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American Players Theatre survives and thrives in down economy with new facility

"I'll never forget my first time here," says David Frank of American Players Theatre in Spring Green. "It was a very hot July; the Porta-Potties had a pretty obnoxious smell. I was at a matinee and it was like being on a griddle. And there were 300 people watching an uncut production of The Winter's Tale. I thought, that's some audience!" laughs Frank, his vivid blue eyes sparkling as he recalls the summer of 1991. >More


Crime and Punishment: Part 2: A rebirth behind bars

In the past 18 months, I have learned more about human nature, truth, self and life than ever before. It has been a time of extreme pain and shame. Yet it has helped me to experience love, hope, friendship and faith on a scale I have never felt before. And it all took place behind the walls of a maximum security prison. >More
 Leopold Elementary does it bilingually

In a classroom with walls lined with bright pictures, Erin Conway's third- and fourth-grade students are working on mathematical word problems. For the first time in their relatively short educational careers, the problems are in English. >More
 Clearing the air on home ozone-producers

Amanda Goldstein and Dan Schilling agree on one thing: It's not a good idea to be too trusting. Goldstein, a former print and TV journalist who lives in Madison, feels she made a mistake in trusting Schilling, a Madison-based building inspector who sold her a home air purifier two years ago. >More
 Child pulled from Schenk Elementary over bullying

Kris Talaro says Madison schools talk big about anti-harassment policies and zero tolerance for threats but "back up the talk with almost no action." >More


Leave those buskers be!

Madison has a strange relationship with State Street, its alternately venerated and maligned pedestrian thoroughfare. Clearly, it's a draw for visitors and residents alike, an outdoor shopping mall and a gateway between Capitol and campus. It's a great place to watch people, grab a bite and enjoy the color and funkiness that make it special. >More
 Tell All: Stripper girlfriend trouble

Dear Tell All: I'm a college junior. After barely having a single date since high school, I was starting to get pretty desperate. So when I went to a strip club this spring with a bunch of my buddies, I decided to do something crazy. I did just enough shots to be dangerous and then asked one of the dancers out. To my amazement, she said yes! We ended up leaving together at the end of her shift and spending an amazing night together. >More


The Marquette Waterfront Festival has boomed over 20 years

The 20th Marquette Waterfront Festival brings a sizzling lineup of local acts and emerging world music stars to Yahara Place Park on Saturday and Sunday, June 13 and 14. My, how this festival's grown >More
 Rain changes the mood on Saturday at Isthmus Jazz Festival 2009

Rain displaced the Isthmus Jazz Festival to the cramped confines of the UW Memorial Union Rathskeller on Saturday. That changed the vibe of the night. No sweeping sunset. No shimmering lake. No girls in their summer clothes taking in the twilight. >More
 Kasey Chambers proves Aussies are a little bit country, too

Though country music is the product of many cultures -- from the Scots-Irish who settled in the Appalachian Mountains to the Africans who worked plantations in Georgia -- it's one of the most salient symbols of the American South. >More



Professional troupes fill the Madison Rep slot at Overture

Overture Center for the Arts has plugged the programming hole left by the defunct Madison Repertory Theatre. Its first-ever Playhouse performance series, announced June 11, will feature Milwaukee Repertory Theater and other troupes. >More
 When did True Blood get so good?

Last year, I bailed on the vampire series True Blood after the first episode. It struck me as contrived, straining after black humor, depraved romance and Southern gothic horror. But something must have happened while I was gone. >More
 UFC 2009 Undisputed: The good fight

It's unfathomable how video gamers get riled up over the stupidest stuff. The other day, I was playing UFC 2009 Undisputed online -- against an anonymous kid who sounded 14 -- and he whined that I was kicking him, you know, with my feet. >More


The Taking of Pelham 123 is a train wreck

How does one of the most universally respected actors of this generation -- Denzel Washington -- come to trust director Tony Scott and his obvious fascination with style over substance? Since their first collaboration on Crimson Tide in 1995, Washington and Scott have teamed up in recent years for Man on Fire, Dèjá Vu and now the remake of The Taking of Pelham 123. >More
 Imagine That: Bad dad

With Imagine That, Eddie Murphy has made a family-friendly film without a single fart joke. True, he does put his foot in a cow patty at one point, but Imagine That is refreshingly free of Murphy's usual penchant for antic toilet humor and howling bad taste. >More
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No pufferfish, but simple successes at Fugu Asian Fusion

Fugu is about the only place in town where you can order up the entire digestive tract -- stomach to intestines to kidneys -- and get it quivering on a plate. And that's all to the restaurant's very big credit. While most of Madison's Chinese kitchens have opted for a timid, Anglicized and in some cases wholly invented version of Asian cuisine, Fugu is to Chinese dining what places like La Mestiza are to Mexican: a new wave of actually authentic local kitchens that do justice to ethnic food. >More


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