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Guy friendly: Woof's in Madison

I've seen a lot of weird things happen at bars late at night, but watching six leather-clad men bound together with Saran Wrap try to catch gay porn with their teeth was a first for me. >More


Danger in our midst

Emily Webb probably wouldn't strike anybody as a threat to national security - except, perhaps, the people charged with protecting the nation's security. >More
 Will mayor get his way on parkland sale?

Thursday, April 17, marks the one-year anniversary of an effort by Mayor Dave Cieslewicz to circumvent the Madison Parks Commission. After the commission thrice unanimously rejected his call to sell some city parkland ("Lincoln School Land Sale Proves Contentious," 2/17/06), Cieslewicz created the James Madison Park Property Planning Committee to revisit the issue. >More


Balancing family life and work

My 4-year-old daughter is a budding doctor. Undeterred by the unpleasant possibility of shots, she looks forward to going to the clinic, enjoys being examined and conducting her own exams whenever her sisters will let her. She has a million questions about the body. When our first-grader's school recently held a "science night," with a special session on how the heart works, we jumped at the chance to bring the kids. >More
 Pill and pillow talk

To remember to take your pills, I have at least one strong suggestion.... >More


'Line Breaks: The Remix': Hip-hop university

Ever since he attended his first open mike in a squalid basement of his Washington, D.C., high school, Josh Healey says he's known hip-hop "is what I want to be part of." >More
 Mac Lethal: A freak like me

Mac Lethal does nothing to obscure his Midwestern twang. Or his pimply white-boy mien. In fact, he exploits both on 2007's 11:11, his debut release for indie star-maker Rhymesayers Entertainment. A case in point: the patently absurd "Make-Out Bandit," where the unlikely Lothario bests "the thugs with the tattoos" who peg him as an ineffectual nerd. Score one for the geeks and freaks. >More
 Scoops for the week of April 11-17




The Overture Center: Coming up short

Joel Gersmann, the late artistic director of Broom Street Theater, often joked that one day the city would be begging the Ho-Chunk to convert the Overture Center into a casino. Now, I don't know that the shift to slots and craps will ever happen. But it turns out that Gersmann was right to be skeptical of the $205 million cultural center's future. >More
 Compleat Female Stage Beauty: Boys will be girls

Mercury Players Theatre's Compleat Female Stage Beauty is a comedy that looks at serious issues. In typical Mercury Players fashion, this show is sans taboos. Jeffrey Hatcher's R-rated script contains its fair share of fun innuendo, but the play's true value is found in its social commentary. >More
 Strollers Theatre starts over

Strollers Theatre is back. The reborn theater company will not close this spring, and it will continue to produce at the Bartell Community Theatre. >More
 The ex factor

The furor dies down in the final episode of John Adams (Sunday, 8 p.m., HBO). The British have been defeated, the United States has been created, and Adams' epic struggles as ambassador and president are behind him. He is an old man puttering about his farm with stringy white hair, bad teeth and an ever-present scowl. Very little happens over the course of the hour, and yet this is perhaps the richest of the seven episodes. >More
 Full tilt: Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection

If you're old enough to remember the vintage pinball machines included in Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection, they'll shock you with flawless reproductions. >More


Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden?: Fact-finding mission

I remember, right after 9/11, when we were told that Osama Bin Laden, "the evil one," had holed up in a cave somewhere in Tora Bora. It seemed like only a matter of time before the most powerful country in the world tracked him down and brought him to justice. But here we are, nearly seven years later, and except when he decides to make one himself, there's no sign of the guy. >More
 Girls Rock!:I scream, you scream

"Hit it hard, like you're killing something," a counselor tells one of the drummers in Girls Rock!, Shane King and Arne Johnson's thrashing documentary about the Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls in Portland, Ore. >More
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Nora Pouillon: Queen of green

Long before "organic" and "local" were on most people's food radar, Isthmus Green Day speaker Nora Pouillon was serving organic food at her namesake Washington, D.C. restaurant. Opened in 1979, Restaurant Nora became the first certified organic restaurant in the country in 1999 (notable in a city seemingly hellbent on increasing yields and subsidizing commodity crops rather than supporting small farmers). >More
 Ann Tran, co-owner, with brother Henry, of Saigon Noodles

Why you should go: For the fragrant, steaming bowls of pho and crunchy-fresh spring rolls the Trans serve up at their pleasant strip-mall spot. >More


Brewing up some surprises

April is an important month for major league baseball teams in relatively small markets, like the Milwaukee Brewers. Come out strong and fans will get excited, buy tickets and stay engaged for most of the summer. Falter early and people will start counting the days until the Packers start training camp. >More
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