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Chef Rick Bayless: Changing the world, one meal at a time

We live in the days of the celebrity chef. There are so many cooking competitions on television, it's hard to keep them straight. It's possible for an avid television viewer to have a "favorite chef" whose restaurant he's never visited, whose food he's never tasted. >More


Bishop Morlino takes aim at messengers in clergy abuse scandal

It's not surprising that Madison Bishop Robert Morlino is just livid about news accounts tying Pope Benedict XVI to the protection of pedophile priests in Wisconsin and elsewhere, accounts that have shocked the conscience of people throughout the world. What's surprising is what Morlino is livid about: not the decades of abuse and cover-ups, all done under the nose of church officials including Pope Benedict, but the fact that this is getting renewed attention. >More
 Groups do their part to keep pantries in produce

If you've been poor and living in Madison in the past 10 years, there's a good chance you've eaten food grown by Emmett Schulte and Ken Witte. The two men were the driving force behind the Madison Area Food Pantry Gardens, formed in 2000 to grow produce for local food pantries. >More
 New meters will take the money and run

An Isthmus reader responding to a report in this space about Madison's new multi-space parking meters notes an "annoying windfall for the city" in how the new system works: "If you pay for two hours but only use one, somebody else comes along and the city collects a double fee for the hour." >More


Competence and the Madison Central Library

Last week, former Isthmus editor Marc Eisen took me to task -- along with other city officials and virtually the entire Madison business community -- for just about every building that didn't get built going back a couple of decades. >More
 Find a fern at the UW Arboretum Bookstore

The UW Arboretum Bookstore is a small, tranquil haven tucked in the back of the Arboretum's Visitor Center. With spring in the air, it seemed the perfect destination, one-stop shopping for anyone interested in the outdoors, gardening and natural history, from serious researchers to daypack dabblers. >More
 Tell All: Pickup lines

In "Other People's Garbage" (3/5/2010), an "environmentally conscious" letter-writer named Refuse-nik complained about next-door neighbors who regularly dump their excess garbage into her partially empty trash bin on pickup day, without asking permission. I advised either letting it go or, if that wasn't possible, keeping her bin sealed with bungee cords until right before pickup. My answer inspired a flood of responses - more than I get for steamy columns about love or sex. Madison, where are your priorities? >More


DJ Mike Carlson reflects and rebuilds after losing house

Like many good DJs, Mike Carlson is an expert at tapping into audiences' musical memories and helping them create new ones. This skill is useful for building a large and enthusiastic fan base, which Carlson's been doing since he started playing college parties in the early 1980s. These days, he has regular gigs at the Inferno, the Majestic Theatre and the Great Dane, where he gets the party started quickly with charisma and killer records. >More
 Jaguar Love: Hologram Jams

Like Janis Joplin or Billie Holiday, Johnny Whitney has a voice so unique you can recognize it immediately. Fans of his defunct post-hardcore band Blood Brothers know this, but for those just getting to know his characteristic screech, Jaguar Love's new album is a fine introduction. >More
 Pretty Lights makes radiant electronica

It's been four years since the Denver-based music producer Derek Vincent Smith adopted the artistic moniker Pretty Lights and released his debut album, Taking Up Your Precious Time. >More



Poet Nick Lantz poses query after query

Madison poet Nick Lantz's debut collection, We Don't Know We Don't Know, released last month, is a romp through references to Donald Rumsfeld, old wives' tales, Pliny the Elder, little-known facts and dusty paintings. It's a sharp group of poems that leaves the reader wondering: What, really, do we know, and what, really, do we not know? >More
 Anne Frank lives!

After reading The Diary of Anne Frank, you really can't get anything done for the rest of the day. Anne's account of hiding from the Nazis gives you a profound sense of The Best and The Worst of the human race. >More
 Nintendo DSi XL is fine for kids and casual gamers

There's a new handheld Nintendo DS on the market. The DSi XL is almost exactly like other handheld Nintendo DS machines. It plays DS games. It does a bit of web surfing. But this one is bigger and heavier. >More


Zooming in on the 2010 Wisconsin Film Festival

The Wisconsin Film Festival is upon us, and once more the sprawling event, which runs April 14-18 at downtown venues, might overwhelm you with its sheer variety. It can be daunting to choose among 192 films. If it helps you make your selections, here are some films we recommend, and by we I mean my fellow Isthmus staffers Linda Falkenstein, Bill Lueders, David Medaris, Dean Robbins and yours truly. Some of these films have already received hosannas in the broader film world, like Joon-Ho Bong's Mother, and others may not get much exposure beyond festivals. All are worth your time. >More
 The Runaways tells a cautionary true-rock tale

My favorite rock movie, Cameron Crowe's sweetly nostalgic Almost Famous, succeeds in part because it tells a compelling story, but also because its characters are recognizably human. Too many rock movies -- Oliver Stone's The Doors is a painful example -- merely caricature. >More
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The Coopers Tavern unites Irish and Midwestern flavors

Few Madison restaurants in recent memory have been as eagerly awaited as the Coopers Tavern, a gastropub that speaks Irish with a Wisconsin accent. Coopers has blossomed instantly into a destination on the Square, with a house so often packed that it pays to choose your moment -- no reservations here -- or just plan to nurse a beer (or two) for a while before eating. >More
 Meat substitutes make for a flavorful vegan jambalaya (recipe)

At our house, there's a copy of Tal Ronnen's The Conscious Cook on loan, and in it are pictured succulent cuts of Gardein protein, which I had not heard of until opening said cookbook. Oprah's apparently all over it. And Ronnen is the chef who worked with her during her "21-day cleanse." I figured it must be some space-age celebrity super-food or something, and that I would never see it at a grocery store near me. >More


When hockey gets too big

In early February, Wisconsin's hockey team played on a specially constructed rink in the middle of Camp Randall Stadium. It was a neat gimmick that drew 55,000 fans, many of whom have fond memories of playing hockey under the stars on frozen ponds as kids. >More
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