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Sunday, September 21, 2014 |  Madison, WI: 58.0° F  Mostly Cloudy
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That's Soooo Madison!

How do you take a fresh look at the Capitol? The city as a whole, the UW-Madison, the people and the events of the Mad City? That's the question we were asking with our photo contest "That's Soooo Madison." By and large, you delivered, balancing quirky scenes with the finer elements of photo composition. Here's what you found, and what we liked, set to song (thanks to Bill Lueders and Tom Dehlinger). >More


Wisconsin Homeowners Alliance said to be a 'front group' for Realtors

A group purporting to represent Wisconsin homeowners has mailed thousands of fliers to Dane County residents, urging them to fight the county's proposed Waterbody Classification Project. It seems designed to scare the pants off anyone who receives it. >More
 Madison Central Library has a date with the wrecking ball

Now that the Madison Common Council has approved borrowing $17 million to build a new downtown library, set to open in 2012, what will happen to the old Central Library? >More
 Madison Water Utility workers allege bias, retaliation

Asked for his assessment of what is happening to his client, Madison Water Utility employee Peggy Wischhoff, attorney Jeff Scott Olson doesn't hold back: "They're trying to either give her a nervous breakdown or set her up for firing, one or the other." >More
 City of Madison to put price on trees' life

Earlier this year, while construction crews were digging up a sewer line on Spaight Street on the city's near east side, they accidentally caused the deaths of six trees. Some people are still sore about it. >More


Peter Yarrow connects with Madison (video)

Peter Yarrow's eyes have seen it. They scanned the wide column of hopeful marchers in Selma. As he stood at Martin Luther King's side, they gazed upon the 250,000 souls who witnessed King's "I Have a Dream" speech. Did the member of trailblazing folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary ever get nervous? >More
 Tell All: Getting drunk with the drunks

Dear Tell All: I know I'm pretty much alone on this issue, but for whatever reason it just gives me the sickest, most unbearable sinking feeling when my (under 21) girlfriend hits the bars with her coworkers. >More


Melt-Banana has a need for speed

On the surface, Yasuko "Yako" Onuki and Ichirou Agata -- the core members of Tokyo's Melt-Banana -- seem to be about wild vocals and raw-yet-wacky guitar playing. However, it's their speed and their Dada-like fascination with the absurd that make fans out of listeners, especially when the combo plays a live show. >More
 Charles Walker Band moves beyond traditional blues

Charles Walker is a musician in search of a genre. "This CD strays more from the blues," says Walker, 32. "It's more restless and more political." >More
 Soulico: Exotic on the Speaker

Few musical groups have a bigger destiny to fulfill than Soulico. The Tel Aviv-based DJ collective make danceable hip-hop featuring American, Palestinian and Hebrew raps. >More




Wes Anderson finds real life, at last, in hilarious Fantastic Mr. Fox

Wes Anderson, at his best and his worst, has always been a filmmaker with a fondness for hermetically sealed worlds of his own creation. Why it took him 15 years to take a stab at animation, I'll never know. >More
 Ninja Assassin is preposterously dumb

Pitched somewhere between a preadolescent boy's martial-arts fantasy world and a wildly off-kilter exercise in homoerotic beefcakery, Ninja Assassin is an astonishingly crappy slo-mo gorefest from the V for Vendetta team of director James McTeigue and producers the Wachowski Brothers. >More
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Madison scores the food carts

Most of the downtown and campus food carts are packing up for the season, although the warm November weather kept some of them on the sidewalks later than usual. When they return to the streets next spring, not all will be in the same spots. Street placement is determined by rankings carts receive for the year; rankings are determined by a formula that balances seniority, any demerits received, and taste-test rankings. >More


Aaron Rodgers' (star) turn

Author Phil Hanrahan likes to talk about the year he spent in and around Green Bay doing research for Life After Favre: A Season of Change with the Green Bay Packers and Their Fans. After home games, he'd grab a table near the window in Curly's Pub, the sports bar located inside Lambeau Field overlooking the players' parking lot. >More
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