plays
Large-print calendars
Phone cards
Cab vouchers
Snow shovels
Cleaning supplies
Vouchers from SHARE Food Program

Wexford Ridge Neighborhood Center
7011 Flower Lane Apt. 833-4979.
Promotes community among neighborhood residents on the west side and provides services that improve their educational, cultural, social and physical well being; also food pantry.

Magazines (Latina, Black Enterprise, Cricket, Jet, Family Fun, Youth today, American Girl, etc.)
Multicultural Books (elementary and middle school)
Multicultural art
Inspirational and positive posters with frames
Artificial plants (four)
Microwave oven
Board games (ages 6+)
Toys for boys and girls (age 1-16)
6.1 megapixel digital camera
Digital videotapes
Dry erase board and markers
Gift certificates (phone cards, movie passes, bus tickets, postage stamps, etc.)
Printing services
Floor lamps (six)
Educational software
Personal care items (diapers, lotion, deodorant, etc.)
Coats (male/female, 15-adult)
Pots and pans
Volunteers to assist in organization and distribution of Giving Tree items.

Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center
953 Jenifer Street. 257-4576. or
Community center with programs for all ages, including after school care, community assistance (The Second Chance program), Senior nutrition and recreation, SOAR (students organized around responsibility), teen employment, youth recreation, food pantry and community meals.

Two or three new or used 7-15 passenger vans
Two or three 8-foot tables
Volunteer to maintain Web site

Wisconsin Academy of Graduate Service Dogs (WAGS)
1338 Dewey Ct. 250-9247.
Trains service dogs to assist people with physical disabilities. Provides services to WAGS clients including assessment, placement of WAGS service dogs, customized training and follow-up.

Digital camera (6 megapixel)
Light-weight wheel chairs
Recent version of Filemaker Pro
Gently used minivan
New/gently used Petmate pet porter crates
Natural Balance dog food rolls

Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth
2909 Landmark Place. 271-1617, ext.27.
Nurtures Wisconsin's most academically talented students by providing and encouraging programs that support, motivate and challenge them.

Craft items
Board games
LCD projector (hook into computer)
HP 57 and 56 print cartridges
Color scanner
Four-drawer file cabinet
Card stock parchment paper
Heavy-duty paper cutter
Heavy-duty 3-hole punch

Wisconsin Council of the Blind
754 Williamson St. 255-1166 or 800-783-5213.
Helps blind or visually impaired people maintain independence, dignity and quality of life through computer training, rehabilitation, low-vision therapy, low-cost assistive devices, free white canes and scholarships.

Braille printer
Site license (10 seats) for JAWS screen reader software
Site license (10 seats) for ZoomText screen magnification software
Design services for logo
Printing services
Passenger van
Gift cards (gas and office supply)
Gift certificates
Conference call services
New computers (four for technology lab)
Flat panel computer monitors (six 19" screens)
Inkjet printer

Wisconsin United for Furry Friends, Inc.
PO Box 5152, 53705. 442-5544.
Raises community awareness regarding the link between family violence and pet abuse through advocacy and education; support to human and animal victims of domestic abuse.

Gift cards for copying services
Sponsors for family violence/animal cruelty seminar at UW Veterinary School
Sponsors for newsletters and brochures

Women In Transition
2842 Moland St. 244-2046.
Provides residential and social services for adult women who experience a severe and persistent mental illness.

New (or gently used) sofa or couch, twin mattresses
New set of pots and pans (no Teflon)
Gift cards for personal items
Art and craft supplies
Working copier with toner supplies
Phone cards
New twin sheet sets, blankets
Personal care items

101 E. Mifflin. 257-1436.
Provides emergency shelter for homeless women and families, safe affordable housing for women, employment and training, racial justice and teen empowerment programs.

Bus tickets or 10-ride passes
Cab vouchers
Gift cards (groceries), phone cards
Disposable diapers and pull-ups (sizes 3-5) and wipes
Food items (canned foods, cereal and cereal bars, juice boxes, goldfish crackers, meals in a can or box)
Personal care items
Pots, pans and cookware
Household cleaners
Paperware (cups, plates, etc.)
Alarm clocks and Fans
Dishcloths and towels, bath towels and washcloths
Single bed sheets and pillow cases
Kitchen utensils
Mops, brooms and dustpans
Laundry soap (powdered)
Stackable storage bins
Stamps and note cards
New strollers
New convertible car seat
Sippy cups
New DVD/VCR player and Children's movies
Multicultural baby dolls
New toys and batteries for presents
Plastic filing boxes, hanging files, calculators

United Way Volunteer Center distributes Holiday Wish Books that provide information on area non-profit needs during the holidays. They are available by phoning 246-4380 or by e-mailing

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