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Dynamic Duo

Lisa Fernandez does not have to imagine how her efforts have improved the lives of people in Central America. She's seen it with her own eyes. >More


Wisconsin campaign finance reform enters the realm of the possible

Mike McCabe remembers what it was like to go before the old State Elections Board and push for campaign finance reform. "They greeted us in an openly hostile fashion," recalls McCabe, executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. "We were treated like pond scum." >More
 Madison banks get in on the bailout

If you listen to Madison bank CEOs, their decision to accept federal bailout money is a sign of their financial health. "As opposed to a bailout, think of this as the government putting a stake in the ground," says Greg Smith, chief financial officer at Marshall & Ilsley Corp., which, while Milwaukee-based, leads the Madison area in deposits. >More


Making the case for Overture

In about two years, the Overture Center for the Arts will experience a severe revenue shortfall. Simply put, both the public and private sectors will have to dig deeper to provide operational support. >More
 Wisconsin Cutlery & Restaurant Supply: Cuts like a knife

My fiancé, who works at Lombardino's, let slip to me that cooks at the restaurant have been cultivating their knife collections through Wisconsin Cutlery & Restaurant Supply in the Shorewood Shopping Center. >More
 Women's jeans hit a new low

Why is exposed female butt cleavage so fashionable these days? I can't go anywhere without seeing some. Whether I'm at the shopping mall, the supermarket or the park, it seems to be on a fairly regular basis that I'll be treated to an attractive woman flashing me something ranging from a quarter to a half moon. >More


Get to know Foxy Veronica's Peach Pies

Though it draws from the style and substance of the old-school striptease shows popularized by Gypsy Rose Lee, the neo-burlesque cabaret of Foxy Veronica's Peach Pies owes at least as much to the art form's even older vaudevillian roots and the shock-and-giggle comedy of South Park and Family Guy. >More
 Low vs Diamond live to be grand

Across the 208 seconds that make up the Low vs Diamond "Heart Attack" video, Lucas Field grows from a young man to an old man. >More



Madison community theater people are in it for love

"Community theater" can be a loaded term. Some hear in those words positive connotations of being rooted in one's community. Others hear a patronizing term that calls to mind amateurish work. >More
 Tragedy looms in Madison Opera's Madama Butterfly

Giacomo Puccini was always searching for a good story. He favored ones that put vulnerable heroines in believable turmoil, so in 1900 when he saw David Belasco's play about a geisha's tragic love for an American naval officer, he set his librettists to work. This weekend, in honor of the 150th anniversary of the composer's birth, the Madison Opera presents Madama Butterfly, the heroine Puccini loved most. >More
 Season's 'greetings'

Stephen Colbert shines as an egotistical host on his mock right-wing news program The Colbert Report. Colbert satirizes the Fox News worldview while pretending to embody it. He makes war-loving, tax-hating, God-slinging, gay-baiting conservatism look absurd -- even more absurd than it does on The O'Reilly Factor. The Colbert Report is undoubtedly a work of genius. >More
 Gears of War 2: Kill the aliens

Like the first Gears of War, the sequel (the most anticipated game of the holiday season) is a gorgeously drawn action-adventure with film-like scenes. Few games look this finely detailed. But mostly, the purpose of Gears 2 is to provide massive amounts of bloody, bloody killing. >More


The Boy in the Striped Pajamas: A child's view of Auschwitz

I'm not sure there was a big demand to see the Holocaust through the eyes of a child, but that's exactly what we get in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Mark Herman's faithful adaptation of John Boyne's heart-warming, bone-chilling young-adult novel. >More
 Westgate Cinemas fades to black

The first movie I ever saw in Madison was at Westgate Cinemas -- Torch Song Trilogy, with Harvey Fierstein festooned in drag, barking orders at everyone. This was February 1989, and I'd just arrived in town, partly to write about movies, and I was curious to see where I'd be spending a good deal of my time. >More
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Inventive takes on turkey leftovers: spicy soup recipe

Thanksgiving is my hands-down favorite holiday. No gift-giving pressures. No nonstop frenzied commercialization. Lots of playtime with local ingredients. And yes, I even like the leftovers. In fact, I probably look forward to the bird carcass more than any other aspect of Turkey Day. It's all that potential: turkey tetrazzini, turkey enchiladas, turkey almond salad, turkey wild rice bake. >More
 New fall beers from Wisconsin breweries

There's a reassuring feeling seeing the medium-bodied brown beers appear in the fall. Just as the leaves change, so do my tastes in beer, as I look for slightly heavier and sweeter brews. >More


Badgers' weekend: Cupcakes & contenders

Saturday marks a dark day on the Wisconsin sports calendar as the football Badgers welcome the Cal Poly Mustangs, a Division I-AA team, to Camp Randall. >More
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