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Kennedy Manor: A Madison original

Walk up Wisconsin Avenue toward the Kennedy Manor Apartments on a summer day, and you're likely to find Fred Mohs - wearing carefully creased jeans - trimming the hedges. es, that Fred Mohs - the lawyer, former UW Regent, real estate developer, iconic downtown supporter, and board member of MGE, the Madison Symphony and Downtown Madison Inc. He owns 60% of the block, including his house on Wisconsin Avenue and, most importantly, Kennedy Manor, the historic apartment building at 1 Langdon St. >More


CUNA Mutual plans draw flak

CUNA Mutual Group is planning a major mixed-use project on and around its west-side Madison campus, reopening old wounds over how some of this land was acquired. >More
 Making them pay

Jim Guilfoil of Monona, one of our favorite gadflies, thinks it's a scam. Recently, he had to use a credit card to post $1,000 bond to get a family member out of jail, which meant agreeing to a service fee. It was his only option, since it was a weekend and the only other forms of payment accepted are cash, money order and cashier's check. >More
 Madison attorneys knew Obama way back when

Brian Blanchard remembers shaking Barack Obama's hand and thinking he was "a nice guy." But they worked on different projects, and their interactions were limited. "I suspect he wouldn't even remember me." >More
 Shoe that horse!

Scientists are discovering that lifelong learning is good for human health - it keeps the synapses firing and the left brain talking to the right brain. And unlike your parents, the brain doesn't care if you get a degree or not; novelty's the thing. Squeeze in a workshop or a short course here and there, and it's all good. >More


Wisconsin sides with Obama

Barack Obama scored a decisive win over Hillary Clinton in the Wisconsin primary on Tuesday (by a margin of more than two-to-one in Dane County). As the returns poured in, Obama gave another uplifting speech in Houston. It was much like the speech that rocked a packed Kohl Center last week - an appeal straight to the heart. >More
 McCain seals the deal

Kudos to Sen. John Sydney McCain III for winning the Wisconsin primary and wrapping up the nomination of the RINO (Republican in Name Only) Party! >More
 Unsentimental journey

"In this book," Richard Chamberlin says, "I'm figuring out who I am." The Monona resident is describing Hitchhiking From Vietnam: Seeking the Ox, his recent memoir about deploying with the Navy Seabees in the mid-1960s, then coming to terms with himself during an epic road trip across the western U.S. 10 years later. >More
 German shepherd, I shall not want

We have a rather peculiar problem. Our family has decided to acquire its first dog. We're not snobby, so a dog from the Humane Society would be fine. But when we went there to look them over, we couldn't agree on one. >More


Steve Poltz: This time it's personal

Charm and wit have always come easy for Steve Poltz, dating back to his days fronting the '80s comedy-rock band the Rugburns. But Poltz admits there's a dimension of songwriting he's typically shied away from because it makes him uncomfortable. >More
 Bang Camaro: Novelty night

Boston's Bang Camaro aren't breaking any molds. They play basic hair metal in much the same way their predecessors in the '70s and '80s did. Co-founders and lead guitarists Alex Necochea and Bryn Bennett have clearly copped pretty much everything they know from a careful study of old Kiss and Skid Row records. And the verses of heavy-rockin' tracks like "Push Push Lady Lightning" - which has found a home on the playlists of both Guitar Hero II and Rock Band - course with a river of testosterone. >More
 Cho-Liang Lin: Adult in charge

As an antidote to the overhyped Joshua Bell, the Madison Symphony Orchestra presented a responsibly mature artist as its guest soloist at Overture Hall last weekend. Cho-Liang Lin, among the world's leading violinists, brought his refinement to Beethoven's "Violin Concerto," the first grand example of the form. >More



Tom Wopat: Home boy

Tom Wopat is racking up the frequent-flyer miles. The Tony-nominated Broadway star and television idol from The Dukes of Hazzard was rehearsing in Madison last week for Four Seasons Theatre's Follies at the Wisconsin Union Theater. He was in transit to New York when we spoke on the phone, and he relayed some of his busy schedule. >More
 Acting like a fool

Millions of Americans were sorry they missed seeing Sean (Diddy) Combs star in the recent Broadway revival of A Raisin in the Sun. It would have been fun to watch the hip-hop mogul make a fool of himself in a classic play, but New York City is just so far away. Luckily, Diddy has executive-produced a TV version of his vanity project (Monday, 7 p.m., ABC), so now all of us have a chance to laugh ourselves silly. >More
 Devil May Cry 4: Blades of glory



Putting words in their mouths

"Did you hear about the dim-bulb actress who was up for a part? She slept with the scriptwriter." Yeah, it's an old joke, but I needed a lead, and they don't pay me extra for original material. Besides, is there a better way to describe the scriptwriter's place in the Hollywood food chain - well fed, often, but a very weak link when it comes to anything resembling actual influence? >More
 Jumper: Going nowhere fast

Hayden Christensen racks up the frequent-flier miles in Jumper, Doug Liman's sci-fi thriller about a guy who can teleport himself anywhere at any time. But the movie itself never quite leaves the ground, though not for lack of trying. On the contrary, it seems sweaty with anxiety, as if it's in a big hurry to get somewhere. >More
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Phil Clementi, Owner Papa Phil's Ristorante Italiano

Why you should go: Almost all of Mad City's old spaghetti houses are gone, but Papa Phil's tweaks those Italian American comfort food recipes for the 21st century, and gets 'em just right. >More
 The Cabana Room: Feijoada comes to Madison

First of all, how do you pronounce "feijoada"? You pronounce it fahge-WAH-da. At least according to our server at the Cabana Room. And she seemed pretty sure of herself. >More


Bo Ryan does it again

Madison men's basketball coach Bo Ryan slipped a promotional plug into his remarks after last Saturday's 65-56 win over Minnesota. He was talking about how, at one point during the game, Minnesota guard Lawrence McKenzie scored on a wide-open three-pointer after a Wisconsin miss at the other end. >More
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