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Hello, cancer

I remember that she wore red shoes. Her feet were tiny and she was wearing pantyhose. She examined the lump on my neck for all of 20 seconds before leaning back in her swivel chair and pronouncing: "This is probably a lymphoma." >More


Hikes for most public costs in Madison exceed rate of inflation

It's the end of the decade, a perfect time to take stock of how the cost of living, vis-à-vis public institutions, has changed. So Watchdog has tabulated the costs of more than 20 basic services, most provided or regulated by government. >More
 Joe Sensenbrenner: Rejecting earlier hotel proved wise

Joe Sensenbrenner agrees the plan to expand the Edgewater Hotel is "out of character with the neighborhood," where he happens to live. But the former Madison mayor doesn't know enough to judge the costs of not proceeding with the current plan. Still, the controversy reminds him of one that played out more than 20 years ago. >More
 Just askin', about booze and drugs

Christina Lightbourn knows drinking is a touchy subject for many people. Her job is to push them to discuss it, which requires a fair amount of tact. >More


Making peace with hip-hop

One of the things I love about Madison is that you can find something new to see or do on any given night while still running into people you know. It's the best of big-city amenities and small-town familiarity. And among the big-city amenities I most adore is Madison's music scene, with its diverse lineup of artists and styles. >More
 Tell All: 'Where can I find my love?'

Dear Tell All: WHERE CAN I FIND MY LOVE? >More


In an iTunes era, WORT serves up human contact

Beer brewers know wort as the sugary stuff that makes alcohol when it's teamed with yeast. However, Madison's most popular wort -- WORT 89.9 FM -- isn't a beer ingredient but a radio station that teams with the community to brew a heady blend of music, news and more. >More
 Dead Man's Carnival revives circus arts

Sure, sometimes bands add a little stage banter to their act between songs. But how many juggle fire, jump through rings of knives and perform traditional burlesque stripteases? >More



Forward Theater stages Christopher Durang's acclaimed political satire Why Torture Is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them

This year, one of New York's theatrical success stories had one of the oddest titles in recent memory: Why Torture Is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them, by Christopher Durang. >More
 StageQ actors find depths in Random Harvest

We'll soon put Scrooge and his spirits back in their Christmas closet, but we're not quite done with ghost stories just yet. The redemptive Random Harvest kicks off with a New Year's Eve opening. >More
 Your Madison New Year's Eve cheat sheet

From family friendly to loud and raucous, your ultimate guide to New Year's Eve festivities in and around Madison. >More
 Color your world in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

Here at the turn of the year, there are no exciting new games to review. So I'll turn my attention to a good game I overlooked a few months ago called Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. >More
 This Emotional Life brings science to bear

This Emotional Life explores the nature of happiness. Why is it often an elusive goal? The subject itself may sound elusive, but host Daniel Gilbert, a Harvard psychologist, brings the latest scientific research to bear. >More


Guy Ritchie updates Sherlock Holmes for action audiences

When Edgar Allan Poe invented the literary detective genre in 1841, little did he know that C. Auguste Dupin, his clever little Parisian "ratiocinator," would lead directly to the creation of Arthur Conan Doyle's "consulting detective" Sherlock Holmes some 46 years later. >More
 Kidman, Cruz and the rest don't lift Nine

More corsets appear in the movie Nine than in your average Victoria's Secret fashion show. The movie is Rob Marshall's adaptation of the twice-produced Broadway musical, which itself was an outgrowth of Federico Fellini's 1963 Italian film classic 8 1/2. >More
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New Year's Eve: Have you made dinner plans yet?

Where to make your reservations this New Year's. >More
 Despite the economy, restaurants keep opening in Madison

A spate of closings at the tail end of 2008 seemed to bode poorly for 2009 in terms of fledgling restaurants in the Madison area. Would we even have any new restaurants to review in the next year, I wondered? But it's turned out to be a somewhat hopeful year for the Madison food scene. Certainly, there have been many closings. There have also been enough restaurants opening that it's been a task (though a pleasant one) to get to them all. >More


Playoffs could Pack a punch

On Nov. 8, the mood in Packerland was dire. Green Bay had just lost to previously winless Tampa Bay, 38-28, blowing the 11-point lead it held with 12 minutes to go. The Packers stood at 4-4 while the Minnesota Vikings, now featuring a guy named Brett Favre, were 7-1. >More
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