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Man over monkey: UW researcher Dr. Paul Kaufman

If you talk with Paul Kaufman about animals for any length of time, sooner or later he's going to tell you about his turtle. He mentioned it in a meeting with animal rights activists early this year, and again at a campus debate in March on the ethics of using primates in research. >More


Mark Neumann's transfer fee 'screw-up'

Former U.S. Rep. Mark Neumann, Republican candidate for governor, cited an inappropriate exemption to avoid paying tens of thousands of dollars in real estate transfer fees on land deals in 2008. >More
 Madison Landmarks Commission wants more power, not less

As Mayor Dave Cieslewicz calls for changes to the city's landmark ordinance, the Landmarks Commission that oversees enforcement is conducting its own review. The commission thinks some changes are warranted, but it wants the ordinance strengthened, not weakened. >More
 Overture Center looks to the future

A Connecticut-based consultant, AMS Planning and Research, last week presented a five-year plan for the struggling Overture Center. It calls for more Broadway shows, more ticket sales and more fundraising to make the arts center financially stable. >More


Madison alcohol rules need more consistency

Madison has a strange relationship with spirits. I'm not talking about ghosts, of course. I mean alcohol -- for better or worse a big part of our city's history and culture. Taverns and bars line our streets. Micro- and macro-breweries are as prevalent as cheesemakers in other parts of the state. The UW-Madison student union has a German-style drinking hall inside. >More
 Tell All: Kiss the feminist goodbye

Dear Tell All: Recently I found a small pair of plastic women's breasts in my drawer at home. There was a hole in them and I fashioned a necklace so I could hang them around my neck. My significant other - a staunch and vocal feminist - seems to find this act offensive and demeaning to women. I see it as a really cool, humorous art form. I think we need help. She is hinting an end to our relationship if I continue to wear my necklace. >More


Screamin' Cyn Cyn & the Pons keep it silly

Screamin' Cyn Cyn & the Pons often get labeled as "theater-punk," but this tag doesn't quite capture what makes the local quartet so popular. Part of their appeal stems from their ability to create songs that sound like Refused or Modest Mouse at times, but that communicate much less serious themes, like the disappearance of one's acne. >More
 Madison classical groups innovate with their 2010-2011 seasons

American 21st-century music, jazz-drenched tunes from the Roaring Twenties, a little ballet and a little bluegrass will make Madison's 2010-2011 classical music season the most eclectic in years from the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, Madison Opera and Madison Symphony Orchestra. While the lion's share of the repertoire is mainstream classical, an enlightening array of modern pieces will get us in tune with what's happening in classical music today. >More
 Venus in Furs seeking dance dance revolution

Bassist Nat Hinckley is on a mission: to get Madison concertgoers to stop slouching and start dancing. To achieve this goal, she's bred dance-punk and surf rock to create Venus in Furs, a party of sound in the vein of !!!, Death From Above 1979 and the Rapture. >More



The past comes back to haunt Eureka -- literally

It's season four for Eureka, the SyFy series about a secret community of geniuses assembled for top-secret government research. Even good shows start to sag in the fourth year, but Eureka has come up with a clever way of refreshing its storyline. A group of town residents travel back to 1947 (hey, I said they were geniuses), and when they return, things they've done in the past have slightly changed the present. >More
 Aim with care in Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt and Sniper: Ghost Warriors

Two new video games are in love with sniper rifles. The better game is Sniper: Ghost Warrior, in which you portray a soldier in tropic jungles, using scope-rifles to snipe at rival soldiers who shoot back at you. The lesser game is Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt, in which you snipe at deer and moose that don't shoot back at you. >More


Inception goes deep into the dreamscape

Writer/director Christopher Nolan is a brainy filmmaker, no doubt about it, but I'm not sure he's a terribly philosophical one. Inception, Nolan's first film since the eye-rollingly overpraised The Dark Knight, is a mindbender bearing superficial resemblance to other question-reality manifestos like The Matrix and Synecdoche, New York, only minus the giddy pop psychology of the former and the me-myself-and-I self-seeking of the latter. >More
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Restaurant Magnus and Osteria Papavero stage an urban picnic with their Summer Fling

Forget Michelin stars, degustation menus and haute dining. Pop-up restaurants and locavore love-ins -- usually involving communal tables set up on organic farms, bushels of freshly foraged produce and a few boys in porkpie hats -- have become the truest culinary status symbols, and for good reason. If your measure of a perfect meal is the time it takes for dinner to get from farm to table, then you might as well plant yourself on the farm itself. >More
 Five picks for Madison's star smoothies

Now that summer is in full swing, so too is smoothie season. Smoothie vendors line the Capitol Square during the Farmers' Market. Smoothies are on the menu at almost every coffee shop. Madison even has a select few smoothie bars. >More


Shutting out the British Open

For the first time in its 150-year history, the British Open golf tournament will be broadcast entirely on cable TV in the U.S. this year. Starting Thursday, July 15, ESPN will carry all four rounds live in high definition -- also a first -- with recap shows featuring highlights on ABC at 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. What a shame. >More
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