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Tuesday, September 16, 2014 |  Madison, WI: 65.0° F  A Few Clouds
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After dark

In case you're new to town, and no one has told you this inconvenient truth, it gets cold as the dickens out there. So as the leaves change, Madisonians put on the clothes they shed one afternoon last spring and enter some nightspot, any nightspot. >More


'But Tommy started it!'

Another day, another scandal. A contractor wins a $29.5 million deal to build a state prison facility and, soon after, its execs make a sizable contribution to the governor's campaign fund. Another nail in Jim Doyle's coffin? Hardly. This story goes back to the last century ' and to Gov. Tommy Thompson. >More
 Canvassers have had enough

Alex Scherer-Jones began working for Grassroots Campaigns to fight the Bush administration and elevate the fortunes of the Democratic Party. The 21-year-old MATC student left feeling exploited and sour: "I went in there being very idealistic, and it kind of ruined my idealism." >More
 Best. Professor. Ever. (And some of the worst) boasts 5.75 million reviews of more than 770,000 professors. While Wilson concedes that the sheer number of reviews "indicates the need for something like this," he "would hesitate to put a lot of weight on what I read there." But thousands of students do trust the site. Through her role as an undergraduate adviser, Katele has spoken with several advisees who told her they often use the site to research professors. As she sees it, is akin to the word-of-mouth networking from her college days 30 years ago. >More
 Is Dave Travis doing enough?

The two Democrats are vying to represent the 81st District, which extends from Madison's north side to Mazomanie and Black Earth. There is no Republican challenger. Travis has held the seat since 1978, but Sanders says the 28-year incumbent is no longer engaged. >More


The high cost of 'free' public education

Excitement abounds during these "Back to School" days. Kids and parents crowd into stores, buying supplies and clothes for the new school year. Less thrilled are the students who know they will show up at the first day of school lacking those supplies, lacking those new clothes, and lacking the money to pay the ever-increasing list of school fees. >More
 The maple in my front yard

Some people bond with a new home as soon as they walk in. Not me. I knew our current house was ours before I crossed the threshold. On the day we pulled up to check it out, I just sat in the van. >More
 Later, Man

I went to a low-key dinner party recently, arriving approximately 15 minutes after the specified hour. And the hostess, instead of greeting me with a smile and a "How nice to see you," frowned at me and said, "You're late." >More
 Runway fashions, bargain prices

Hennes & Mauritz, the Swedish fashion powerhouse that's known for a rousing combination of cutting-edge trends and affordable prices, has made its way to Madison. "We set the trends, to some extent," says Lisa Sandberg, a representative of H&M. "If you see something hot on the runways, you're going to see it in our store right away. >More


Save the date

If the future really brings $100-a-gallon gas, van and bus tours could get far less frequent up here in the North Country. But let's worry about that some other time. Right now, dozens of national and international acts are slated to make the fall concert season a smorgasbord of musical styles and approaches. As of this moment, salsa, jazz, indie-rock, power pop, metal, hip-hop, rockabilly, country, folk, blues and world music are all on the menu, and the concert calendar keeps expanding. Legends, whippersnappers and plenty of established acts are all scheduled, so young, old and in-between live-music fans all have reason to rejoice at this fall's sonic bounty. >More
 Indie at heart

Throughout his short career, Jennings has been an indie paragon, someone who, as a talented teenager in Minneapolis, eschewed copious major-label interest for the artistic control and integrity of an independent. >More
 High flying

On Tuesday, the Token Creek Chamber Music Festival featured the regional premiere of a John Harbison composition in cozy, acoustically admirable St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. >More



On with the show

Madison's two main performing-arts palaces, anchoring State Street's ends, are like apples and oranges. Overture Center, on the Capitol end, is controversial. Its 21st-century facilities are state-of-the-art, but is it a boon for our booming city or an expensive error? The 87-year-old art deco Wisconsin Union Theater, on the campus end, is Overture's opposite. It's comfortably funky ' a hallowed hall, part of the megaversity so many of us have ties to. But both venues offer robust 2006-07 seasons that contribute a gigantic chunk to the city's cultural identity and compete for your theater-ticket dollars. Here's how they stack up. >More
 Happy news

 Black gold

This game has a cool premise: You control the fate of an oil company starting at the dawn of the industrial age and continuing to the modern era. Pay cities or countries to dig for oil in their neighborhoods, then figure out ways to get that oil to market. >More


Kings of swing

Harlem Nights meets Moulin Rouge in Idlewild, which stars the dynamic duo known as OutKast ' Antwan A. Patton (a.k.a. Big Boi) and Andrà Benjamin (a.k.a. Andrà 3000) ' as a pair of club performers in the Prohibition-era South. >More

Thirty years after Rocky Balboa went the distance against Apollo Creed, another working-class hero has risen from the streets of South Philly. Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for Vince Papale, "the real-life Rocky" who, back in 1976, at the not-so-tender age of 30, got added to the Philadelphia Eagles roster without having played college football. >More
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Big fish story

The almost immediate, seismic success of Sardine (617 Williamson St.), which opened its French doors this summer, seems in some ways ordained. Despite all the local restaurant premieres in recent years, there hasn't been a kitchen that popped up so fully formed and completely conceived. And no new restaurant has come as close, until now, to suggesting that Madison may finally realize its potential as a dining destination. >More
 The milkman cometh

The milkman is emerging from black-and-white nostalgia thanks to Artisan Foods Delivered, a partnership between Albany's Sugar River Dairy and Barneveld's Blue Marble Family Farm that will bring the farmers'market to your door. You can't order fruits and vegetables, but you can get milk, yogurt, cream, cheese, meat, eggs, honey, maple syrup and more, all from local producers located within 150 miles of Madison. >More


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