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Tankiso cooks the family breakfast.Letter from Lesotho

In November 2006, I left my home in Madison, trading a wonderful, decently paid job with the state Department of Public Instruction for the opportunity to volunteer two years with the Peace Corps. I am posted in Lesotho, in southern Africa. >More


A thorough background check

Nancy Wild feels as though the rug has been pulled out from under her. A potential job with her former employer, the Dane County Sheriff's Office, has turned into a contentious rift, with harsh accusations from both sides. >More
 'We've got it all on tape'

In January, Wisconsin joined a growing number of states that require police to record interviews with adult suspects in felony cases. The Wisconsin Supreme Court in 2005 imposed the same mandate on all juvenile interrogations. The goal is to reduce police misconduct and create an accurate record of events that are often subject to dispute. >More
 Requiem for a tree

For as long as Madison has been a city, this American elm has stood its ground, limbs splayed like fingers against the sky.
It was likely here in 1850, when the UW platted an expansion, plopping a new grid upon the old at University and Gorham. >More


Success in Fitchburg

t's amazing how a few kicks in the behind can be a catalyst for change. That sure was the case with the troubled Ridgewood Country Club Apartments in Fitchburg. >More
 Back in a flash

Regarding your column titled "Hot Damn" (7/6/07): I've endured hot flashes as well. I tried taking estrogen for a while, but it wasn't a good idea because of a tendency toward cancer in my family. A cousin of mine then suggested I read Dr. John R. Lee's book What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause. It was an eye-opener. >More
 One of a kind

Looking for a shopping experience that's more blissful than stressful? Free from pushy salespeople and high prices? A space splashed with lively colors, filled to the brim with charming merchandise and bowls of free candy? Believe it or not, this is not just shopping fantasy. >More


Traditional values

Now in its fourth year, the Sugar Maple Traditional Music Festival is on a roll. Ticket sales are strong, Web sites that follow traditional American music are taking notice of it, and The Chicago Tribune tapped it as a good opportunity to catch American sounds in a relaxed, bucolic setting. >More
 Former Go-Go joins Madison band

The Go-Go who co-wrote "Our Lips Are Sealed" and "Vacation" is joining forces with a Madison band. Jane Wiedlin, 49, has asked the Madison avant-garage band Whore du Jour to back her on an upcoming album. And she's agreed to produce their next CD. >More
 Shazy Hade




Our time and place

To some, theater is becoming the last reserve of "family entertainment" in the worst sense of the word. People flock to productions of You Can't Take It With You or Harvey because they are little time-machine cocoons where the nasty influences of the 21st century won't intrude. They're not avoiding corrupt-to-the-core politicians or impending environmental disasters, mind you. They mostly are fleeing sex, violence or the f-word. >More
 Where's the money?

Madison Theatre Guild is in crisis, as Isthmus reported on July 20. Since then, additional concerns have surfaced over the troupe's management. The nonprofit now faces questions from inside over possible missing funds. >More
 They will survive

I have no problem with chick-lit, chick-flicks and what seems to be a growing trend of chick-musicals. I've heard that Menopause the Musical is a fun show, and the commercials for Girls Night: The Musical gave me the impression that I'd be in for a night of uproarious comedy, sassy girl talk and dancing in the aisles. But I found the opening-night performance to be too much (plot) and not enough (laughs). >More
 Be our guest

I'm phobic about interacting with actors during a performance, so bravery was required for me to attend WhoopDeDoo Productions' Sweet-Cannoli Nuptials. It's Madison's take on a Tony 'n Tina-style faux wedding. >More
 Look homeward, angels

Fallen (Friday-Sunday, 7 p.m., ABC Family) is about a teenager who discovers he's half-human, half-angel. And not just any half-human half-angel--the Chosen One who will send fallen angels back to heaven. In the three-part series, Aaron (Paul Wesley) deals with normal teenage desires while struggling to come to terms with his new celestial role. Hey, we've all got our problems. >More
 PSP vs. DS

A lot of players buy the Sony PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo DS Lite as a secondary system to play in cars, buses and trains. But you could feasibly be content owning only a handheld (and no console system), as long as you're not into online gaming. >More


American Idiot

ith 400 episodes (and counting) spread over 18 years, The Simpsons has gone from filler material on The Tracey Ullman Show to a hit series of its own, then became a cultural phenomenon and is now settling into legendary status, an American institution. >More
 The bad seed

Let's face it, some kids are just pure evil. But what if they're both pure evil and brilliant, perhaps even a genius? Joshua, a psychological thriller from first-time director George Ratliff, poses that question, and the answer seems to be that the little brat will systematically destroy the ties that bind. >More
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Drive time

An obligatory part of summer in Madison - along with the Farmers' Market, a brat on the Terrace, a jerk platter at Jolly Bob's backyard patio, and the Dane County Fair, where the corn dogs are as big as a cone of cotton candy - is the Country Drive. Some people know lots of country drives, but we've only mastered one, and our houseguests, frankly, are getting a little sick of it. But then they're guests (a.k.a. freeloaders), and I still say it's the best daytrip in southern Wisconsin. >More
 Save the summer - Corn essence soup with crisped shallots recipe

August is a perfect month to read Barbara Kingsolver's smart, substantive Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, the new book about the year her family spent eating from local sources. It's fitting not just because area market stands bulge with summer fare, but because now's our chance to sock some of it away for what Kingsolver calls the "season to come through." >More


Waymarking Madison

Madison is starting to get waymarked. Getting waymarked is not all that unusual. Since the offshoot of geocaching was launched, more than 54,000 waymarks have been established around the world. >More
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