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Sunday, March 1, 2015 |  Madison, WI: 15.0° F  Fog/Mist
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Rebuilding the burger

The hamburger may be destroying life as we know it. That's not as outlandish as it sounds. Several recent studies have confirmed that CO2 emissions from the production of red meat and dairy have a significant impact on global warming, larger than other segments of food production -- even chicken and pork. >More


Facelift eyed for 'tired old' Peace Park

Lisa Link Peace Park is not what you'd call the jewel of the Madison park system. The "pocket park," wedged between State and West Gilman streets, is named after peace activist Elizabeth Link and was the site of many Vietnam-era protests. In recent years, it's been a bit grungy, a hangout for the homeless and disaffected youth. But that may be about to change. >More
 Capital Chaplains program helps employees cope

Janelle Skillrud drifted from faith as an adult, as many people do. Then, about three years ago while working in sales at Pellitteri Waste Systems in Madison, she received a benefit that helped her find it again. >More


Standing up to Bishop Morlino

Bishop Morlino's tenure in Madison has been marked by confrontation, not cooperation. His relationship with the priests and faithful has not been one of "servant to the servants of God" but one of dictator. >More
 Tell All: I love Leigh Mills

Dear Tell All: Help! I have a crush on NBC 15's nighttime anchor Leigh Mills. Do you think there's any chance she might marry me? >More


dumate brings together underground hip-hop street rap

It seems that backpack rap -- slang for hip-hop artists who eschew the drugs, guns and bling that dominate much commercial rap, scribbling down lyrics as they lug oodles of CDs around town in backpacks -- is alive and well in Madison. That's thanks in part to dumate, the five-person hip-hop collective that performs with sharp rhymes, sizzling samples and progressive themes. >More
 Happy birthday, High Noon Saloon

High Noon Saloon owner Cathy Dethmers has worked hard to give the place a personality all its own, one that lures some of the country's most sought-after musicians while serving as a home base for local performers. Five years ago this May 5, the nightclub rose from the ashes of Dethmers' O'Cayz Corral, a favorite downtown watering hole and concert spot in its own right, after it burned irreparably on New Year's Day 2001. >More
 Indigo Girls and Ani DiFranco salute The Progressive

Nearly 20 years later, the Indigo Girls and Ani DiFranco are still making albums that are personal and political. They're still championing activism, and that includes headlining The Progressive magazine's 100th anniversary celebration concert April 30 at the Orpheum Theatre. >More



Cycropia Aerial Dance celebrates 20 years in the air

A Life of Flight, Cycropia's 20th anniversary performance, echoes with that resounding affirmation. The celebratory showcase features choreographed and improvised works employing trapeze, bungees and other apparatuses that allow the company to take dance from the horizontal into the vertical realm. >More
 A woman's rage powers In Plain Sight

Everybody loves cable TV's stunning heroines: Holly Hunter of Saving Grace, Kyra Sedgwick of The Closer, Mary-Louise Parker of Weeds, Glenn Close of Damages. Now it's time to start loving Mary McCormack of In Plain Sight. McCormack begins her second season as Mary Shannon, a U.S. marshal involved with the witness protection program in Albuquerque. >More
 Bite-sized science in The Why Files

For the past 13 years, the folks at The Why Files, an online magazine based here in Madison, have been answering questions about science in a way that regular folks can understand and even enjoy. On April 28, The Why Files makes the leap to the printed page with a new book from Penguin. >More
 Non-critics assess Wii games

Many of us critics are disappointed in the rotten lineup of Wii titles. The Wii machine itself is revolutionary as an interactive toy. But if you go to the store and browse the Wii wall of games, you'll be browsing a wall of stink. >More


Everlasting Moments: Watch the birdie

Everlasting Moments is based on the reminiscences of Maja Oman, a distant relation of director Jan Troell. We meet Maja as a little girl of about 7, played in early scenes by Nellie Almgren, later by Callin Öhrvall. Her mother is tense Maria, and her father is boorish Sigfried, who in the course of the film works various backbreaking jobs: dockworker, chalk miner. >More
 The Soloist: Transported by music

The Soloist is a very serious-minded, slickly produced and emotionally ambitious movie about a middle-class journalist -- a star columnist on a huge metropolitan daily -- who discovers a homeless man living on the streets near his paper: a bedraggled, verbose, shabby wreck of a guy who carries all his possessions in a shopping cart and bags, but who may be possessed of musical genius. >More
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Sofra in Middleton features Albanian dishes

Sometimes it's important to stress what a restaurant isn't. Sofra Family Bistro, and that name is a tip-off, isn't vying to be a stylish contender, or a hipstery clubhouse where men in porkpie hats pick at some fashion plate and compare it to a dish they just ate in Williamsburg or Wicker Park. >More
 Watercress Salad with Grilled Hanger Steak recipe

There is near-frantic pleasure in eating watercress at this time of year -- it's green! It's fresh! It's not stew! Shoppers snap it up from vendors at the (newly reopened) outdoor Dane County Farmers' Market or find plump bunches in the produce sections of local grocery stores. Foragers cut fistfuls from the surface of small streams and coldwater springs. And people looking to add a little spice to their life include it in salads, soups, stir-fries and more. >More


Star slapper

With temps in the 70s and a sky devoid of clouds, most members of the Wisconsin women's softball team were practicing in shorts and T-shirts last Thursday. But sophomore center fielder Jennifer Krueger was sporting a pair of baggy sweatpants with a healthy layer of infield dirt. >More
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