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Madison conservatives hope to halt commuter rail

For some people, commuter rail is a nifty idea that makes sense for Dane County, one that will combat pollution and traffic congestion while it promotes economic development and gets people where they need to go. For Vicki McKenna, it's about those damn liberals, trying to micromanage everyone else's lives. >More


Girls on the Run stresses self-respect and healthy lifestyles

Anita Martin wishes young girls weren't bombarded with assaults on their self-esteem through peer pressure and media images. But since they are, she decided to do something about it, "helping girls learn to stand up for themselves and develop healthy self-images." >More
 A most fowl development

Tina Hinchley raised nine turkeys this year on her family's dairy farm in Cambridge. The largest weighs 50 to 60 pounds, and when he's dressed, Hinchley says, he "will have trouble fitting into the oven." Hinchley keeps the birds largely because of the farm's educational and entertainment component; she and her husband give tours and host events. "I think it's important for the kids to know what turkeys look like," says Hinchley. "They're spectacular. It's amazing how enormous they can get in four to six months." >More
 City of Madison seeks 'better process' for community services funding

Madison is revamping the process for how community service agencies seek city funding and reprioritizing which services are most important. "What we're doing is trying to make a better process," says Bill Clingan, the city's community development division director. "We're reevaluating our priorities and asking, what do we want to suggest the city spend its money on?" >More
 They're here, they're sincere, they're Bioneers!

The aim, says Kristen Joiner, "is to shine a light on what's happening with our local visionaries," to bring them together with other regional leaders and engage the public in a cross-pollinated, trans-disciplinary meeting of minds. The agenda: food, water, energy, transportation, the environment, health, education, spirituality, art, music and politics. >More


Madison should not let itself be flattered, even by the president

Last week, as I listened to a live Internet feed of President Barack Obama speaking at Wright Middle School in Madison, I couldn't help but feel a swelling sense of pride. "I am so impressed with the work that's been done here at Wright," the president said, prefacing his prepared remarks. "And to the faculty and the staff, but most importantly, the students, who I had a chance to meet with earlier today, they are just some outstanding young people. So if there are any parents of students in the house you should be proud -- and give them all a big round of applause." >More


Hank Williams III brings a metal album to Madison

Like his granddad, Hank III has struggled with alcoholism and marital strife, as well as the suits who call the shots in the recording industry. He's also made a name for himself as a honky-tonk artist, just as Hank Sr. did, but his up-yours attitude isn't just genetic. He got his start banging drums and bucking authority in punk bands, and he never exchanged his hardcore roots for cowboy boots. He manages to have both. >More
 Whitney Mann's rural roots inspire country songs

Whitney Mann grew up the daughter of a grain farmer in tiny Camden, Mich., a town with a population of 500 lodged between the Saint Joseph River and the Indiana state line. In Camden, one school building houses all students, kindergarten through high school. The post office and the community park are the sum of all local landmarks. >More
 Julian Casablancas: Phrazes for the Young

Here's the best thing about mp3s: They've reestablished the song as the preeminent musical form. Pop music began its slow decline soon after CDs killed the 45. There was no way to buy a song, no way for three minutes of music to stand on their own anymore. And it took the implosion of the recording industry to change all that. >More



University Theatre head David Furumoto mixes and matches global influences

"The theater is our laboratory. It's where our students do their work, where they learn. Our audiences are doubly important in that regard." So says David Furumoto, the new head of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's University Theatre, and a tenured associate professor of acting in the department of theater and drama. >More
 Will the Aaron Bohrod mural at the downtown Madison library survive?

Murals by two internationally famous artists-in-residence at the University of Wisconsin have recently been threatened. One, by John Steuart Curry, is being preserved by heroic measures. The fate of the other, by Aaron Bohrod, is unknown. >More
 WWII in HD brings the battles into sharper focus

WWII in HD presents rare footage of World War II, found during a two-year global search through basements and archives. The footage was translated into high definition, then artfully edited to convey the sense that we're experiencing the events of 1939-45 as they happened. >More


Pirate Radio tepidly looks back at broadcast rebels

Despite a title change from The Boat That Rocked to Pirate Radio, this British import exudes about as much outlaw swagger as Tom DeLay in a dance competition. Forget about historical veracity. The film's offshore radio broadcasting ship Radio Rock is a fictional stand-in for the actual operation Radio Caroline, which was shut down by the British government in 1967. >More
 2012: Cinematic catharsis

Life is simple in Roland Emmerich's films. Confronted with unprecedented perils on a scale never before seen, the characters in his disaster epics manage to reaffirm their broken loves, make amends for slipshod parenting and, most impressively, outrun fireballs and certain death with their hides and wits intact. >More
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Opa Cafe and Lounge brings something new to State Street

Opa is clearly trying to do something new on its block, bringing ingredients like duck confit and rabbit to a young audience who, though recently captivated by "real food" guru Michael Pollan, might be just as likely to pop into Qdoba. Opa aims high and for the most part succeeds. >More
 Pecan and bacon pie (recipe)

I'm generally of the school of thought that a little bacon on anything makes it better. I must admit, however, that I was wary of bacon in desserts, until I had a bite of a gourmet chocolate bar flecked with bits of thick-cut bacon. It worked. It more than worked; it was a beautiful pork-tinged chocolate euphoria. There was something revolutionary about that sweet and savory combination, and it convinced me that bacon desserts were totally doable. >More


Madison's own soccer shocker

Video footage of University of New Mexico soccer player Elizabeth Lambert trying to turn an opposing player into a PEZ dispenser showed up online late last week. By Monday, the cable news networks were running the scene of Lambert violently pulling the other player to the ground by her ponytail again and again while expressing their dismay. Letterman also ran it repeatedly, and seemed to think it was funny. >More
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