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Frisbee Town: Madison is ultimate's capital city

At first glance, there's not much that differentiates the guys who play for the Wisconsin Hodags, the most dominant men's college ultimate team in the country over the last decade, from the other college kids playing pickup Frisbee at the University Bay Fields on a typical weekday afternoon. >More


Dane County threatens little old lady

Some people call Sally Franz "The Puppet Lady" because of the marionette shows she staged for years. Others call her "Aunt Sally." And everyone agrees she's a character. But Franz, an 82-year-old town of Oregon resident who until five years ago worked as an educational assistant at Cherokee Middle School, may soon earn another appellation: homeless. >More
 Skepticism grows over Madison school district upkeep report

Kevin Eipperle delivers a math lesson, facility-engineer style: If the Madison school district has 50 buildings, over 30 years it would cost about $60,000 per building per year to maintain them, according to a recent assessment. >More
 Unexpected windfalls for Dane County residents

In last Thursday's Wisconsin State Journal, the state Treasurer's Office ran a huge list of Dane County residents who have unclaimed property valued at $50 or more. (An affiliated website gives additional info on the identity of the "holder," but only the rightful owner can learn what exactly is being held.) >More


School testing gets absurd

A few weeks ago my friend's 8-year-old came home all excited, waving a letter from school about a test called the Scholastic Reading Inventory. Not only did the little boy have test results showing he'd scored well above the third-grade level (no surprise to anyone who knows this avid reader), he also had a list of recommended books. Number one on the list: Arctic Dreams. Number two: A Clockwork Orange. >More
 Tell All: Downward trend

Dear Tell All: I started dating this guy a few months ago that I really like. He's fun, nice and makes me laugh all the time. There's just this one, tiny problem: When he gets an erection, it points down. I don't mean just a little, or even horizontally. It pretty much hangs straight down. Everything still works, a less enthusiastic angle. Is this normal? >More


The Projection People flaunt their diverse musical tastes

For Tyler Commo, musical tastes change with age. "When I was a teenager, it was all about Kurt Cobain," says Commo, the lead singer of the Madison-based alt-rock band the Projection People. "But when I hit 20, I started opening up to different styles." >More
 Girls Rock Camp starting in Madison

This summer, while some kids are toasting marshmallows, learning archery and making lanyards, another group will be rocking out. Girls Rock Camp launches in Madison next month. >More
 The Bled aims for consistency

Citing the Dillinger Escape Plan and Refused as influences, the Bled have been wowing fans with a cathartic combination of odd time signatures, dissonant chords and aggressive vocals for more than nine years. But the Tucson, Ariz.-based quartet don't look quite the same. >More



MMoCA's Wisconsin Triennial is all over the place, to its credit

While there's always a place for art shows with clever themes -- like the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art's show last year on evil -- I'm a sucker for big, unruly, grab-bag shows that spin off in many directions. >More
 New play tells Wisconsinites' Cancer Stories

Mike Lawler and Talish Barrow know the subject matter of their new documentary play, Cancer Stories, can't exactly compete with Iron Man 2 for lighthearted summer entertainment. >More
 E! celebrates 20 years of celebrity worship

E! marks its 20th anniversary with special programming. E! Celebrates 20 Years of the Celebrity Revolution, for example, looks back at the star-centric culture the network has covered and, to some degree, created. >More


Sex and the City 2 is out of touch with the times

In an early scene of Sex and the City 2, a singing and dancing Liza Minnelli makes a cameo appearance. I'm sorry to report that her performance seems a lot like HBO's beloved franchise these days: tired and a little out of tune. >More
 Casino Jack and the United States of Money takes on notorious lobbyist

Two hours with Casino Jack and the United States of Money, a takedown of überlobbyist Jack Abramoff, won't reassure anyone of the nobleness of spirit of Washington, D.C.'s major players. Documentarian Alex Gibney (Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room) is a showman and a bit of a sensationalist, a 21st-century muckraker laying waste to society's rotten apples, who all too commonly also happen to be the ruling class. >More
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Mountain cuisine arrives at Sundance Cinemas

When Bar Bistro 608 opened atop the Sundance Cinemas at Hilldale in 2007, reviews were mixed. Madison liked the space, especially the rooftop seating, but the menu didn't go over as well. >More
 Find out what a gastro-cantina is at King & Mane

There's a sudden new look at what was the Local Tavern, 102 King St. Of late, new menu items had popped up; then the awnings came down. And come Monday, a new name and a fresh paint job. The restaurant is now officially known as King & Mane, a play on the site's location at the nexus of King and Main Streets. Its genre, a neologism: A gastro-cantina. >More


Baseball's unwritten rules

With his team down 15-zip in the eighth inning last Friday night at Minnesota, Milwaukee Brewers centerfielder Carlos Gomez jerked a three-run homer into the Target Field seats. As he stood at home plate admiring the flight of the ball, he flipped his bat backwards, accidentally hitting Minnesota catcher Joe Mauer. >More
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