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Harter, a Dane County sheriff's deputy, has kicked hundreds of people out of their homes over the past decade. As one of the county's two full-time civil execution officers, Harter has the job of making sure that people who haven't paid their rent or mortgage clear out when the courts say they have to. He's seen some harrowing stuff - guys blowing their heads off or walking away from everything they own, just like that. >More


AIDS Network dissed as Madison locals ACT UP

For more than a year, Greg Milward of Madison has spoken out against AIDS Network. Now he and others have gone to the next level; they've decided to ACT UP. >More
 Mayor's ouster of critic Carl DuRocher upsets some council members

Mayor Dave Cieslewicz has only a few powers that cannot be overruled by the Common Council. One of them is the power to make appointments to the city's 80-some committees, boards and commissions. The council can approve or reject these appointments, but it can't force the mayor to make different selections. Still, some people want it to try. >More


City of Madison should not pay for new hotel at Monona Terrace

The office of Mayor Dave Cieslewicz is negotiating with Marcus Corporation on a financial package to develop a new hotel in downtown Madison. Marcus Corporation received almost $13 million in city funding to build the Hilton hotel attached to the Monona Terrace convention center; now it's asking for much more financial support to build a new hotel. No other hotel project has ever received financial support from the city. >More
 Move along, nothing to see here

Near-east-side Madison residents must obey two commandments: 1. Thou shalt not paint over the natural, interior woodwork of thou's home and 2. Thou shalt not hassle, for any reason whatsoever, not even in jest, the owners of dogs. >More
 Tell All: I'm outta here

Dear Tell All: School's over, which makes me ecstatic. But my heart sinks when I realize what comes afterward: moving! I've moved every year that I've been at the U, and it's always been a nightmare. The thought of moving again scares me to death. Do you have any advice to make the job easier? >More


Triple M hosts Project M reality show for Madison musicians

Now that Milwaukee's Danny Gokey has been booted from American Idol, locals need a new reality show to follow. Triple M (105.5 FM) is offering one alternative: Project M, a competition featuring 10 Madison-area songwriters. >More
 Red Collar quit their jobs to play music

Jason Kutchma is a singer and guitarist in the Durham, N.C., rock band Red Collar. Until two months ago, Kutchma, 36, also held down a nine-to-five office job as a state worker. Then Kutchma and his wife, Beth, decided to embrace the rock 'n' roll road life. >More



What killed Madison Rep?

Just a few days ago, on May 10, the city's second-oldest theater troupe was to have completed its run of My Fair Lady, bringing a glittering 40th anniversary season to a close. Instead, Madison Repertory Theatre is dead. >More
 Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research web collections serve scholars and pop-culture buffs

Their primary purpose is to serve the scholarly mission of the archive. But Michele Hilmes, director of the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research, allows that three new online exhibits may appeal to an audience far broader than academics and researchers -- including star-struck movie fans. >More
 A psychiatrist is the real nut in Mental

In Mental, a new director arrives at a psychiatric hospital. Jack (Chris Vance) is as buff and handsome as a male model -- indeed, he's more like a male model than he is a psychiatrist, with a model's penchant for taking off his clothes. His first act as director is to get naked in the hospital hallway as his colleagues look on in shock. >More
 Enjoyably idiotic Wii games

Just the other week, I was ripping into the Nintendo Wii for putting out a bunch of stupid games that are no fun. This week, I'm whipping out a bunch of stupid Wii games that are fun. >More


Terminator Salvation: No fun, no soul

Let's talk about names. Character names, to be specific. As much of a rabid fan of the first two Terminator films as I am, I have always been bewildered by James Cameron's inexplicable saddling of the potential savior of all mankind with the brown-envelope-bland moniker of "John Connor." >More
 Shall We Kiss?: Friends-plus

Quintessentially French in its preoccupation with the vagaries of l'amour, Shall We Kiss? is painfully dunderheaded about the proclivities of the human heart. >More
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Say yes to Nawlins at The Bayou

From the moment you step into the Bayou, the new Cajun and Creole spot on South Butler Street, it's clear that owner Dale Beck has worked very hard to create a New Orleans-in-Madison feel. >More


Former Badgers skate for Stanley Cup

Most of the UW-Madison graduates who accepted their diplomas at the Kohl Center last weekend weren't born yet when Detroit Red Wings defenseman Chris Chelios led the Badgers to the 1983 NCAA hockey championship. >More
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