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Beer Here!

On Saturday, Aug. 11, more than 5,000 beer pilgrims will make their annual trek to Olin-Turville Park, on the shores of Lake Monona, for the Great Taste of the Midwest. The five-hour event, the largest of its kind in the Midwest, will feature more than 100 brewers and 600-plus beers. >More


Drinking and riding

Kevin Hinckley stood on Capitol Square last week, collecting signatures. The east-side Madison resident has started a petition asking the city to stop accepting alcohol and gambling advertising on Metro buses. "I think it's inappropriate," says Hinckley. "It's as bad as promoting cigarettes." >More
 Enough to make her Sicko

It's one of the most powerful moments in one of the most talked-about movies of recent years. Early on in Michael Moore's Sicko, a health-insurance saleswoman named Becky Malke tells of taking an application from one couple who believed that they would finally be getting coverage. >More
 Unprofitable = undesirable

I have had AIDS since Oct. 10, 1994, and been disabled since Aug. 1, 1996. I have received my health care at UW Hospitals and Clinics the entire time. I have Medicare and Medicaid health insurance. I could talk for hours on the subject of health care, for I am truly an expert. For the purpose of this letter, I will limit myself to one example. >More
 Should have just suffered

As a former emergency room staff member, I am mindful of the need to make reasonable use of ER services. And so it was only after long and anguished deliberation that I recently checked into the emergency room for an evaluation of severe, throbbing tooth pain. >More


Baby bunny boom?

The unabridged litany of gardening lamentations is Homeric in length. From the tilling of soil and placement of seeds to mulching, cultivation and harvest, so many things can go wrong that complaints are often knee-high by the Fourth of July. >More
 Pick-up and delivery

I need an absolutely foolproof pick-up line to use on women at bars. I've tried various ones in the past, like "Come here often?" and "Aren't you in my psych class?" But they never seem to get me very far. The women always say no, and the conversation dies. I need a line that will do most of the work for me, because I tend to nerd out in these situations if the woman doesn't seem genuinely interested or at least kind. Know of any? >More


Untried and true

Madison's classical groups are revving up for a season of novelty and change. For the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, there will be a new level of virtuosity among the players. The Madison Opera will add another opera during the season, making it a threesome. And the Madison Symphony goes high-tech with a podcast series. >More
 Man on the street

Among the musicians from Chicago and New Orleans performing at this weekend's Terrace Blues Festival will be a Madison original - Catfish Stephenson. >More
 Hear that train a-comin'




A world of their own

While the two new solo exhibitions at the James Watrous Gallery make use of everyday objects and settings as their starting points, they wind up someplace quite different. In photographer Jessica Jacobs' "Inside Out" and painter Robert Atwell's "Today and Tomorrow," viewers encounter artists who have developed their own visual worlds. >More
 Amateur Hour

Stoughton expats Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett struck gold with their goofy Found Footage Festival way back in the pre-YouTube era. But that doesn't mean they've lost their meal ticket to the Web. "There's a lot of found footage on the Internet," says Prueher, who along with Pickett will host another fest of video oddities and garage sale gems at the Orpheum Stage Door on Friday, Aug. 10. >More
 Always in 'Vogue'

 Powers to the people

You can have Survivor and So You Think You Can Dance. For my money, Who Wants to Be a Superhero? (Thursday, 8 p.m., Sci Fi) represents the reality genre at its finest. >More
 Robot world



Been down this road before

It says something that the most inspired comedic performance in Rush Hour 3 comes from director-cum-fugitive Roman Polanski, whose turn as head of the Parisian police arrives midway through the film. >More
 Gal meets guy!

At the heart of this romantic comedy is Parker Posey's lovely, toned-down performance as Nora Wilder, the single, mid-30s Manhattanite. The role calls on her to utilize more of her dramatic acting chops than are usually on display in the more arch comic roles in which she's usually cast. >More
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A winning frame of mind

This Thursday at Warner Park, the Madison Mallards will likely welcome their one-millionth fan since the team came to town in 2001. In true Mallards style, the club plans to mark the occasion by commissioning a statue in the fan's likeness. >More
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